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Last Updated: Friday February 28 2003 - 12:12am CST


Man, what a SmackDown! to say the f'n least! Rhyno made a huge return in his match with Chris Jericho and lots of brand new themes and videos. FBI debuted with a new video, and Rhyno and Noble both debuted with new videos and music. Vinnie Mac gets props from Boiler Room for a great speech. Steph, thank you very much: Torrie is officially the new Playboy Diva!


Over the past few days I've been trying to get all of our media back up because 3/4 of our servers were shut down. I'm almost at 100%. I also have new videos from JWack, including new custom TitanTrons for Stone Cold and Undertaker. Check out the brand new Rhyno theme edit from his SmackDown! return.


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[2/26/03] D'Lo Brown was released from WWE because heof his contract's expiration, and that is basically it. He wanted to head to WCW back when Vince Russo left, but didn't notice that his WWE contract still had another year on it. He was sent to OVW for his last year, and now he will most likely head to the WWE dogpound NWA-TNA.

[2/26/03] RAW rating for this past Monday has hit the 4.0 mark for the first time in about 2 years. YAY!

[2/25/03] Hulk Hogan did not show for the SmackDown! tapings tonight in Ontario, Canada and this is sure to work up the crowd because of how heavily promoted he was for this show.

[2/25/03] In very surprising news today, WWE announced that The World in Times Square is shut down. This is the renamed restaurant after WWF New York was made into a shopping area across the street. The shopping area will remain open until the end of April.

[2/25/03] Victoria has suffered a torn ACL ligament recentley and will be out of action for an uncertain amount of time.

[2/24/03] The big rumor going around this weekend is that Goldberg was signed by WWE. That wouldn't be surprising to anyone because Goldberg is always a last minute signer. From what Boiler Room knows, Goldberg is ready to sign this week and should be doing so. If he does, he will be starting a Rock/Goldberg storyline ASAP.

[2/24/03] Rhyno is planned to return as Matt Hardy's personal bodyguard. Expect this storyline to begin this week on SmackDown! if everything works out backstage,

[2/24/03] Paul Heyman was released as lead SmackDown! writer this weekend for no true reason at all except that he had some heat with Vince's right hand writer in WWE.

[2/24/03] Edge is planning to return to the ring by WM XX next year.

[2/21/03] Goldberg & WWE are very close to signing a deal, even closer than ever before. It seems that Goldberg or WWE have been giving in to the other side's quarrels. If the two parties could sign a deal before No Way Out, it would definitely be in WWE's best interest because it would set the stage for WM XIX.

[2/21/03] Matt & Jeff Hardy had an interview last night on a UPN sister station and said that down the road they might be teaming up once again. People who saw it said that Jeff was REALLY out of it, probably on some drugs or whatnot.

[2/21/03] The Rock has gotten himself a new tattoo, as was seen last night. This is most likely as a positioning gimmick for Hollywood.

[2/21/03] Bradshaw has started to train again and will be returning again with Farooq with a reunited APA. It is unkown whether the duo will head to RAW or SmackDown!, but the BR's guess is they will be heading to SmackDown! to compete for the Tag Team Titles.

[2/20/03] WWE is moving full blast with the brand extensions, and the first RAW brand dedicated PPV will be this year's KOR. The next PPV should be SmackDown! exclusive, which will be Fully Loaded.

[2/20/03] Since Rhyno will not be joining Evolution like previosuly stated, he will almost definitely be taken over to the SmackDown! roster because of Edge's absence. Paul Heyman strongly wants Rhyno on SmackDown! because he believes Rhyno can boost the SmackDown! rating.

[2/20/03] Edge has suffered a neck injury and will be needing surgery on it. He will most likely not be able to participate in the 6-Man Tag this Sunday, and Rhyno is most likely going to take his spot.

[2/20/03] An HHH vs. Booker T match for WM XIX is being discussed over at Titan Towers right now.

[2/19/03] Tenacious Z, the one legged wrestler from NWA-TNA, has signed an official WWE contract today.

[2/19/03] Sunday Night HeAT will be airing live this Sunday on (you guessed it) TNN because of MTV's music show that will be on. This is just a taste that TNN will be getting HeAT for good.

[2/19/03] Test's match with Chris Jericho has been cancelled because of Test's "inability" to get to RAW this past Monday. Reports are saying that Even Michael Cole, Tazz, and Josh Mathews (SmackDown!) drove from the northeast to the SmackDown! tapings in Indiana, which shows true devotion. This puts even more heat on Test and Stacy. Don't be surprised if Test doesn't get much air time next week.

[2/19/03] Eric Bischoff is the official producer of the next Girls Gone Wild PPV.

[2/19/03] Nathan Jones made a fake bomb joke on an airplane this past weekend and was questioned by the FBI when the plane he was on reverted back to the airport. Australians never learn.

[2/18/03] Bret Hart said in a recent interview that he "cannot" wrestle due to his stroke. Many are saying this is a joke, because he has been talking to Vince lately about a contract. The reason he said this is unknown; some say he wants to surprise the world if he returns.

[2/18/03] The WWE writing staff has completely turned the tables with the Evolution storyline for RAW, because Rhyno, who was supposed to join the new faction when he returned, will not be doing so after all.

[2/18/03] John Cena will be recording his own rap album with the help of 7L. He will also be getting a new theme.

[2/18/03] Test and Stacy Keibler both missed RAW this past Monday due to the big snowstorm on the east coast. The match that Test had scheduled against Chris Jericho for No Way Out has been cancelled. WWE officials are very mad at both Test and Stacy for not leaving early enough.

[2/17/03] The Rock has confirmed that he will be doing ANOTHER movie, which is a remake of Walking Tall. He also said that his match with Goldberg doesn't look likely for WM XIX, and instead the original idea of Rock vs. Austin will be put into place.

[2/17/03] WWE may be moving Sunday Night HeAT to TNN in a few months, as well as putting on more special WWE programs on TNN to boost the network's new audience.

[2/17/03] WWE has just bought ECW's intellectual property (logos, trademarks, etc.) and entire multimedia archive for a minute $1.87 million.

[2/17/03] Torrie Wilson's edition of Playboy magazine is expected to surpass Chyna's and Sable's issues.

[2/17/03] The Rock, Hogan, and Nathan Jones will all be on SmackDown! this week. Don't even be surprised to see Rhyno, as he did return over the weekend at a WWE house show.

[2/14/03] For those wondering if Trish Stratus is really hurt, she really isn't. She is simply selling the storyline of her being brutally attacked by Jazz a few weeks ago. She is also enjoying this time off for some relaxation.

[2/14/03] Former NWA-TNA star Tenacious Z has signed a deal with WWE and will begin working house shows this weekend.

[2/14/03] Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are reportedly engaged. This news is only from rumors around Titan Towers this morning, and could be entirely false.

[2/14/03] Redd Dog, who was formerly shown as a run in buddy for John Cena, will be managed by Teddy Long. This is due to D'Lo's departure from the WWE.



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