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Before The Show 

*The scene suddenly jerks on to Robert and Ron, who are standing in front of a Tuna Sandwich drolling inside the Downstairs Blasphemy Dining Area*

Ron: How about you get a piece and i get a piece okay Robert!?

Robert: NO! You'll take more! You Fat Piggy Goat!

Ron: But, I'm also hungry I haven't had anything to eat today.

Robert: Then go try Thomas Clayton Gray III's recipe, I'm sure youll in joy that piece of shit.

Ron: Are you kidding me? That stuff is shit!

Just then, The Vice President of Blasphemy Wrestling, Tom Gray makes his way up into the middle of them.*

Tom Gray: TUNA! Oh my favorite how I just love Tuna. Of course you two hot shots weren't going to eat that right?

*Robert makes an angered look to Ron as Ron just grins*

Ron: Not at all, Mr. Vice President not only were we not going to eat it but we were going to save it just for you. Isn't that right Robert.

Robert: Wait.

*Robert looks at Ron with a huge smile on his face and at a confused Tom*

Tom Gray: Problem?

Robert: I guess not.

*Tom takes a bite, and then spits the piece in his mouth out. He hands the piece to Robert, who is extremely disgusted.*

Tom Gray: Here, Ron. Take this. I'm sure you need it more than Robert.

*Tom gives the sandwich to Ron.*

Ron: Thanks Tom.

Robert: Ewwww! You just put a piece of chewed food in my hand.

Tom Gray: Don't mention it. I'm sure you can find a way to thank me in the future.

*Tom taps Robert on the shoulder, as Ron walks off eating his sandwich. Robert tosses the piece of eaten Tuna behind him, and looks at Ron walking away.*

Robert: I'll get you eventually Ron. You will not win the war you fat asshole!

*All of the sudden a hand comes up and taps Robert on the shoulder.*

Robert: WHAT! God Damnit! Mother Fucker!

*Robert turns around to see President Joey standing there peeling the piece of tuna off his suit jacket.*

Robert: Oh my god! I'm sorry!

President Joey: What is your position in Blasphemy again? Comrade?

Robert: Commentator.

President Joey: OK. How much are you getting paid?

Robert: I don't know exactly.

President Joey: Well, Tomorrow morning whatever it is, It's going to be halved.

Robert: That's not fair! Look you see that fat ass over there, He tossed it as you. 

President Joey: Start learning how to respect the arena, and the wrestlers, and you can have your full salary again.

Robert: But!

President Joey: Excuse me.

*President Joey walks off, as Robert stands there and stomps a foot on the ground. The scene fades to Robert with his hands on his hips shaking his head.*

Revolution Studios Presents


All Done By President Joey (Oh Yeah!) Except for the backstage Segments Brought to you by VP Gray! Oh Yeah

The Following Program is Rated R for Sexual Slurs and stupidity by Robert Read who cant stop yapping his mouth off nor stop acting like a complete idiot thank you

The scene opens on thousands of screaming fans packed into the State Fair Coliseum in St. Paul, Minnesota. The arena goes dark, as the crowd awaits in anticipation. Suddenly "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat blasts as we take you to the announce table

Ron: Hello everyone and welcome to Revolution, I'm Ron Stewart, and sitting next to me, if you could possibly miss him, is Blasphemy's own vast abundance of largeness himself, Robert Read

Robert: Hey......

Ron: We have an amazing show lined up for you. Kicking it off will be a match between X-Treme and Aaron Knight, and I recently found out that X-Treme agreed to a Hardcore Title Match.

Robert: You need to start paying attention more, I knew about that for a while now.

Ron: Anyways, in our main event, we have the dark one High Flyer facing new comer David Blazenberg in an Hardcore  Match. I don't think I've ever seen two sicker individuals in all my days, this ought to be one hell of a match.

Robert: Ya know what would make that even better?

Ron: What, pray tell would that be chub scout?

Robert: If you'd keep your mouth shut!

Ron: Bite me!

Robert: No thanks, I'm on a low fat diet.

Ron: Excuse me tons o fun? I isn't the one who looks like Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

Robert: You are from where I'm sitting. Hope you enjoyed that Sandwich by the way you fat bastard!

Ron: I did it tasted so delicious my friend!

Robert: Oh Sure it did then again what doesn't taste delicious to you! Why do you think of sitting so far away from you huh?!

Ron: Your also eclipsing the sun from where you're sitting. ANYWAYS... Lets take you back to last week and see how tonight's match came about.

Scene goes to last weeks clip as it shows X-Treme in the middle of Blasphemy's arena...

X-Treme: I will face any mother fucker in here! Come on lets go! Come out

Fireworks explode as Aaron Knight runs directly down the entrance into the ring..

Aaron Knight: So X-Treme as they call you! Why you talk so much shit huh? Well lets see if you can back it up "BUDDY" 

Aaron turns around as if he was going to leave but instead Knight stalks over to X-Treme.. Reaching up, he pulls him down from his head and begins to stomp blows into X-Tremes gut.

Scene cuts away

Robert: Wow what a ass whoopin!

Ron: Well we better head off to a commercial break


Burger King Have It Your Way

*********Commercial Ends***********

The scene opens back up, and the State Fair Coliseum's lights are dimmed to near nothingness. "Back in Black" by ACDC blasts through the arena as non other then Aaron Knight makes his way down the entrance way.

Ron: After that scene we have seen i'm sure X-Treme will be furious on defending his title.

Robert: But how will X-Treme recover from that!?

X-Treme Vs "The Goob" Aaron Knight!


No sooner does X-Treme come out as both men make their way to the ring nearly together but Aaron Knight scrambles over faster into the arena.

The two men stare each other down momentarily. After a few brief seconds pass, Aaron Knight approaches X-Treme, who swiftly fires a sidekick to his midsection. Doubling his opponent over, X-Treme quickly leaps into the air and drops his leg across the back of Knights's neck, driving him face first to the mat with a rocker dropper. Quickly getting to his feet, X-Treme stalks around his foe's body, and drives a boot into his ribcage. Reaching down, Xtreme  pulls Knight to his feet. Thrusting upwards, X-Treme strikes with a throat thrust, then jumps slightly and hooks Knight's neck, driving backwards with a leaping DDT. The Hardcore Champion moves quickly out of the ring. Tossing up the apron, X-Treme roots around. Pulling out a trashcan full of plunder and throws it into the ring. Kendo sticks, a billyclub, brass knuckles, the lid from the trash can...and a bowling ball spill onto the mat. Reaching under the ring one more time, X-Treme pulls out a twelve foot ladder. By this time, Knight has gotten back to his feet. As X-Treme slides the ladder into the ring, Knight reaches through the top and middle ropes, his massive hands grip the hair of X-Treme . The Hardcore Icon grabs at his hair, however Knight's strength manages to drag his opponent up and onto the apron. Tossing his foe's arm over his head, Knight reaches out and grabs X-Treme. Lifting upwards, the Goob lifts the man  into a vertical suplex position. Twisting his body, Knight executes a Jackhammer, driving 's back down on the ladder he brought into the ring.

Ron: OH MY GOD! With one swift power move,  has just turned the tide of the match.

Robert: He's still a bitch.

Ron: I wouldn't say that to his face if I were you.

Robert: Neither would I. Boy's so ugly President Joey probably had to tie a pork chop around his neck as a kid so the dog would play with him. If you ask me, the newest addition to the darkside looks more like Eddie Munster than a big bad demon.

Back in the ring, Aaron has fallen atop X-Treme's body, which lays atop the ladder. Gripping his head, Aaron bashes it into the steel rungs several times, before driving a clubbing fist to his jaw. Dragging the ninja to his feet, Knight displays his great strength lifting his opponent over his head with a gorilla press. Holding him there momentarily, Ardmore rotates Treme's body nintey degrees and lets go, as the ninja falls stomach first to Knight's shoulder. In a split second, Knight grips X and drives him down with a power slam from the gorilla press position. The crowd cheers as Knight stands and raises his arms above his head. Taking advantage of the rookie's mistake, a dazed X grabs a kendo stick that lay nearby. From the ground, he swiftly strikes upward, bringing the weapon between Knight's legs.

Doubling over in pain, Knight's face wrenches after being struck in the one area that can change any man's disposition. Quickly springing to his feet, X strikes. With grace learned from his years of martial arts training, X beats Knight around the shoulders and ribs with his weapon of choice. One final shot to the side of the head sends the newcomer sprawling to the canvas. Taking advantage of yet another opportunity, X sets up the ladder near Knight's body. The ninja looks around the ring, and locates what he wants. Picking up the bowling ball near the corner, X scales the ladder. Reaching the top rung, he extends his arms and releases the ball. A split second before the ball strikes, Knight moves out of the way, and the ball hits the mat and rolls harmlessly out of the ring. Still at the top of the ladder, X, however is not harmless. Bending over the top, he grabs the highest rung on the other side with his hands, and rolls his body off. The vertical fall lands him shoulder first atop Knight's body. As the ninja stands, Knight kicks upward, landing the tip of his boot squarely into X's forehead. Getting to his feet with his opponent stunned, Knight stalks him. Grabbing  in a headlock, Knight once again goes for the suplex. However this time, he hooks X's leg for the fisherman. Torturing his body, Knight drives straight down executing Hell on Earth. Getting to his feet, a possessed look comes across Knight's face as he stares at the table in the center of the ring. Grabbing one of the wooden tables that he brought in, Ardmore stacks it atop the first table. Dragging Xs lifeless body to the double tables. Lifting him up, Aaron lays his opponent on the top table. X lays motionless. Looking up at the ladder his enemy once used, Knight re positions it to his advantage. Quickly climbing, Aaron stands perched atop. Slapping his elbow, the Necromancer is calling for a finish to this match. Leaping off the top, Aaron falls like a rock attempting an elbow drop, however, in a last ditch effort, X rolls out of the way and Aaron crashes through the first table, and in an instant breaks the second, and is now laying lifeless amid splinters and metal legs, a result of the carnage he attempted to create.


Ron: No testicles, AND you're a moron. I guess that just goes to show what head you think with. It would be a waste of space to have such a pea brain in your massive cranium, so it sits in the itty bitty head between your legs. If you bothered to read the rules of a table match, they clearly state your opponent must put you through the table. Match ain't over.


X slowly staggers to his feet, and sees Aarons's now motionless body broken through the tables. Slowly, the ninja drags the third table that was in the ring over to a corner, and sets it up. Returning to Aaron's corpse like state, he drags his massive enemy over to the table, and sits him atop it. Moving into the corner, X sits atop the ropes, and pulls Knight's head between his legs, setting his foe up for his famed . Before he can drag Aaron into position, the demon fires a right hand into his ribcage, and then a left squarely into X's gut, causing him to release his grip. Reaching up, Aaron drives another massive punch into Knight's temple. Quickly, the Goob swings X's legs backward, so he straddles the metal that holds the turnbuckle out. In an instant, Aaron stands on the second rope and tucks Aaron's head down. Wrapping his arms around his opponent's waist, Aaron pulls X upside down. Adjusting, Aaron adjusts his arms, locking in a cradle. Leaping backwards, he executes the Necronomicon from the second rope, driving X's head and neck through the table, sending splinters flying everywhere.

Winner: Aaron Knight

Ron: OH MAH GAWD! X's neck may have just been broken! That Knight is sick, could he do that to another human being? I mean, this guy just doesn't care, and that's an unsavory character to face.

Robert: Yeah, that's true, but it still doesn't change the fact that he's a bitch. Besides, he reminds me of a the sweaty date rape guy at a party by the punch bowl. Now THAT, dear Ron, is an unsavory character to be.

Ron: Um...Rob, he's looking at you.

Knight points at Robert as he nearly growls 

Knight: What was that you said! Robert? Rapist!? Next week ill be watching you very closely you son of a bitch! 

********Commercial Break*********

Nothing Better Than A Hollywood Video

********Commercial Ends********

Scott Adams vs. Spinner

Scott drops his sledgehammer, which bounces off the apron and to the floor as he falls, rolling into the ring. Spin begins to throw powerful stomps into Adams’s face as Scott tries to cover in an attempt to minimize the damage. After about half a dozen stomps, Adams wraps his arms around Spin’s ankle and twists. Spin spirals through the air twice, however his superior balance allows him to land on his feet. This is enough time for Adams to lift his legs and rolls back over his shoulders and onto his feet, leaving both men in a standing position.

Ron: Now it’s time to see if Spin can face down his much bigger opponent.

Robert: Yeah, I bet Dragon boy won’t be so tough now that he has to look Scott in the… well… in the chest.

As if to contradict Rob’s statement, Spin suddenly charges, diving at Adams intending to do a rolling leg sweep. Adams shows quickness not usually capable of a man his size however, and grabbing Spin’s long hair, he sidesteps and throws him headfirst through the top and second ropes. Spin’s reflexes prove to be too quick for the counter however, as he twists his body, catching each rope under an arm and spinning around, catching Adams in the kidneys with both feet. Scott yelps in pain as he drops to one knee, Spin already standing before him, bouncing foot to foot Jeet Kune Do style. He begins to fire kicks into Adams head and shoulders, as Adams tries to cover up, deflecting much of the force of the blows.

Robert: What is this!?! This is wrestling match, not a martial arts contest! I call shenanigans!

Ron: Correction oh clueless one, this is a hardcore fight, not a wrestling match, although Dino Valentine has agreed to the submission only stipulation.

As Adam finally gives in to the onslaught of rapid-fire kicks and collapses face first on the mat, Spin takes a few steps back before leaping up, catching his lower back on the top rope and rolling backwards into a reverse hand plant to the floor. He flips up the apron and begins to dig under the ring as Adams begins to stand. He pulls out several items and tosses them into the ring, the usual staples of a hardcore match, a garbage can, a few matching lids, a stop sign, and to cap it off, a table. As Spin begins to set the wooden table up, Scott rolls out the other side of the ring and creeps up behind him. Spin gets the first set of legs up, followed by the second and is flipping it over he feels Scott’ presence. He spins a moment too late as Adams dives at him with a flying clothesline. Both men fly over the table, flipping it over before hitting the ring steps, Spin squashed between Adams’ massive frame and the hard, unforgiving steel. Adam takes a horrible amount of damage himself, hitting a cheekbone on the edge of the stairs. The dual sectional stairs scatter, the bottom portion not moving much, but the top is shot off and into the retaining wall.

Ron: Oh my God, what impact. Both men could be broken after that!

The screen switches as a reverse angle of the impact is shown, the last few frames interrupted by the camera man losing balance diving out of the way of the stairs. As the screen switches back to normal, Adams stands, his feet shuffling side to side as blood begins to seep from an open gash on his cheek. Spin attempts to stand as well, but screams in agony and rolls around, laid out onto the bottom portion of stairs. Adams sets the table up again before grabbing Spin and picking him up. He lays Spin’s wounded form across the table before walking over and grabbing the top ring stairs. He places the stairs on the apron and hops up to join them. He signals to the crowd that he intends on destroying Spin as he lifts the stairs over his head, ready to drive them through Spin and the table he lies on. Before he can toss them however, Spin’s wits come back and he grabs the edges of the table with either hand and pulls himself along the table, lifting a leg in a horrible stab to Adam’s groin. Adam’ strength disappears from the painful low blow as his hands release the stairs, shooting instead for his injured groin. The problem comes from the fact that nothing is holding the stairs up anymore. They fall onto Adams’ head, driving him off the apron and into the body of Spins who still lies on the table. The table is unable to take the sudden five hundred pounds of weight increase and it folds, Spins, Adams and the ring stairs coming down through it in that order.

Ron: Dear Lord! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Both men must be completely broken!

We cut to another replay, showing the incredibly crushing fall from several different angles as both men lie prone.

Robert: There’s no way these guys will ever get up from that!

Ron: Just because you have a hard time getting it up doesn’t mean these guys will, look, I see some movement.

Spin is the first to awaken from the blow and he struggles to pull himself out from under the wreckage. With Adam's still apparently unconscious, Spin struggles to push the stairs off Adams before laying across his shoulders and locking on a cross face. The referee, John Franks, who had tried to stay as far away as possible from the chaos moves in to see if Adams will submit. After several moments of no response from Spins, he reaches out and clasps Adams’s free arm, lifting it a moment before it drops. Another lift, another drop. Franks lifts the arm a third time and releases it, however the arm spins down into a plant instead of simply falling as Spins comes to life and begins to push up against the ground. Spins gets a confused look on his face, but does not relent on the hold. Adams’ body is on an angle now, right arm planted and straightened out, left arm caught between Spins’s thighs and lower to the ground.

Ron: Unbelievable! Adams regained his senses at the last moment! How can he power his way up like that!?!?

Robert: I told you so! I told you these guys weren’t done!

Ron: Hey Rob, I think that’s your ex-wife’s lawyer over there.

The audio grinds as Rob leaps up and tries to run from the table, his headphone cord catching him around the throat and lynching him down onto the back of his head. As Ron begins to laugh uncontrollably,  right arm suddenly folds, and he spins his body. Spin is whipped around, thrown into a sideways roll across his shoulder, his lower back and side slamming onto the edge of the ring steps. As Spin begins to scream with blood curdling intensity, Adams gets slowly to his feet, still stumbling, the blood from his cheek wound flowing freely down his face and neck and soaking into the white tank top he wears, staining it crimson. Adams reaches down, grabbing Spin around the waist and dead lifts him into a bear hug. Spin begins to throw right hands into Adam’s face, however the trauma suffered to his back does not allow him to get enough behind the punches to force his release.  Scott shifts Spin’s weight around, holding him sideways around the knees, his body hanging to the side, and swings him around in an arc like the world’s largest baseball bat into the ring post. As Spins falls, screaming in pain once again and clutching his lower back, Spin stumbles backwards, his arms held skyward to meet the roar of the fans.

Robert: Wha… Wha happen…

Ron: Oh, uh… you dove for a quarter and hit your head.

Robert: Quarter…. Where….?

Scott  reaches down and snatches Spin’s broken form, lifting him and tossing him inside the ring. He walks around to the side where the Sledgehammer he had dropped lies. He picks it up, stumbling to retain his already precarious balance, as he holds it above his head before tossing it over the top rope, and almost hitting Spins who manages to somehow roll out of the way. Adams slides under the bottom rope and quickly pounces onto his feet, sensing his opponent’s vulnerability. Spin forces himself up to one knee, a look of excruciating pain on his face as he does, while Adams stands there, sledge in hand, encouraging him to rise. As Adams winds up for a potentially killing blow, Spin’s hand shoots out, throwing a ball of fire into Adams’ face. Adams somehow manages to avert his face from most of the flame, but it throws his concentration off, and he drops the sledge behind him. Spin reaches to the side grabbing a trash can and tossing it into the air. He then leaps up, his left arm shooting out, releasing the chain held there and wrapping it around Adam’s neck. Still in mid air, he pulls Adams in, as he brings up both knees into the airborne trashcan, delivering a crushing meeting of face and steel. However, as his chain slips away from Scott's’ neck, he falls, landing hard onto his side. Scott falls, a stream of blood flowing from his broken face.

Ron: How did he do that? I’m starting to believe that Shade really is everything he says he is.

David: If he’s so great, why is he laying broken on the mat?

Spin struggles to get up and manages to, one arm wrapped behind himself and over his lower back. Adams, very groggy, stands and turns toward Spin who grabs him and lifts him in over a shoulder, preparing to deliver the Crosslet, his new submission maneuver. His back wont support Scott’s weight however and the two fall backward, Adam managing to turn backward and drive Spin down while sitting on his chest. As Adams falls to the side, he throws one leg around Spin’s arm and drops to his back locking on a sudden leg lock arm bar. Spin screams for a moment before going limp as John Franks continually asks for requests of submission.

Ron: Spin has to give up. His career has nearly been ended several times, let it stop!

Spin refuses however and several moments pass before Adams decides to try another course of action. He lets go of Spin’s arm, instead rolling him onto his stomach before sitting on his back, locking in a full nelson and leaning back in a modified camel clutch. Spins holds out, eyes drooping for another several moments before his left hand turns in and gently taps three times on Adams’ wrist.

Ron: That’s it! It’s over! Release the hold Adams!

John Franks leaps up signaling for the bell before turning back to try and force Adams to release the hold. He doesn’t have to however, as a weakened Adams lets go of his own volition and rolls back onto his back.

Winner: Scott Adams aka The Goob!

Dante is seen standing in front of the production truck outside of the arena. All of the sudden, the door opens, and Dante pulls the guy out to the street, and Dante walks in. The truck is cluttered with T.V.'s and junk food.*

  Dante: This has now become Dante's show. Monkeys, start playing what happened last week with Scott Adams.

The people in the truck begin to scramble.

Dante: That's it. Make sure you all look like you are doing something, or else I'm going to have to piledrive each and every one of you through the top of this truck.

A guy finally gets the footage and calls Dante over. Dante stands there with his hand on his chair, and looking into the T.V.

Dante: Blow that up so everyone can see.

*The scene is played of Spinner tapping out from Scott Adams Boston crab. Scot stands up to celebrate, as Dante looks over to the production people and the scene cuts back to the truck.*

Dante: You know, this week that is not going to happen to me. I am much to smart for Scott Adams.

Dante looks over as a security camera is catching someone walking over with a steel chair through a hallway.

Dante: That's Scott Adams.

*Dante quickly walks to the door, but looks back to the production people.*

Dante: I'll be back for you.

*Dante exits the truck, and the scene fades.*

*Tom stops, and turns around slowly with an agitated look on his face. He takes a sip of his water bottle, and then spits it into the mans face. The man steps back clawing his eyes, as Tom just walks on forward as the crowd give a horrible reaction to the scene they have witnessed they then go to a Commercial Break


Freddy Vs Jason Coming In August

*********Commercial Ends***********

           Dante Vs. Scott Adams

Robert: Welcome back boys and girls. It's time to get it on. Dante and Scott Adams are set to go, and we're in for one hell of a brawl.

Ron: And fight it's gonna be. I've never seen Dante as furious as he is with Adams. I think Adams is in serious trouble.

Robert: Are you kidding? Dante can't touch Adams in that ring.

As soon as Rob finishes speaking, "Hail Mary" pumps out through the Providence Civic Center. Pyro shoots up from either side of the stage forming Adams on the top as he makes his way down the entrance.

Ron: Dante has cause a lot of racial controversy over the past week. However the Blasphemy Federation feels he has done nothing wrong, and stand by him.

Robert: Well of course they do. He's the company demo....what the HELL? He just got done with a fight! Hes going again hahaha.

With Adam's back turned, he failed to see Dante race through the crowd and down to ringside. The demon wastes no time stepping over the top rope entering the ring behind Dante. Knowing something's not right, Scott turns around to meet a devastating boot to the jaw. The bell sounds and the match is underway.

Dante's massive boot has sent Adams sprawling to the mat. Quickly, Dante falls atop his former ally driving a series of fists to his skull. Getting up, Dante pulls Adams by his arm, standing him up. Still gripping his wrist, Dante pulls him in and executes a short arm clothesline knocking Adams down once again. With brutal force, Dante pulls Adams up once more. Sweeping sideways, The Dark One grips Adam in a side waist lock, lifts him up and drives him back to the mat with a brutal sidewalk slam. The Demonic Savior gets to his feet and stops repeatedly at Adams's midsection. Standing over his foe, Dante stares down. Raising his arms, he taunts Adams, demanding the man get to his feet. Slowly, Adams gets to his feet. When he reaches a vertical base, Adams is met with a crushing forearm blow that sends him staggering backwards to the ropes. Closing in, Dante grabs Adams by the shoulder and elbow, Irish whipping him to the far side. When the two men meet in the middle, Dante cradles his opponent's body, lifting him up and pivoting on one leg, executing an Arm Anderson style spine buster. The recoil from the impact not only bounces Adams off the mat, but assists Dante as he immediately stands. With a demonic roar from the pit of his black soul, the demon screams and strikes a quick crucifixion pose. Taking advantage of X's prone position, Dante rushes over to the near corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Floating through the air, he drives an elbow down to Adam's sternum.

Ron: Wow. Dante is in rare form. He's on a whole new intensity level right now, and I do believe that's the first high risk move he's ever done.

Robert: Let's hope it was the last. That was about the ugliest elbow drop I've ever seen.

Staying on the mat, Dante brings his mouth to Adam's ear and begins to mouth some inaudible taunts to his old ally. Seeing his opening, Adams fires an elbow into Dante's skull. Stunned, the Champion grips his head. Rotating his body, Adams grabs Dante's arm and locks his legs around the demon's neck and shoulders, sighing in his patented Triangle Choke. Dante struggles to break the hold, as the incomparable Santo checks for the submission. Refusing to tap out, Dante extends his long arm and grabs the ropes, forcing the break. Getting to his feet, Adams drags his opponent up with him. Reaching between Dante's legs, Adams lifts and turns his foe's body, slamming him to the mat once again. Moving to his legs, Adams works over Dante's knees, lifting him by his ankle and driving the fragile patella down to the mat. Dante slowly uses the ropes to assist himself to his feet. Before he can stand up, Adams lifts  up like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. Flinging backward, Adams pancakes Dante's face to the mat once more. Slowing the pace down, the Angriest Black Man in Amerikkka slaps on a reverse chin lock. Dante's face wrenches with pain as Adams pulls back for all he's worth. Breaking the hold, Adams stands up. Looking down at Dante, Adams speaks some barely audible taunts, however the words Tiger Beat can barely be made out. In a show of complete disrespect, Adams spits on Dante as he starts to get to his feet.

Ron: It looks like Adams has taken control of this match.

Robert: Yes indeed he has.

Adams allows Dante to get to his feet, and the two men lock up. In a flash, Adams does a go behind, then flings Dante's body backwards with a release German suplex. Seemingly unaffected, Dante gets to his feet. The two men are standing, and lock up. Adams pushes forward, using great strength. However, the power of the  Champion is too much as Dante surges forward, pushing Adams half way across the ring.  Dante races forward, only to be met by Dante's gripping hand. Holding Adams by the throat, a realization of terror sets in Adam's eyes as Dante quickly lifts him into the air and drives him down with a vicious chokeslam. Picking Adams up underneath his arms, Dante elevates Adams skyward. As he turns to complete turn he smashes Adams in the face with a clothesline. Dante quickly pins 1....2....Kickout! Angry as hell Mr. Satan himself Dante pulls off a top rope turnbuckle moon Sault as he regains his balance he signatures the end of the match. Picking Adams up Dante goes for non other then The Death Driver! Boom and Boom Dante pins

Ron: Were going to have a new champion! Holy Cow!

Robert: It's Holy Shit you idiot!




Dante Wins The Title

Ron: Well what do you know! Tonight is going well so far!

Robert: Friends right?

Ron: This tell you?

* Ron flips Robert off in disbelief Robert returns the favor in a harsh manner as they go to the backstage area*

*A.J. Hardy is seen standing outside of a dressing room, where he sees the plate wrote in pink "Aubrie Miller".*

A.J. Hardy: What kind of guy has their name in pink?

*A.J. slowly open the door and his eyes pop out of his head.*

A.J. Hardy: A WOMAN?

*Aubrie Miller is seen sitting in a make-up chair, as she gets her make-up on. All of the sudden, as she is looking in the mirror, A.J. Hardy makes his way behind her. This startles her, and she jumps.*

Aubrie Miller: What are you doing in my dressing room?

A.J. Hardy: I see you are putting on some make-up.

Aubrie Miller: Yeah. So? It looks like you need to put some on yourself.

A.J. Hardy: Aubrie, Aubrie, Aubrie. Why don't you just give this little thing you got going on up. You're not going to win against me. You are a female. A Lady. I am a man.

Aubrie Miller: I can change that.

A.J. Hardy: Haha. You got jokes.

Aubrie Miller: I also have a curling iron that I can make pretty designs in your hair with.

A.J. Hardy: Oh yeah? Well, you're not so tough. Wait till you meet my girl. She's much better than you. She satisfies me whenever I want.

Aubrie Miller: Oh really?

A.J. Hardy: Really.

*Aubrie drops down to her knees and low blows A.J. Hardy.*

Aubrie Miller: Don't you ever come in my dressing room ever again. I will do worse than that next time.

*Aubrie takes her foot, with its long boot, and shoves A.J. out the door, as he grimaces in pain. She shoves the door shut, and locks it.*

Aubrie Miller: Men. You can' live with them, and you can't kill them either.

*Aubrie sits back down in her chair, and puts in one of her hair scrunches and smiles, as the scene goes to a commercial*

*****Commercial Break******

Tom Green Show Daily at Midnight

*****Commercial Ends*****

Aubrie Miller Vs. A.J. Hardy

As Trish slides in under the bottom rope, as A.J takes advantage, tackling her. Moving quickly, he immediately mounts her and applies a camel clutch.

Robert: This one could be over in a hurry, Ron!

Ron: I wouldn't be counting Aubrie out that quickly.

Ron is right. Aubrie simply puts her foot on the rope, and Peters makes AJ break the hold. Aubrie gets up, holding her chin, but AJ won't give her a chance to regroup. Before she can mount a defense, AJ has her backed into the corner, and nails her with six chops in rapid succession. Inevitably, Aubrie's chest grows red. She's in pain, but refuses to fall. Meanwhile, eXcel has taken to showboating. He signals to the crowd that this one is close to over. He gets a chorus of boos and cheers for a response.

Ron:  has definitely come to fight! But he's wasting valuable time!

Robert: I hope Aubrie's titties are okay.

Ron: Robert!

Robert: What? What do you call them?

Having taken the opportunity to catch her breath, Aubrie is more than ready when AJ turns to face her. She charges at him, and drives him down with a vicious clothesline. Piper has started pounding on the mat, yelling at AJ to get up. However, Aubrie now takes control, walking over to her fallen opponent, and straddling him. It seems as though AJ actually enjoys this, as a smile crosses his face. The smile won't last, though, as Aubrie grabs either side of his mask and starts thrusting his head into the mat. Timmy Peters moves in, telling her to let go of the hair, but not before she bashes AJ's melon into the mat a half dozen times.

Ron: It looks as though Aubrie is in control of this match now.

Robert: Yeah, and AJ has just lived every teenage boy's dream! He had Aubrie on top!

Aubrie gets off of AJ, but makes sure to keep the pressure on. She pulls him up by the hair, and Irish whips him to the rope. As AJ rebounds, Aubrie attempts a clothesline, but AJ ducks it. AJ comes screaming off of the opposite rope, but Aubrie leaps into the air, attempting to clear AJ as he passes between her legs. However, AJ stops in his tracks, and catches Trish in midair before driving her down with a brutal power bomb.

Ron: Oh, come on, AJ! There's no excuse for using a move that vicious on a woman!

Robert: Sure there is, Ron. She's his opponent. What do you want him to do, give her flowers?

With Aubrie down on the mat, AJ takes a moment to pose for his crowd, then walks over to the ropes, reaching down and giving Piper a high five. He then nonchalantly struts over to the fallen Aubrie, and plants a foot on her chest as Peters counts 1… 2… Aubrie reaches up, hooking AJ's leg, and sweeps him down! With TJ on his face, Aubrie gets to her knees, then climbs on and gives AJ a camel clutch of his own.

Robert: Holy shit, Ron! Where did she learn a move like that?

Ron: She IS a wrestler. You knew that, didn't you?

It looks as though  Aubrie is in a lot of trouble for the first few seconds. Then, once he realizes that he has a 100-pound weight advantage on his opponent, he simply rises to all fours and crawls to the ropes. Peters gets Aubrie to break the hold, Which she does. As she gets up she reaches out towards him and knocks him back down to the mat with all her force. " It's Over!!" Aubrie yells as she jumps on the 2nd turnbuckle and unleashes her finisher the Sweet Surrender as she pins




Aubrie Miller Wins!


Now that's What I Call Music!!

    *******Commercial Ends***********

The match has started as since the commercial.....

Suicide Vs Dickey

 Suicide gets up and grabs Dickey by the neck and hits a standing suplex on him. Dicky quickly gets up looking at Suicide relatively surprised. Both men circle each other before locking up. Dicky gets the upper hand with a headlock. He holds him there for some time before Suicide picks him up and hits a Side Suplex. Dicky once again gets up quickly looking suppressed. Both men once again circle and lock up. This time Dicky doesn't allow Suicide to take the upper hand and shoves him down to the ground. Suicide gets right up and they lock up again. Dicky turns Suicide around and hits a German Suplex on him. Both men get up and once again stare at each other.

Ron: Wow, I am very impressed with this match so far, straight down the middle and good technical wrestling.

Robert: You know I will even give these guys credit, they are going at it good.

Dicky starts up the action once again with a knee to the midsection of Suicide, this time he isn't letting his opponent up so easily as he knee's him to the face. Suicide goes down and Dicky starts stomping a mud hole in him. He finally stops and picks him up. He locks him into his arms and hits a T-Bone Suplex. Suicide bounces off of the mat as Dicky just slowly walks around him kicking him. He picks him up again and whips him into the ropes. Suicide ducks but as soon as he turns off the ropes again Dicky nails him with a vicious clothesline and Suicide just drops to the canvas. Dicky laughs to himself and waits for Suicide to get up. When he does, Dicky runs over and shoulder bumps the staggering Suicide back down to the ground.

Ron: What started out as a good match has turned into total dominance on the part of Dicky.

Robert: Suicide is getting a good old fashioned.

Dicky starts to taunt the crowd as Suicide slowly gets up. He grabs Dicky by his head and lifts him up onto his knee's and starts yelling in his face. Dicky goes to punch but Suicide counters into a small package. Kickout at two. Dicky gets up quick and looks pissed, so he immediately grabs Suicide and slams his face into the corner. He than begins walking around inside the ring with a very angry look on his face. Dicky signals that it is all over and slowly walks over to Suicide. He grabs him and places him inbetween his legs and stands there for a moment. He than lifts Suicide in the air and gets ready to hit his finisher but Dicky falls after a trip to the knees by Suicide. Now in control Suicide reveals Dicky in a chokehold covering his legs all around Dicky's stomach to seize him down into position as the ref begins the count No! yells Dicky as he continues to stay on the mat in pain.

Ron: Ohh man! Look who's that coming! It's a man in a mask?!

Robert: Oh man lets see what happens next man!

The masked man runs into the ring and begins stomping on Suicide...

The Ref rings in the bell....Ding Ding Ding

No Contest!!

Ron: Thank you all for this wonderful night of pure amazement till next week as I say.

Robert: Sure was a great night till someone ate my fucking tuna sandwich.

The two argue as the credits appear on the screen... 


                       Thank Aubrie Miller for the Banner we have. President Joey for the results and commercials as well as special fonts. Thomas Gray for his work on most of the segments and backstage happenings. Sector 13 Owner Frost for his work on the layout and banner also. And to you for watching non other then