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Enjoy The Results, All Done by President 

Joey If you have a question you know who 

to ask...


Presented By Disney Land Park Arena

“ Boys Of The Summer “ By Ataris blast all across the Blasphemy arena as a gigantic volley of explosions gives way on the stage as a graphic in the upper corner informs us that we're coming live from the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The crowd seems hot as there is an over abundance of signs. Most of the usual suspects are present… The explosions set off once again as we kick off the show with your two favorite broadcasters Robert Read wearing his usual red pull up shirt with his muscles hanging out and next to him the well-dressed Ron Bocko in his nice suite.

Robert: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Revolution! We have a show on tap as we give you a amazing night of pure wrestling

Ron: Here we are!! What an exciting night as we kick off the amazing first show of non-other then Blasphemy Wrestling! What will you think of our show tonight

Robert: Well, the answer to that is obvious Ron

Ron: Presumptuous as ever I see.

Robert: Presupwhatziz?

Ron: Never mind, Regardless President Joey will face Vice President Gray tonight, yes folks you heard it TONIGHT!

Robert: My liege Gray will take that bossy motherfucker down!

Ron: He’s your boss. You’re an idiot you know that? Plus were on television, no cussing.

Robert: What do you mean I’m an idiot?

Ron: Another match to watch will of course be the great Xander Summer against Aubrie match up.

Robert: What do you mean I’m an idiot?

Ron: Crazy Boy will also fight X-treme for non-other then the Hardcore Championship which should be amazing.


Ron: Keep acting like a idiot you showing it…

Robert: Son of a bitch, god dam nit you mother fucker!

Ron: Some one needs a time out, ohh wait look what’s happening..

As our attention turns away from the announce table, "I Am" by God Smack starts to play over the sound system. Before Lucy can begin the introduction, Scott Adams is half way down the aisle.

Lucy: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a single match up, Introducing first, from South America… Scotttt Adammssss!!

Ron: Wow this kid sure does have talent doesn't he Rob?

Robert: Oh yeah for a rookie sure....Not!

Ron: Oh that was funny.... Not!

Robert: That wasn't nice Ron!

Ron: You get what you receive Rob.

Waiting for the next opponent Spinner Scott is met from a hit behind the head as the bell rings loudly 3 different times

Scott Adams Vs Spinner

Scott calmly walks up to Spinner, who had dropped the mic and readied himself for an infuriated Scott to attack. Spinner didn't expect Scott to react so calmly to his harsh warning. As Scott gets face to face with Spinner, he simply spits his gum out in Spinner's face, drawing a cheer from the crowd. Shocked by Scott's disrespect, Spinner cocks back and delivers a hard slap to Scott's face. Spinner finally boils Scott over. Snarling, the crazy Messiah drills Spinner with a hard clothesline, sending Spinner… well, flying, a complete 180 before landing hard on his stomach. He immediately starts grasping at his jaw. Not content with the punishment, Scott picks Spinner up by the head, as he holds up his hands, begging for mercy. As Scott chuckles, Spinner attempts a low blow, which Scott blocks by shifting his hips and crossing his right leg over his left. However, this leaves him vulnerable, as Spinner promptly sweeps out Scott's legs and sends him down to the mat. In a heartbeat, Spinner locks in a Boston Crab, wrenching back on Scott's legs. 

Releasing the hold, Spinner holds his hands up high, screaming to the crowd, who are more than happy to scream back. As Scott scales the turnbuckle, he slides his thumb across his throat, signaling that the first fall will be his. He's sort of right. In the time he took showboating and scaling the turnbuckle, Scott has made it to his feet and walked calmly to the corner. Scott snaps his head from side to side, then charges, pushing Spinner off of the turnbuckle and to the outside. Amazingly, though, Spinner lands feet first on the security railing, bounces off, and lands on his feet, facing Scott. Spinner's undisputed ability prompts a cheer from the crowd

Ron: Wow! What agility!

Robert: Yeah, and it was great foot… stuff… too.

Scott shoots a surprised look at Spinner from inside the ring, as Spinner glares back from the outside. Summoning up a primal roar, Spinner charges toward the ring, and slides in under the bottom rope. However, Scott sees him coming a mile away, and is perfectly positioned to put Spinner's head between his legs upon arrival. Then, Scott hits a picture perfect piledriver. As Scott gets to his feet, Spinner flops down on his back. Seizing the opportunity,  immediately goes for Flyer's legs, picking him up and turning him over into the "his own Boston crap". Spinner  instantly cries out in pain, and his hand hovers over the mat for a few seconds before he clutches the mat, slowly pulling himself toward the ropes. But Scott's impeccable ring presence is not lost on him tonight. Just as Spinner is mere inches from the ropes, Scott waddles back out to the center of the ring. After a few more seconds of agony, Spinner succumbs, tapping gently on the mat as Peters moves in, raising Scotts's hand.

Winner: Scott Adams

Scott holds his arms over his head as "I Am" hits again. Spinner uses the ring ropes to get to his feet as he glares at Scott.. Scott stops posing and looks toward Spinner,, extending his hand. Spinner stares at it for a moment before reaching out and giving a brief shake. He backs off, going through the ropes as Spinner continues to pose. As he climbs to a top turnbuckle

Tiffany: Wow… that was one hell of a match… should have saved that for the Pay Per View.

She looks back to where Dave Batista, wearing gray sweats and a tank top, is doing some last minute calisthenics before his match.

Batista: Yeah… looks like this Scott kid is for real.  I'm not sure I could last against spinner

Tiffany: I think you're being modest. However, I do agree that Scott had one hell of a performance. Perhaps he deserves a reward…

Batista just shrugs as he begins doing some jumping jacks.

Tiffany: Hmm… I know… I think I'll have him go for the Cruiserweight title next week… and it seems as though we're a bit light in the Cruiser division lately… maybe he could be the cornerstone to build it up.

Batista: Yeah, suppose… but who does he fight?

Tiffany: That's easy… the other man that could be the cornerstone of the division… your opponent tonight, High Flyer.

Batista: Yeah… that sounds like a good match up.

Tiffany: Yup… ok, it's official… next week High Flyer and Scott Adams will meet to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion

A.J. Hardy Vs Radikal 

The Scene Changes

Lucy: The challenger. Heading our way A.J Hardyyyyy!!!!!

Ron: I don't think A.J. can handle this Radikal guy 

Robert: On top of all that, he's a fucking psycho.

Lucy: Making his way to the ring from South Western America in his usual fancy green hooded jacket Radikalllllllll!!!!!!

Robert: Damn...This dude sure aint Radikal to me

Radikal jumps onto the turnbuckle and yells out to the crowd as he then flips off Robert.

Robert: Told ya Ron! This guys a asshole

Whipping him off the opposite ropes, the A.J waits for his opponent to fall into his setup. Sensing an opportunity, Radikal leaps into the air, wrapping his legs around his head and getting ready for a big hurricarana. Unfortunately for him, A.J, is too alert and grabbing him, he delivers a devastating powerbomb in the center of the ring. As he pins quickly in the beginning of the match



Kick out

Unbeatably A.J, gets up but it sweep back down to his feet as Radikal begins his attack of hardcore kicks to the face of the rookie A.J. he then wraps him up for the Gift From Satan  boom!!  he lands it and goes for the submission that everybody hates the Devils Lock screaming in pain A.J quits and begins to cry.....

Winner Radikal

The scene changes as it shows the President Joey jumping up and down as the crowd cheers at the giant tron. The scene is in the backstage area of the Blasphemy arena.

President Joey: Whose going to win?

Butler: Your going to win boss

President Joey: Whose going to win!!

Butler: You are boss!!!

President Joey: Exactly that's why I want to send one last warning out to Mr. Gray, When you step in this very ring with me it wont only be a unleashed wild man but more like a unleashed animal! I will tear you apart! 

Scene Comes to a close.....

Back out at ring side Lillian is in the ring waiting to start the next match. "X gonna give it to you" by DMX  hits as, Xtreme, appears on the stage amid flashing lights and smoke.

Lucy: The following match is for the Hardcore Championship and therefore, Hardcore rules apply. Introducing first, Non other then X-treeeeemmmmmeeeeee

Robert: What the Fuck!?!? Is that a hole?

Out of nowere Crazy boy appears as the match from a hole as the match begins

Crazy Boy vs. X-treme - Hardcore Championship

Ron: Wow, what a ploy by Crazy Boy. You never know where he's going to come from. Hey wait that rhymes

Robert: I dunno Ronny… Crazy Boy scares me… those ninjas are just really… sneaky.

Ron: A ninja… sneaky… wow, who would have thunk it.

Robert: Thought it Ron… thunk isn't a word.

Crazy Boy goes right to work smashing X-Treme's face off the edge of the steel ramp where it collapsed. Before a half dozen heartbeats pass, there is already blood running out from under the mask, over one eye. Crazy Boy reaches into the hole and pulls out a black bag, the one he was showing off in his promo earlier. The fans gasp as he pulls a noose made of barbed wire out and begins to whip  with it. Welts immediately begin to run blood with each strike, and X-Treme howls in pain.

Ron: Well, looks like Crazy Boy is really showing X-Treme his definition of Hardcore.

Robert: So damn sneaky…

Crazy Boy holds the nooses up for the fans to see as he uses his free hand to pull X-Treme onto the unbroken part of the ramp. He leans down trying to wrap the noose around X-treme's neck, but gets a foot hooked up into his face. X-Treme grabs the noose and pulls the stunned Crazy Boy toward the hole. Stumbling over X-Treme's body, Crazy Boy trips and flies into the hole, smashing his shoulder hard into the other edge. A sickening snap is heard as Crazy Boy's shoulder comes out of the socket. Half in shock he scrambles out of the hole and stumbles up the ramp to the entryway. X-Treme grabs the noose as he gets to his feet and follows.

Ron: This is getting out of hand… we're like only a minute in and both men appear to have some serious injury concerns.

Robert: Yeah!!! Blood!!! Sneaky Blood!!!!

Crazy Boy reaches the entryway, holding his left arm with his right. He sees a metal post and surges to it, smashing his shoulder into it and pushing it back into place. X-Treme comes up behind him as Crazy Boy drops to his knees, head swooning from the pain, and hits a short range dropkick to the back of his head, smashing him face first into the metal girders. With Crazy Boy down, he begins to alternately stomp and whip with the noose, drawing more gasps from the fans. In a matter of a few seconds the back of Crazy Boy's gui is shredded, and a few seconds more and his skin is also. He screams but will not quit as he reaches out and legsweeps  X-Treme taking him down. The back of X-Tremes head connects with the hard steel and he appears to be nearly out.

Ron: Pin him and get it over with… this match is an atrocity.

Robert: Don't pay attention to him 'Boy… play with him some first!

Crazy Boy drops and goes for the pin, but X-Treme kicks out at two. Angered, Crazy Boy picks him up and looks to hook in a suplex, but X-Treme hooks a leg, blocking the move.  X-Treme lifts Crazy Boy with his own suplex, but suddenly drops Crazy Boy, making him bounce face first off the steel.

Ron: That was some innovative offense by X-Treme, looks like he's about to end this one mercifully early.


 X-Treme looks at Crazy Boy for a moment, but instead decides to turn and begin climbing the staging over the entryway. The fans cheer the boldness of the move and anticipate a high spot. He reaches the top some 15 feet over the stage and tries to use a rope to steady himself. Crazy Boy suddenly nips up to his feet and runs, leaping onto the staging. While X-Treme is turning to look, Crazy Boy scrambles up the staging with amazing speed, despite having the use of only one arm.

Ron: Geez, look at him go!

Robert: Sneaky boggerr!

Crazy Boy is very nimble atop the staging and uses this advantage to compensate for his injured arm as he and Crazy Boy begin to brawl. Back and forth the two go before Crazy Boy manages to take advantage with hard fists. Crazy Boy is stumbled and X-Treme charges in with a spear, sending both men off the staging, crashing to the metal stage 15 feet below.


The fans echo Madison's statement as the two men appear to be out of it. The chant goes on and on, and is still going on as X-Treme suddenly raises his head. He weakly rolls to his stomach and crawls over to Crazy Boy, putting a hand on Crazy Boy's chest. 1… 2… KICK OUT! Nobody can believe it as Crazy Boy barely gets his right shoulder up. X-Treme pounds a fist on the stage in frustration, but then begins the arduous task of getting up to his feet again. Crazy Boy tries hard too, and soon both are up. Wobbly, they come together and meet, Crazy Boy firing a kick into X-Treme's stomach.  X-Treme is bent as Crazy Boy scrambles up the staging looking for a moon Sault.  X-Treme dives forward with a last ditch effort and shoves out one of Crazy Boy's feet. The ninja's leg slips through the staging as he falls, and he finds himself hung out to dry. Reaching through the staging, X-Treme wraps one hand around 's chin and pulls back, while holding him steady with the other on his chest. John Franks, the official, sees this and counts




X-Treme releases the hold as he hears the bell and looks toward the referee confused. The ref informs him that it was technically a pin since pinfalls can occur anywhere in Hardcore matches and raises his hand. X-Treme doesn't question it, he simply grabs his belt and heads backstage as Franks helps Crazy Boy get his leg free. In the background, we can see some activity about 50 meters away to the side as Crazy Boy finally gets free and shoves Franks away, walking backstage on his own.

As soon as the wrestlers leave the arena a quick entrance of the next crew flys on....

"Anarchy in The Uk" by Sex PiStols  pulses through the arena speakers as a thunderous row of blinding white pyro bursts out of the stage forming a glowing wall. As the pyro dies down Aubrie walks towards the ring. She recieves a mixed reaction from the crowd as he reaches the ramp.

Lucy: Making her way to the ring, hailing from San Francisco, weighing in at two hundred and 105 pounds. Aubrie  Milllllllerrrrrrrr!

Aubrie slowly walks to the ring in her traditional black punker attire. Aubrie stops at the bottom of the stairs and bows his head. After a few moments Aubrie sprints up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring Miller walks to the far corner and leans back, awaiting his opponent. No sooner has Miller reached the corner than "Rock star" by The Deft ones blares through the building. The crowd roars as flashing white lights emanate from the stage. The large silhouette of Xander Summers appears in the entry way and stands still momentarily. After a short pause Xander slowly begins walking down the ramp.

Lucy: His opponent, weighing in at two hundred and 77777000000 poundss, Xander Suuuummmmmerrrrrrsssss!!

Xander continues his march to the ring, all the while staring down Aubrie. Xander stops in front of the ring and stares intently at Aubrie. Xander quickly climbs up onto the apron and through the ropes. Xander walks to the opposite ropes, his eyes locked on his opponent the whole time. Xander extends his arms and grasps the rope firmly, as he does so he thrusts his torso backwards, bending the tope rope. He springs off the ropes and stands ready for combat.

Aubrie Miller Vs. Xander Summers

Rolling his head back and forth Xander walks to his right, as does Aubrie. Both men circle the ring before Aubrie fakes an attack. Xander, unaffected by the fake, charges and lays Aubrie out with a hard clothesline. Aubrie's head bounces off the mat hard and he rolls outside the ring. Miller stares at Xander, in shock and in anger, but quickly gets back on the apron. Xander charges but gets a shoulder to his ribs. Miller flips over the ropes and rolls over Xander's back. Landing on his feet, Aubrie runs of the opposite ropes. Rebounding he charges Xander and attempts a crucifx pin. Xander does not go over though, and instead flings Miller over his head and drops him across his knee.

Ron: What a power display by Xander, to lift a man from the firemans carry position, over his head and across his knee!

Summers stands, staring down at Aubrie Miller. Aubrie slowly climbs to her feet and begins to club Xander in the chest. The forearm blows do not phase Xander, who laughs and lets out a roar. Xander wraps his arms around Miller and pops her hips, launching Xander three quarters of the way across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.  Xander slowly gets to his feet and walks over to his fallen opponent. He grabs Miller by the hair and lifts him to his feet. Placing a hand on Miller's thigh, and one on his chest, Batista lifts his  opponent over his head and presses him three times before throwing him forward. Miller lands face first on the mat with a loud thud. Xander raises Miller to his feet and locks in a front face lock. Lifting Miller up, Xander holds a vertical suplex. For the better part of a minute Miller's body waivers back and forth, but Xander keeps him vertical. In the blink of an eye Xander falls flat on his back and drives Miller head first into the mat!

Robert: Well for Miller Plan A didn't work, and Plan B isn't either. I would suggest he switches to Plan I'm getting my ass kicked!

Ron: Show some respect, I don't see you in that ring!

Robert: Damn right, you couldn't pay me enough to fight Xander!

As Robert says that Xander jumps in front of miller and drops her into the mat with all force. He then signals the crowd his for the finish. He begins stalking Aubrie and as she gets up Boom! He lands his signature move The X Marks The Spot he then jumps on her wildly and pins 




Winner: Xander Summers

The Scene Changes With The Match up You Have Been Waiting For....

The scene enters as it shows the backstage area with President and Vice President breathing done each others necks, Both just stare into each others eyes.

President Flyer and Vp Gray are right in the face of each other

Owner Caruso: God Damnit wait you two! Wait!! This should not be happening right here now! Lets save it for the PPV! Come on boys.

The crowd quickly boos as they continue to watch the big tron.

President Joey: You know what? Your right! Lets save this for the Pay Per View. Vice President Gray lets shake and get this taken care of k dude?

Vice President Gray: Your right! Lets shake on this right now

Both men extend their arms as President Joey gets a grip and throws Vice President Gray to the ground. He then begins punching the shit out of Vice President Gray.

President Joey: Mother Fucker! Hahahaha look whose laughing! Now bitch!

Owner Caruso: Security! Escort this mother fucker out before he causes any more trouble

President Joey battles everyone near him as he throws punches like a wild man.