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---EMF House Show---

People Used:

---Cactus Jack---

People Mentioned:

---TwilighT & Tyrant---

***A New Jack is born.......***

~|/\|~ The lights dim in the arena and the cameras don't know what's going on, neither does anyone else inside the arena. So everyone watches the titantron that has black and white static on it, like a tv that doesn't have reception. Video clips of Cactus Jack flicker on and off of the screen. The clips of past memories from his Japanese work, ECW, WWF and WWE. When the clips finish a bloody Cactus Jack looks into the camera and says"Have a Nice Day". Bang...Bang Bang....Bang...Pyro goes off on the stage as "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot hits the PA System and Cactus Jack himself walks down to the ring in full attire holding good ol' Barbie. Jack taunts the crowd as he walks down to the ring and then walks around the ring a few times before sliding in. He immediately holds Babrie up in the air as the crowd go crazy for him. He grabs a mic from an EMF Offical. ~|/\|~

Cactus Jack: Holy living Dude Love. This is crazy, I haven't stepped into an arena that has given me kind of reception since Japan.

~|/\|~ The crowd yell and cheer for Cactus Jack as he holds Barbie in the air again ~|/\|~

Cactus Jack: You all saw those clips of me on the titantron from past experiences of mine. I love the Hardcore and terror that runs threw my blood. You have all met Barbie before.....I thought you had so I brought her down here to this very ring, so she can get used to her new surroundings as we have just made it offical that Cactus Jack is here to stay in the EMF for a long time to come and will be the Hardcore F'n Legend for years to come.

~|/\|~ The crowd erupt in to an absolutely crazy roar. ~|/\|~

Cactus Jack: I have heard around here that TwilighT is the Extreme Champion around these parts. Well i don't know if he really is Extreme but from my knowledge of Extreme, that means hardcore pains, that means thumb tacks, that means barbed wire and it means BLOOD!!! I have danced with the devil in Street Fights, Exploding matches, Infero Matches, Last man Standing matches and even Hell In A Cell matche sthat have bloodied me so that my face was covered in red blood. I will not stop at any cost to inflict the pain that I have suffered over these last 18 years of my wrestling career. I have now taken a huge step and that is to join the Extreme Measures Federation, now I am going to take the words Extreme Measures and add them to every single match that I wrestle in and even inflict it to every opponent from TwilighT to Freddy to even Triple H.

~|/\|~ The crowd go nuts and start to chant E..C..W as loud as they can. Cactus looks at the canvas then looks back up at the crowd with his toothless grin. ~|/\|~

Cactus Jack: Thats right ECW was the real beginning of the hardcore pain Cactus Jack and it has not stopped yet. I been talking with a new friend backstage and that is Tyrant, he has welcomed me here to the EMF and we have talked about the stable he mentioned earlier and i am willing to join as long as the other members of this stable are out to inflict hardcore pain as i am.I don't care who it is but i am asking the Commisioner of this fed to make my very first match a Hardcore or event if they are very willing.....a Street Fight.

~|/\|~ Cactus Jack drops the mic in the middle of the ring, then holds Barbie high in the air as he climbs out of the ring. Jack walks back up the entrance ramp and holds Barbie up one more time at the top of the stage as the crowd give jack a huge roar. ~|/\|~


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