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The Rising Of A Star

James (Jimi) Hendrix was born in Seattle,Washington on November 27, 1942, While his father Al was away battling in World War II. James's mother Lucille Jeter and father Al Hendrix met at a nightclub where both would show off their dance moves which always brought them to the Center of attention. They soon after married and had two kids James Hedrix and Leon Hendrix. Life was difficult for James because most of his early life was with his mother while his father was at war. Due to a mixup in the army Lucille recieved no money from Al which mean't she had to leave James with her family. With Lucille out of the picture, Jimi was left with family members in Berkeley, California but when the war stopped Al quickly came to claim his son and raised him as a single father. At 3 years old James was renamed by his father James Marshall Hendrix but his father nicknamed him Jimi which sticked for the rest of his life.