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Well, it looks as if you're intelligent enough to find my website. Good for you. I bet your mommy's proud.

Okay, first things first. I'm Camron Star and you're not. I'm from San Antonio, Texas and my age....let's just call me legal and that's all you need to know about that. My personal life is none of your business and for that matter, no man could be good enough or rich enough to handle me, because I'm Camron Star and they're not. Moving on, I have no family, or at least not worth mentioning. I have two very large, very mean dogs. (This is warning to all you stalker types, stay the hell away from me)

Next, my enemies include all the idiotic wrestlers who kiss up to you people. They sweet talk you and tell you what you want to hear, and I just tell it like it is because I'm Camron Star and you're not.

My friends are few. But I am loyal to EGO, the only group that actually matters. I lend my power and skill to this dominating group and on occasion, to a few significant others. I do have the right to choose who I side with because I'm Camron Star and they're not.

Other than that crap....welcome. Look around. But I do have a few, tiny, miniscule (oh, yeah, that means s-m-a-l-l, which spells small) rules to follow:

1. Worship me like the queen I am.

2. I am never, EVER wrong, just mistaken.

3. Be prepared for a rebuttal (reply) about ANYTHING you say to me or about me or pretty much anything at all.


Up Coming Dates


 19th for TNW in Indianapolis @ 7:30   Camron Star vs. Super J :


 19th TNW in Indianapolis @ 7:30 opponent To Be Announced


1st, 2005 MRW Camron Star vs. Jamie Morrison

16th: TNW opponent To Be Announced

23rd: CCW match to be announced


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