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.::. ~Batista Role Play~ .::.







***Batistas music hits the PA System and the fans stand and cheer and they cheer even louder for the wrestler coming out...Then the lights go out and blasts back on and at the top of the ramp stands a 6 foot 6, 275 pound monster named BATISTA...***

***Batista then starts walking down the ramp by himself while looking at the fans on the side trying to shake his hand but still keeps walking down to the ring...He enters the ring...***

***Batista then grabs the microphone and begins to speak...***

Batista: As of right now I have am match with Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar, and I haven't seen them around unless I'm mistaken or maybe they are too afraid to show their ugly faces!! NOW when I have that match I hope I will be GIVEN the World Championship title because what have the other two done?? At least I have shown my face to everyone in the backstage area and told them I was here to dominate this damn federation and I congratulated them on making it to the WWE, but then neither Brock nor Chris Jericho have came out here with their cocky attitudes and said anything.  Chris Jericho hasn't called anyone an assclown yet!!

:::Crowd Starts to Yell:::


***Batista looks at the crowd angrily***

Batista: Well What The Hell? I agree, Chris Jericho is an assclown.  And Brock Lesnar hasn't come out here and he hasn't said anything about him being the Next Big Thing...Maybe he is the LAST Small Thing because he isn't anything compared to Batista, The greatest Wrestler In The WORLD.  I have been said to take down five men at once because I am the strongest man in the world and no one has yet proven me wrong and once that person does come and prove me wrong I will shake their hand and congratulate them...and neither one of those assclowns as I should say, Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar, will be able to take me down.  I will reign over those two weak men and become the next WWE WORLD CHAMPION whether or not anyone like it or not!!!

***Batista drops the microphone and leaves the ring with the fans screaming wildly***