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Name: Rage

Age: 26

Date Of Birth: 10/Jul/1978

Hometown: Leeds, England

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 278lbs

Finishing Move: Flatline

Description: Reverse Death Valley Driver

GWF Title History:

Other Title History: Rookie of the Year (2001)

Bio: Rage grew up in leeds, england, and from a very early age discovered an obsession with profesional wrestling. However weight was always an issue, and rage was way too overweight to consider training. This would all change after a heart attack scare, when the doctors said that if his lifestyle didnt completely change, he would be dead within two years. This triggered rage not only to drop the required weight, but he continued on.
Transforming his once disgusting body into a super strong- super fit machine. At the age of 23, rage decided to enroll with the NWA u.k hammerlock wrestling school, and train to be a pro wrestler. he won rookie of the year in his first year, and recieved numerous praise for his hard work and dedication. now, at the age of 26, rage can wrestle in almost any style, from american heavyweight, to submission. Inspired by wrestlers such as christopher daniels, shawn michaels and the legendary ric flair, Rage has come to the GWF to prove to everyone that he is the best, and will do whatever it takes to win.