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Also catch Bottom Line:
Also Catch Bottom Line :


Bottom Line (Week 1)

V.I.P. Ends and the EAWF logo flashes over the screen and then the Bottom Line theme hits (Seek & Destroy) and the lights fade in showing Triple H sitting on stage on a chair hold a Microphone in one hand and a bottled water on the table next to him .As the fans quiet down and then Triple H raises the microphone to his lips to speak ...

(The Game HHH)

Welcome Ladies & Gentleman to New York city's Ampa Theatre as we kick off the first ever EWAF Bottom Line !! my first ever guest here on Bottom Line will be none other than EWAF Owner : RAID !!!! Suddenly Raids music hitz and out comes E.A.W.F Owner Raid he smiles as he throws his arms in the air and taunts the massive capacity crowd as the give him a good reaction 

Bottom Line Begins !!!

{HHH} What Does The Future Hold For This Company
{RAID}:: I believe this company shall be recognised
{HHH} how do you feel about EAWF what do you think
{RAID} I Feel that the EAWF is a great company and wrestling organization and I think we will make a name for our selfs as the best wrestling federation around.
{HHH}: Good answer and yes we will
[{HHH}: Moving on....
{HHH}:  do you see any superstars in the federation going
places ?
[{RAID}: Yes definatly there are a few I  have my eye on and I
think shall go far, I believe that all the wrestlers in the
EAWF are talented, but I definatly think that you the Game
HHH will go far, as well as  Kevin Nash and Kurt angle will go far but
I do think that with a little improvement that everyone
shall go far in the EAWF
{HHH} good answer
{HHH} any thoughts on the dedication to this fed
from the members so far ?
{RAID}:  I believe every member of the roster is
trying hard, I know that some wrestlers/divas cant actually
make it to the arena for a little while due to problems
outside of the Federation but I'm sure that everything
shall be running smooth in no time at all.
{HHH}: good good what are your predictions on the
first ever show live from Toronto Canada
{RAID}:  I believe that it shall be a major success
we shall see some of the most extreme matches to grace the
EAWF ring so far and we shall see some new champions crowned which
shall liven things up.
{HHH}: good answer why did u choose me for this
staff position ?

{RAID}: Because you have great talent as a wrestler
but you are also good with words so you will have both
views, from either side if you know what I mean. Oh yeah and
because you are "THAT DAMN GOOD" !!!
{HHH}: (Smiles) thank you sir that means alot coming from my
{RAID: No problem, stick with the EAWF and you'll
go far.
{HHH}:  do you see any top notch role-players ?
[14:35:21] (8)my wound..: i believe everyone is a "top-notch" role
player, but i still think that everyone will improve and i
hope that it will help me improve aswell.

{HHH}:  good ...
{HHH}: that will do any questions for me sir ?
{RAID}:  how far do you see your self  going in the
{HHH}:  well I've set my goals to become world
heavyweight champion and if and when I accomplish this i'll
just take it step by step from there
{RAID}:  you have tremendous confidence, that's good
to hear.  I'm sure you shall go far
{HHH}: thank you
{RAID}:  Well Then if that's all I  bid you goodnight as I have alot of paperwork to sort out before are first show
takes place .
{HHH}:  thank you sir and I will see you later at the
arena . ?
{RAID}: Yes *extends hand*
{HHH}: : *extends*
{RAID}:  *shakes, then leaves*