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Get Ready For Your Last Match In The Tourney Blaze. Because theirs only one True Champion Moving On And That Is Me. Blasphemy..........

(The scene opens as Blasphemy and a group of friends are driving in a car. They seem to be in good spirits as they drive through some country roads, with Blasphemy and a couple of others in the backseats, drinking a couple of beers. The friends are 2 guys and 2 girls, all about the same age as him. They're all dressed up, looking good, especially one of the girls who Blasphemy seems to be getting along with rather well. Maybe it's just because she's not wearing a huge amount or maybe it's her personality. Who knows?)

Blasphemy: This is going to be fun tonight. Who did you say the bands were?

Hot Girl : I can't remember now. But they've been signed and they're supposed to be really good.

Girl #2 : They are. My brother is in the band.

(The conversation gets cut short as Blasphemy's eyes stay focused on where the car is going. Unfortunately, this isn't the same direction as the road is going the car doesn't follow a corner.)

Driver : Fuck!

(The small car goes off road, narrowly avoiding a sign and dropping a couple of feet before hitting the remains of a tree and coming to a stop.)

Blasphemy: OK, is everyone OK?

Driver : Fuck!

Passenger : I think so.

Girl #2 : I'll live.

Hot Girl : I think I hurt my leg.

Blasphemy: Let me have a look.

(Blasphemy, being a qualified medic (yeah, sure) takes a look at the legs of the hot girl, not that he hasn't done that already. She seems OK.)

Blasphemy: Okay everyone. Lets get out of here. Doors!

  Hot Girl : It won't open!

(All the other doors open fine, but the angle of the car and the banking next to it mean that one door is stuck. The hot girl sound sleek she's a little panicky already, so Blasphemy tries to make sure she's ok. What a gentleman.)

Blasphemy: Don't worry just use another door. It's ok don't worry.

(They all get out of the car; Blasphemy offering his hand to the hot girl which she gladly takes. Once outside the car, events speed up, as we cut out huge sections in order to speed up the promo considerably.)

A couple of days later...

(Blasphemy is back at his place, talking on the portable phone to someone. He seems a little frustrated as he rubs his neck gently. The person on the other end of the phone seems to be in a bad mood. Probably because he recently crashed his car.)

Blasphemy: Dude don't worry about it. We all know it wasn't your fault. Worst comes to worse, you get a few points on your license and a warning from the police.

Driver: That's not the point. We could've all been killed because of me.

Blasphemy: But we weren't so don't get your knickers in a twist about it. Just relax and get on with things the way you usually do.

(From somewhere behind Blasphemy, appears the hot girl from the crash. She starts massaging Blasphemy's neck for him and he doesn't even bother trying to resist. For all he knew, he could've been getting attack by someone with a kendo stick! He lets her gentle hands do their work as he tries to finish the call as politely as possible.)

Blasphemy: Look, dude. I got to go. I've got work to do. After hearing my recent match up I better go and train

Driver: Yeah, sorry to hear about what match you were given

Blasphemy: Um, yeah. Anyway, I've got to go. Work to do.

Driver: OK, c'ya later.

Blasphemy: C'ya.

(Blasphemy puches a button on the phone then puts it down on a conveniently placed table. He turns round to see the hot girl and kisses her gently. Obviously, they've been spending some time together since the accident. Just don't think about it though, the images that come to my mind just aren't particularly nice.)

Hot Girl: So, should I go to work?

Blasphemy: Well, that's up to you. But I really do have things to do.

Hot Girl: Can't it wait? I think I can feel somewhere that needs massaged.

Blasphemy: Again?

Hot Girl: Well. I think I might have whiplash.

Blasphemy: Well, I suppose I can wait a while if it's an emergency.

Hot Girl: It definitely is.

A while to do....

(After playing doctor for a little while, though maybe not the sort of doctor most people would ever have, Blasphemy finally settles down to some real work while his new girl uses the shower. A lot has been going on so he's got a lot to write about for the site. So he gets started.)

Blasphemy: What should I start with? My match up with Ricky Blaze, No how about my introduction to CHZ wait maybe I should write about Blaze, Shit decisions

Blasphemy sits down to his computer and types. He types like he's never typed before, even though he has. It takes ages as he struggles to find each of the letters he needs, but finally he has a finished product for his secondary career as a journalist. It reads as follows.)

Dear Journal,

It seems I’m having a moment of true devastation here, first I got a match up with Ricky Blaze who is the cruiserweight champion for the NGW (Yes I do my homework) and it seems he may actually be a challenge but really I shouldn’t care about that for now because I also have a introduction to do with CHZ as if I hadn’t wrote before about that. Well my mind can’t really make up what it wants to do so I guess I’m going to take on the cruiserweight champion. Till later good book, I’m going to head out to the Gold’s Gym… Good luck you son of a bitch!