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On the 17th of May CBW started it's Hit And Run Tour at CWF in Fredrick Maryland. The show was a great one except the fact that the weather was a little rainy. Also CBW stars got to take there wrestling talent to a new leval by going trampoline wrestling for a day. All the CWF wrestlers were kick ass and gave a hell of a show and CBW did it's part as well. For it to be the very first CBW road show it couldn't have been better. If you would like to see more about the CWF use the link CWF on the links page. Also to see the CBW Road Show with CWF click on the CBW Tour link on the homepage.

CBW's Darker Side Has Returned!:

At the last CBW show, "Backyard Backfire" on 5/4/03, the reformation of the Misfits, Stitch and Nightmare, took place. If you didn't know already, the Misfits have been the most dominant tag team in YCW/CBW history. Be prepared to see the destructive nature of these two men as they wreak havoc among the CBW roster. Who knows what these two men have planned for us this time. All we do know, is that as long as the Misfits are here, CBW will once again fall under the shroud of darkness the Misfits have brought with them everywhere they go.

Stay tuned for more on this and other great CBW info!

The Story Behind StiTch:

Over the past few months the fans of CBW have seen on of there heros "Kid Rage" go through a rapid change from good to evil. We took it apon ourselves to get the inside scoop on what has been the reason for the change. We tried to talk directly with the man himself but he had nothing to say about the change except for the fact that he is StiTch. So we went to the next best thing...the friends of StiTch.

We talked to Nightmare, Morbid, and Incubus former team members alongside of Zip-Sin who is now StiTch. We have gathered this much: A few years back there was a wrestler in YCW which is now CBW his name was Loco he was a crazy guy who formed the beging of the Misfits. Loco after 3yrs was never seen again. Then in 1998 a wrestler came to YCW and went after the New E.R.A by the name of Skitzo...this man finally beat the New E.R.A. at Friday Misfortune in 1999 this was one of the last times Skitzo was seen. In 2002 YCW became CBW and Skitzo also became Zip-Sin and started the Kin Of Sin. Skitzo actually went madd and was seperated in two parts Zip and Sin...Zip-Sin was destroyed in a match by all the CBW members due to a plot by Mark Brown. So the story continues with Kid Rage being born...Zip-Sin as i see it came back for revenge on all who did him harm in the fed. While Rage was trying to get revenge an old friend came back into his life "Nightmare" and we do believe this is the reason for StiTch to be born. There may more to the story but this is the story I have put together about this very interesting man.

StiTch Time Line:


Loco-----Skitzo---Zip-Sin--Kid Rage-StiTch