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This is for you Canada! For all you should recieve and for all i should return, Say goodbye to your career because it's cut!

Scene Begins..

We open in a dark room, with only the light of the candle lighting the room. In its shadow, we see the outline of Joseph Peyton Ex soldier. He turns his head slightly just to see his profile.

Joey Peyton: From the rays of sunshine and the bright colours of that city park to the darkness of this room, my mood has changed. Where once happiness was is now bitterness, bitter at the hand that the powers that be have dealt me.

Bitterness about the fact that my opponents at Flatline have seemed to caught a case of limber tail. Maybe their testicular fortitude is not to the level that they thought it was. I am really disappointed that they have seemed to have decided not to show up to defend themselves.

On second thought, I’m not bitter, I’m pissed off. It pisses me off that this jackass, Kid Canada thinks that they can just show up the day before or the day of the show throw up some pointless threats and have a chance against me. I think I have shown I’m a bigger threat then that. If you don’t think so, visit Infexion in the rehab wing of Mt. Sinai. He may be able to speak by now.

Juwan Money knows exactly what I can do, don’t you? I’m the man that made you reveal all your tricks. That took his thug ass in the ring and pinned him down for the 1..2..3! That was me! That was Joey Peyton! He thought he made history but he is exactly a never was!

Speaking of Never-was, we turn our attention to the “Mr. Canada” Kid Canada. You seem to forget who first applied to BEW, the first to actually bring BEW to its roots! I have worked tiresly with Christopher in building this franchise to the limits now theirs not one cocky little rookie who will lay a hand on me, Got that Canada!

You want to know what I see when I look at you, Canada?. I see the little puke that acts like he somebody in this federation but your NOTHING!. I see you as a relic, something that should forever be placed on the shelf. Something that every once in a while, when someone asks, you pull down and show them before you put it back on the shelf.

The days that you want are gone forever and at Flatline!, I plan on putting you on that shelf, in a neck brace. Then you can get together a "crew" and possibly have a challange against me!