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Name: Inferno

Age: Unknown

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 275lbs

Finishing Move: Burn-Out

Description: Brainbuster DDT

GWF Title History:

Other Title History: UEF World Heavyweight Championship (1)

Bio: Not a lot is known about Inferno, his date and place of birth remain a mystery. He first started wrestling in the UEF at the beginning of 2004 after his manager Chris Jacobson invited UEF announcer Bill Jones round to the 'warehouse' that Inferno lived in to get a look at him. After forcefully gaining a try-out match, he quickly took the UEF by storm, racking up the victories before winning the Tournament To Glory PPV to earn a title shot. His title match ended in a no-contest after outside interference, but he eventually did win the title in a triple threat Hell In A Cell match at ThunderNight in April 2004. The fans took to him after "Buzzsaw" Brian Justin (then Toxic Waste) blew up his beloved 'warehouse' and he went on a mission to even the score. He successfully defended the title on a number of occasions, including against Toxic Waste, before the UEF folded in June 2004 and the title ceased to exist. He was never beaten in the UEF.

Inferno and Chris Jacobson have now come to the GWF to carry on where they left off - with Chris Jacobson there for guidance and moral support, and Inferno to back everything up with raw, physical power and an eye to rid the GWF of the people he sees as having a bad attitude.