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IWA Scott Steiner Since June 30th 2003

IWA Info: W-L-D: 2-2-0, Roleplay #: 5

IWA Achievements: Signing with IWA

Made My Bitch: Randy Orton, Batista, Triple H

Next Match: Scott Steiner vs Vampiro vs Matt Hardy- Raw
Last Match: Scott Steiner vs Triple H- SummerSlam

Scott Steiner: Bow Down And Kiss My Ass!

Forward: With SummerSlam in the history books Scott Steiner proved to everyone in the world that he had what it takes to beat the self proclaimed "Game". He pinned him 1...2...3, despite what everyone thought the outcome would be like he proved that he was the better. Now Scott Steiner has moved on to bigger and better things. Next Monday on Raw he will be in a triple threat match with Vampiro and Matt Hardy. If he wins this match he will get a shot at US Gold! He will be the number one contender for the US title. Will He be able to defeat Vampiro and Matt Hardy?

|8-X-7| The scene opens some where in the parking lot of a K-Mart. A red Lexus is shown pulling up into the parking lot and Scott Steiner is shown at the wheel. He finds a parking space and parks the car. He opens the door and gets out. He walks up to the entrance and goes into the store. He walks around the store for a minute and picks up a few items. He walks to the toy section and sees a kid playing with a Scott Steiner action figure.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Hey there little kid what are you doing?

'THEKID' I'm playing with a action figure of my favorite wrestler, Scott Steiner.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Oh you like Scott Steiner too?

The kid looks up and comes to a complete silence. He drops the toy and starts pointing at Scott Steiner. He then starts to say something.

'THEKID''re Scott Steiner.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Yep I sure am.

'THEKID' Its a pleasure to meet you.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Its a pleasure to meet you too.

'THEKID' I can't believe I'm talking to the Scott Steiner of IWA. My friends or never gonna believe me. I saw your match last night at SummerSlam. You were awesome. You beat Triple H so bad.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Yep, I did kick his ass pretty bad last night, didn't I. Well I did exactly what I said I would do. I put him out of his misery.

'THEKID' Yep, you really kicked his butt. He won't be messing with you for a while. Ill be surprised if he shows up to any of the shows for a while.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Don't worry I don't think he will have the guts to show to any shows. He probably realize that he is not that good and stay away for awhile.

'THEKID' Yeah. So, aren't you on the Raw card for next week?

'SCOTTSTEINER' Yep. I'm facing Vampiro and Matt Hardy, for a chance at the United States Championship.

'THEKID' Cool, I hope you win because you deserve some gold. I feel you should have won that tournament, but Randy Orton and Batista screwed you. You had a good chance at winning Undisputed Gold. But you didn't. But now you have a chance at winning US Gold and I feel that you wont let this on slip away from you.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Well it's good to know that I have fans that believe in me. And believe me I wont let you down. I'm gonna go into Raw as Scott Steiner, but I'm gonna leave Raw as Scott Steiner, the number one contender for the United States Championship. And there aint a damn thing anyone on this earth can do about it.

'THEKID' Yep, and I believe that you will do every thing you just said you will do. I mean look at you. You are The Genetic Freak.

'SCOTTSTEINER' You're right. I am The Genetic Freak. Did you say that your friends weren't gonna believe you?

'THEKID' Yep there gonna think I'm lying.

Scott Steiner digs around in his pockets for a min and pulls out a camera. He sees a person passing by and tells him to take the picture of him and the little kid. The Person does it and Scott Steiner gives the kid the picture.

'SCOTTSTEINER' They should believe you know, since you got proof.

'THEKID' Yep, they will believe me now. Well I got to go catch up with my mom and dad, good luck to you in your match on Raw.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Well bye, and thanks.

The kid leaves as Scott Steiner sees a replica of the IWA United States Championship belt. He picks it up as he thinks to his self. He puts it back down and goes up to the front to check his items out. He finishes checking his items out and goes out to his car. He gets in the front seat and starts the car up. He drives off as the scene begins to fade. |8-X-7|

|8-X-7| The next scene opens up as Scott Steiner's red Lexus pulls up into the parking lot of the IWA house show. He parks the car and gets out of it. He goes to his trunk and gets his bags out of the car. He closes his trunk and walks into the building. He looks around for his lockeroom. He finally finds a door with Big Poppa Pump on it. He walks in and puts his bags and stuff down. He sits on the couch as his cell phone begins to ring. He looks in his bag and gets it. He answers it.


'UKNOWNPERSON' Hey Scott, how are you doing.

'SCOTTSTEINER' I'm fine. Who am I speaking to?

'UKNOWNPERSON' It's me Stacy Keibler.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Oh hey Stacy, how are you doing?

'STACYKEIBLER' I'm doing fine.

'SCOTTSTEINER' So what have you been up to?

'STACYKEIBLER' Nothing much, its been a pretty slow week for me. I have been trying to tend to Kurt Angle.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Speaking of Kurt Angle, how is he doing?

'STACYKEIBLER' He is ok. His neck and back still hurts from when Rhyno gored him at SummerSlam.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Be sure to tell him I said hey and I hope he is able to get back in the ring soon. Also tell him that after Monday I am going after US gold.

'STACYKEIBLER' Cool, well I am defending my title on Raw.

'SCOTTSTEINER' Oh really. Against who?

'STACYKEIBLER' Torrie Wilson. Well I got to go. I got to go back and tend to Kurt. Good luck in your match. I hope you win and go for US gold.