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The scene all around the arena goes dark. The fans go silent either from confusion or from anticipation. Light blue spotlights are set on the entranceway. After a few moments “If I cant” by 50 cent starts and the crowed goes wild. T-Four walks out and stops right before the ramp, he looks over to his right and slowly moves his head to the left with a big grin on his face. Suddenly T-Four whips his right fist up high in the air. He slowly brings his arm down and precedes to the ring clapping and touching fans hands as he walks towards the ring. The ring anouncer says “And now entering the ring weighing in at 245 pounds,……T-Four. The crowds cheers grow louder. Then when he gets to the ring T-Four gracefully slides under the top rope and walks towards the corner turnbuckle and sits on top of it with his arms folded together while he waits for his opponent to enter.

Wasting no time Core's music bursts out as he runs out to the mat

T Four vs. Core

T Four spears Core to the floor, and starts laying heavy punches into his temple. Referee Langdon Olger rings the bell, before giving T Four the five count. He goes to admonish the man known as Core!

Chris Pedi: Hugely intense start here between the two members..

Barry Crume: I hope they rip each other to shreds! I love a bloody mess.

Core slowly gets onto his feet, and T Four walks over to him, looking to cause as much damage as he can as early as he can. However, Core is ready for him, and brings him down with a kick to the face.

Chris Pedi: Both these men are hugely strong.

Barry Crume: True, But still i want someone to die tonight!

The bigger man, Core, manages to get the upper hand in the tie up, and is able to deliver a huge high-angle suplex, driving T Four's back and neck hard into the ring. T Four is down, not moving a great deal. Core then stomps him in the chest a few times, making his point more than clear. Then, the man picks up T Four, and stuffs him into the nearest corner. He whips T Four towards the opposite corner, but T Four reverses, sending Core chest first into the hard buckle. Core staggers for a few seconds before a revitalized T Four darts across the ring, hitting Core with a drop kick to the lower back. Core wobbles, before falling face first into the turnbuckle. As Core staggers yet again, T Four kicks him in the stomach, before delivering a huge DDT. The referee rolls straight into the cover. 1…2… kickout!

Chris Pedi: Near fall there!

Barry Crume: Nah, Core had it all under control.

Slightly frustrated, T Four has a little word in the ear of the referee, saying that it really should have been a three count. Then, he drops an elbow directly onto the sternum of the still downed Core. Core visibly jumps off the mat, before T Four delivers another elbow, and another, and another. Core's chest might not last the course for much longer.

Chris Pedi: Great technique by T Four here, he is wearing down the opponent before going for the kill.

T Four stands Core up, before hitting a couple of forearms into his face. He then whips Core into the corner, where Core slouches slightly. T Four runs up to the opposite corner, before running headlong at Core. However, T Four is knocked off his feet when Core springs out of the corner and delivers a huge boot to the face. T Four is knocked straight off his feet, but gets almost straight back up. Core goes for a punch to the face, but is blocked by T Four, who then knocks Core right down with a huge clothesline. T Four then delivers more elbows to the sternum of Core, each one having a seemingly devastating impact on the ball headed giant!, all his strength sapping away. T Four steps back a few paces, waiting for Core to get up, signalling for him to do so.

Chris Pedi: T Four is looking to finish this one off right here folks!

Barry Crume: Core, look out! We have a lightweight stalking ya!

Core slowly gets to his feet, where T Four moves in for the kill. A kick to the stomach later and T Four sends Core slamming to the mat with a huge powerbomb. The crowd are quite impressed - Core is a big man. T Four drops to his knees, and lazily lies one arm over Core's chest. Langdon administers the count. 1…2… kickout again!

Core barely gets his shoulder up, but does. Once again, T Four remonstrates with the referee, but his argument is never fully got across as Core sweeps T Four's legs from beneath him, sending the lightweight crashing face first into the mat. Core doesn't waste any time, and kicks T Four in the head five or six times, before being disturbed by the referee. It is at this point that T Four slinks to the ring apron, and reaches below it. He produces a steel chair, to which the crowd cheer a little.

Chris Pedi: Oh come on T Four!! Don't ruin what has been an excellent match! He's only about 300 pounds..

Barry Crume: Forget that! I want to see someone get maimed!

Although he has slid it out, T Four hasn't the chance to use the chair yet, because before he can reach for it to bring it into the ring, he is pounced upon by Core, who lays huge fists into the back of T Four followed by a

Chris Pedi: This one could be over right here with the camel clutch.

The referee leans down to check on T Four, leaving him unsighted. T Four uses this chance to deliver a clever back heel into Core's testicles. The referee looks shocked when Core suddenly releases the grip and starts rolling around on the mat in agony, clutching said sensitive area.

Barry: OUCH!! As a big man myself i feel it!

Chris Pedi: That has got to hurt! It was only going to be a matter of time before the dirty tricks began! These stables have too much pride between them.

T Four realizes he has time to check his jaw, which he subsequently does. He then fiercely kicks Core in the side on several occasions. The huge kicks go on for a good while, before T Four barely lifts up the giant Core and drops him reaching once again for the chair

Chris Pedi: Someone take that damned chair away!

The ref moves across to block T Four, and on several occasions, he tries to remove the chair from his possession. The man refuses to budge, and the two have a huge argument in the middle of the ring. Core has slowly regained his feet, and when he sees the ref back T Four into a corner, decides that two can play at dirty tricks. He runs headlong across the ring, colliding with Landgon and T four

Chris Pedi: Come on now! That's 500 hundred lost!

Barry: T Four must have been crushed!

Continue from here please Pedi about the finish