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John Murwife
John "The Killer" Murdwife

Name: John "The Killer" Murdwife

Age: 37

Date Of Birth: 25/Nov/1967

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 270lbs

Finishing Move: Killer Krunch

Description: Powerbomb

GWF Title History:

Other Title History:

Bio: Murdwife was a notorious bad guy wrestler in the 80s. He portrayed a dangerous, crazy, pshycho type person. But when a neck injury came his way, he was forced to retire from the wrestling business. That was in 1995. Now in his mid thirties, Murdwife is back as a commentator for the GWF. Although he no longer wrestles, he still retains much of his pshycho character and can often be heard remarking that he "would like to get back in the ring to teach these punks a lesson about pain!" He made a brief in-ring return in the UEF to take on Inferno and Toxic Waste and still occasionally dusts off the boots but is no longer an active wrestler.