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Name: Image

Age: 23

Date Of Birth: 26/Mar/1981

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 232lbs

Finishing Move: Image Breaker

Description: Flips opponent into air like powerbomb spins as they go over his side and tombstone piledrives them.

GWF Title History:

Other Title History: SPWO World Heavyweight, EXW WH*, EXW Intercontinental (x2), EXW Tag Team, LWF WH, AwC WH, CCW WH, VCW WH, ECW WH, ECW United States (x5), WWF WH, POW WH, POW Tag Team (x7), LXW WH, WASW WH, MXF WH

Bio: In Image's own words, "History is irrelevant, Image is forever." However Image has had quite an illustrious history, as can be seen above. Little is known about Image other than the fact that his heroes include Bret Hart, Sting and Rey Mysterio Jr and the fact that he uses an energetic, fierce, yet technical style of wrestling.

*World Heavyweight