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Wrestler’s Name: Cliff Carnage
Real Name: Cliff Gage
D.O.B.: December 28, 1977
Hometown: Cliff Carnage is vagrant. (Not a bum, a wanderer)
Previous Gimmicks: Hellraiser, Vergessessen Held, & Red Dragon Height: 6’8”
Weight: 280lbs.
Physical Features: Cliff Carnage has long, curly, & wavy brown hair which extends to bottom of his eyebrows. Carnage also has hazel brown eyes. Carnage has various scars around his body from fighting but the most notable ones are the 5” vertical scar on his right knee, the 3” vertical scar in the middle of his forehead, and a 3” horizontal scar under his left eye. Carnage’s arms are decorated with various tattoo images ranging from a dragon to a flaming guitar. He is also in very good shape from his arms to his legs. Wrestling Attire: Carnage wears no shirt when wrestling. He wears white tape wristbands, black wrestling trunks with the Carnage logo in red and wears dark red boots.
Alignment: Face
Favorite Catch Phrase: “The carnage is too much to handle! And it’s Absolute Carnage you will get!”
Ring Entrance: The lights dim to darkness. The crowd begins to cheer and scream. Carnage’s echoing voice is heard as the image of his mouth in darkness moves to the words is displayed on the tron.

“My destiny has ruined lives…and your next!”

Carnage’s voice fades away and you can now see his full face which rises out of the smoke in the image on the tron with a look of rage and it just disappears. Red orange and gray strobe lights flash all around the arena. All of a sudden “Totalimmortal” by AFI blares off the P.A. The crowd goes insane!


Flames arise from the steel floor and as Carnage steps out the embers slowly die down. Carnage walks at a moderate pace down the ring and near the end he high fives a few fans.


As the chorus begins, Carnage presses down on the top rope and uses it to vault himself over the rope with a backflip. Carnage removes his t-shirt and throws it and the crowd and stares down the at the entrance curtain with cold, solemn look awaiting his opponent.
Wrestling Style/Ability: Cliff Carnage is a very diversified wrestler. Mainly a technical and martial arts style wrestler, basically he is a shoot wrestler. Carnage applies many ultimate fighting/Japanese Death Fighting techniques in his wrestling meaning he uses many submission holds and uses martial arts very often in his matches to tire his opponent into the submission moves. Every match Carnage uses his strategy over his strength. Carnage has a very extensive background in martial arts but he is best at siu lum pai kung-fu, hokkaido, and jujitsu. While having a very technical style of wrestling, Carnage also has great agility behind his massive size which he can perform most moves a lightweight can easily pull over and he is not afraid of using the top rope to his advantage. Also, with his size and rigorous training, Carnage has developed great strength which is rarely tested in his matches. Carnage also has a great heart which gives him the will to be a high risk taker and gives him the strength to never submit which means the opponent will have to make him pass out before he taps. Carnage is a bit unorthodox and he amazes the world every time he steps into the ring. Carnage is innovative when it come to moves so he enjoys using different moves each match, even unknown moves. With his tremendous strength, diversified wrestling smarts, and great agility Carnage is certainly not a wrestler to reckon with.
1)Carnage is a very diversified wrestler.
2)Carnage is a very strategic wrestler.
3)Carnage is a very large wrestler and he has the power to back it up, especially in his legs.
4)Carnage is a very agile wrestler, he is faster than most heavyweights.
5)Carnage puts body on the line every night, he is notorious, will never give up.
1)Carnage is a extremist. He sometimes hurts himself greatly with a failed high risk maneuver.
2)Carnage has very long hair which is a target to many wrestlers.
3)Carnage is not the friendliest guy, he is typically a loner and usually does not have an alliance.
4)Carnage is not a good teammate. He has a huge ego and he always looks to get things done himself. 5)Carnage’s notorious behavior has been known to get him injured in the past.
Finishing Moves:
1)Absolute Carnage: (He locks them up in a front full nelson, then he and he brings them back like a release inverted dragon suplex, but then he spins them into a front-face tombstone piledriver with the opponents neck curved up causing a possible broken neck, spine, and nose.)
2)Can Opener: (Carnage has the opponent in standing position, then he quickly slams his elbow into the ball of the opponent's shoulder, and applies a modified armbar with his arm in the shoulder. This is so effective most opponents tap at the second it's hit because it could snap the arm in seconds.)
3)Destiny‘s Destruction: (A very powerful standing roundhouse kick square in the temple and as the opponent falls to the ground, Carnage does a lightning fast superkick to the chin with the opposite foot he roundhouse kicked the opponent. This usually knocks the opponent out.)
Trademark Moves:
-Cardiac Arrest: (Sit-out Straightjacket Powerbomb.)
-Death Sentence: (A inverted lifting dragon suplex in which lands like a brainbuster.)
-Carnage Driver: (A sit-down pump handle cradle piledriver.)
-Kill Shots: (A running spinning heel kick to the opponent’s throat and then he waits for them to get up and he delivers a Outside Crescent kick to the throat.)
-Constriction: (A full nelson takedown, then he keeps the full nelson in and wraps his leg around the opponent. Carnage then squeezes the opponent and pulls back on their arms for leverage.)
-Spritzer: (A low down a la D‘Lo Brown.)
-Umkehrung Toss: (Throws his forearm out to block a punch and holds his palm under the opponents shoulder and very quickly he grabs the opponents wrist and takes the opponent high up into the air by some what arm dragging them over and hitting them in the heart with the tip of his shoulder slamming them down hard. This is a variation of a spear but a lot closer.)
Favorite Moves:
-Various Martial Arts Kicks: (Roundhouse, Crescent, Spinning Heel, etc.)
-Strong Lariat
-Pump Kick
-Swift Chop: (Knives edged chops usually in a combo. A la Chris Benoit.)
-Knee Strikes/Kicks
-Super Kick
-Kung-Fu Punch (A spinning, swift short punch. Usually sends the opponent to the ground depending on their size.)
-Snap Fisherman's Brainbuster
-Lifting Face Smash (A jumping diamond cutter.)
-Release German Suplex
-Scoop Backbreaker: (A giant scoop slam quickly brought down into a quick reverse DDT onto his knee. This is all done in one motion)
-Japanese Sleeper Hold: (A sleeper hold with tremendous strength which is very hard to escape because of the pressure. Similar to a basic sleeper hold but with the force going down.)
-One handed Choke slam
-Enter Darkness: (A running, mid air spin, vertabreaker.)
-Tornado face plant DDT (Usually done off the top rope.)
-Sit-down Inverted Piledriver
-Running Sit-down Powerbomb
-Yakuza Kick
-Flying Head Scissors
-Running DDT
-Diving Lariat
-Standing somersault guillotine leg drop
-Modified Boston Crab: (A knee onto the back is added.)
-Dragon Sleeper with Scissors
-Throat Thrust
Rare Moves:
-450 Splash
--Flipz of Glory: (Carnage goes to the top rope and when the opponent is standing, he hits a Dragonrana without pin and when the opponent is laid out flat, he quickly releases the grip on the opponents head and does a fast standing springboard moonsault. This is all in one movement.)
Notable Feuds: Scott Thompson and the EWF, Seth Angelus, “Primetime” Nick Tallone, Parker (As Hellraiser), Damien Edge (as both aliases), Vinny “The Gunner” Rodriguez (as Hellraiser), Dusk (As Hellraiser), and Apollo.
AWF 13-2-0
BWA: 7-2-1
DIWA: 12-1-0
DWA: 4-0-0
HcW: 0-0-0
PCW: 5-0-0
TWF: 2-0-0
UWF: 13-4-0
Title History: AWF World Title, AWF Xtreme Title, BWA Bloodbath Title (2) (current), DIWA World Title (2) (current), DIWA Tag Title (current), DIWA Hardcore Title (current), DWA World Title (current), UWF Rocky Mountains Title (current), and UWF (Universal) Heavyweight Title (current).
Career Highlights: