1)There is no limit to the amount of lines that your posts can be. The outcome of the matches will be decided upon the quality of the posts. All decisions are final.

2)There must be no offensive material in any of your posts. This includes:
Bad language (If you wish to use bad language, please block it out eg. ****, ####, or %x&!)
and any other offensive material.

3)You can attack other wrestlers, but you cannot do anything that will permenantly injure or kill that wrestler.

4)Posts must not be too explicitly violent, any posts such as this risks being deleted.

5)You may not post as/for another wrestler without his/her permission.

6)Match Posts must be made by the end of the day of that match

7)Wrestlers that continually fail to post risk getting a pink slip match.


1)You can have a maximum of one superstar and a manager. Your superstar can only be created. ie your own idea.


If you wish to interfere in a match, email the owner at

Disclaimer/Terms of Use: The CSW has the right to terminate anyone's membership in this e-fed at any time. (Though your membership will not be terminated without good reason.) We accept no responsibility for the material posted by users. By joining this e-fed, you accept these rules and terms.

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