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The Bass filled first notes of “Even Flow” begins to blast through the loud speakers as a huge display of dark fireworks arc their way across the stage forming an immense Diamond. As the fireworks begins to fall, creating a harsh curtain, the angriest man in AmeriKKKa steps through, sparks raining of his shaved head and getting crushed underneath his moving feet. He is clad in his usual Chinese shirt with dragon logos all, around.

Vicki: Hailing from Hollywood California, at a weight of 221 pounds, he is the “The” Jackkkk Diamonnddddd

As he approaches the ring, he makes a running slide under the bottom rope and stands, posing to the crowd

Pat: This should be one incredible match pitting two great wrestlers against each other, I wonder if Body Count can be ready for him.

Taylor: He better be, because he’s never met anything like “The”  Jack Diamond!

The Millennium clock hits and the fans begin to boo. As the light approaches it shows non-other then Body Count in his usual ugly ripped cloths as he walks out like he owns the place

Vicki: Hailing from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, at a weight of 211pounds, Body Counttt!!!!

Pat: Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Go Body Count

Taylor: You know Pat, you’re supposed to be impartial here, and perhaps you should just quit your job as a commentator and become Body Counts servant

Pat: God knows I’ve tried

Taylor: Why don’t you sit down and stop clapping, and while you’re at it… Shut… the Hell… Up!

Pat: Ohh, you’re gonna be in trouble if body count hears you.

Body Count Vs Jack Diamond

As Jack begins continues throwing insults at the fans, Body Count’s patience wears out and he runs at Jack throwing a hard knee into the center of his back. Jack flies off the apron and lands on the retaining wall that holds back the fevered fans. Body Count quickly jumps over the top rope, doing a hand plant on the apron and landing smoothly on his feet on the floor. He approaches the stunned Diamond, and grabs a handful of his blonde hair, pulling him back and driving him face first into the steel.

Pat: That’s not fair! How dare he assault the King in such an underhanded manner!

Taylor: It was fully planned don’t worry.

After driving him face first into the barrier a couple more times, Diamond wanders away in a stunned haze. From behind, Body Count grabs one of the many wires and wrapping it around throat, he begins to choke the life out of him. Jack begins going down to one knee as referee Timmy Peters begins admonishing Body Count for using the cord. Body Count releases his grasp and grabs Peters by the shirt. He shoves Peters away and turns back to Diamond who quickly grabs him by the front of his tights and slingshots him head first into the ring stairs.

Taylor: Oh my God, Diamond may have just broken Body Counts neck! Hahahaha

Pat: That’s my King baby, lets take a look at the replay!

The replay is shown from a reverse angle, which better shows Count’s incredible impact into the metal stairs.

Pat: I can’t believe how much damage these men have thrown at each other in such a short period of time!

Slowly, Jack regains his feet and pushes hair out of his already sweat stained face. He approaches the fallen Count and picks him up. Count is nearly out on his feet as Jack rolls him back into the ring and follows. The ring bell sounds, officially starting the match. Jack stalks his fallen opponent spitting profanities and racial slurs at him. Slowly he picks up and slaps him in the face. Count’s eyes blaze open and his left hand suddenly shoots out and clamps on Jack’s throat. Jack is too stunned to believe Count could regain his senses so quickly, and does nothing as Count grabs him and presses his body over his head. Holding him there for several seconds, Count finally releases him, allowing Jack’s body to fall forward, landing gut first on Count’s extended knee in a gutbuster from hell. As Jack rolls around holding his stomach and screaming in pain, it is Count’s turn to stalk his opponent taunting him with profanities and racial slurs.

Taylor: Jack has asked for it, now he has to deal with one pissed off Count

Pat: No My liege, look out!

Taylor: Hey look, a pink haired nun walking a three-legged goat!

Pat: Where?

Taylor: Moron.

Count mounts Jack, locking his legs over his waist and around his thighs and begins to bash his face with horrific intensity, brutal left and right followed by brutal left and right. Again Timmy Peters approaches Count and attempts to get him to stop his onslaught of closed fists. The momentary distraction allows Diamonds instincts to kick in, and his hand lunges up, fingers catching hold of Count’s eyes sockets and viciously raking them. Count stands, turning away and holding his eyes, as Jack follows him up and irish whips him across the ring. Bouncing off the ropes, Count returns and is met by a hard elbow block by Jack. Count stumbles, but does not fall as Jack moves in and grabbing him by the waist turns him dropping him into a side backbreaker. He follows with several stomps to the head and chest, then pushing Timmy Peters out of the way he slides under the bottom rope, pushes Sammy Rollins out of his chair, folds it and slides back into the ring with it. As he approaches the slowly rising Count, he cocks back intending to slam the chair into his back. The referee Timmy Peters grabs the chair as it reaches the apex of its back swing, time enough for Count to nail Jack with a lunging head butt to the stomach. Jack releases his grip on the chair and doubles over in pain as Count springs to his feet and grabs him around the waist lifting him and driving him down into an atomic drop. Jack’s grin is apparent as Count hops around a few times before falling face first into the mat.

Pat: No! Not the royal jewels!

Taylor: Looks like Jack’s treasury has been busted!

Count grabs Jack and lifting him up, he sets him up into a superplex position on the top rope. He scales the turnbuckles as well, and begins setting him up. Jack, throws a few punches into Count’s side and pushes him off. However, Count lands awkwardly on his feet, and recovers before Jack can finish setting up for a top rope maneuver. He leaps, swinging his foot around and nails Jack with a very high enzuguri kick sending Jack plummeting to the floor below, crashing in a heap. He quickly climbs the top turnbuckle and dives at the fallen Diamond, crashing into him with a body press. Count can do nothing to follow it up however as he is busy rolling around and clutching his own stomach.

Pat: Count was looking to finish things off with that move, but it looks as though he may have done just as much damage to himself.

A replay is shown from the outside of the ring, beginning with the enziguri and ending with Count’s daring leap. Timmy Peters stands over the two fallen adversaries trying to convince them to get into the ring. Count is the first to move slowly getting up, soon followed by Jack. Jack cocks back and throws a drowsy fist which is blocked by Count who throws one of his own that connects. Jack tries to walk away but is grabbed by the hair by Count who whips him into ring and follows. As Timmy Peters gets into the ring with them, they regain their feet, Count grabbing Jack and executing a stalling suplex. As Jack arches his back in pain, Count drops a huge knee into his chest, crumpling him.

Taylor: It looks like Count might be about to finish this.

Pat: NOOOOOO!!!!!

Count signals to the fans that he’s about to use his devastating finisher. He picks up Jack and pulls him across his shoulders in a torture rack, but as he swings him around to deliver the coup de grace, Jack somehow throws his legs around his head and reverses into a hurracanrana. As Count flies through the air, rolls and comes up onto his feet, Jack does likewise, bouncing off the rope and hits Count with his signature Double armed DDT. Wasting no time, he runs and pushes Count to the mat as he waves his hands stalking Count to get up

Pat: Yes its coming!

As the ref counts to 5 Count begins getting up and by 8 is completely up, coming out of nowere the deadliest foot in the industy nails the face of Count as Jack lands his finisher the Flash Kick.

Pat: This may be it! This may be it!

Taylor: There’s no way Count can survive this!

Jack holds Count down as he goes for the pin…




Pat: Yeppy he won yes I knew it my guy won!

Taylor: I thought your guy was Count? Whatever

Vicki: And your winner… Jack Shiny Diamond!!!!