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Man with the perfect Ass

Billy Gunn's Song hits and Billy Gunn comes out with the Heavy Weight title. Around his waist. He taunts. The crowd boos. He already has a microphone in his hand. He walks slowly down the ramp. Then he goes up the staircases and into the ring. He goes in the center of the ring. He waits for the crowd to boo.

gggg Billy Gunn: Well I have heard out of Kurt Angle's mouth that Esco the Truth shouldn't be in this match...hell if he had the HeavyWeight title Kurt Angle would say that i shouldn't be in the match,. Kurt Angle don't judge people by it's cover because he deserves to be in the match. He deserves to be in this match to get his Ass kicked

Crowd boos

It is true.So does Kurt Angle. Trust me I will not make the same mistake. I will walk out of the arena champion. I bet my career on it Kurt. But we are not fighting for my career...we are fighting for my Heavy Weight title.

We are not fighting just because we want too. You have your gold already Kurt I don't know why you want mine so bad. I mean i could understand Esco the Truth....He looks poor as anything.

You know I love America like these little people do and i like America as you do. Hell I love America. This title right here is America. You see you want this belt. The Truth wants this belt. I hate when we fight like this.

That is why this is not going to be no fight. It is going to be an Ass beating. Yeah. I am the one that will be doing the Ass beating and all the Wrestlers backstage are going to be watching in the locker room T.Vs And they are going to see Bad Ass Mr. Ass Billy Gunn regain the NDW Heavy Weighttitle.

Last time Kurt..we were both wrong that we were going to the abulance but this time you are going no doubt. If not i will make you. Hell i dont care if we both go to the abulance. But i know one thing. An abulance will come and take you and possibly me too. But when i am in there. You will see me in the NDW Heavy Weight title.

Then Billy Gunn's song plays. He drops the microphone and the crowd boos some more.

King: this is going to be a good match JR

JR: yes but i dont bet my money on anybody. I hate these guys

King: the Truth i know isn't going to win. the main competition is Kurt Angle..former NDW Heavy Weight champion...That lost versus Billy Gunn and Billy Gunn the NDW champion

JR: the question is that can Kurt Angle win against Billy Gunn. He is undeafeated versus ANgle

King: they only had one match together but the real question is can Billy Gunn win again versus Kurt Angle. I can't wait.

JR: we need to go to commercial break

---scene ends---