Ashley Massaro is unarguably one of Professional Wrestling Alliance's most legendary divas. Perhaps only in second to Stephanie McMahon or Stacy Keibler. But, there was always one person that seemed to stand in her way. The PWA Woman's Champion, Candice Michelle. Ashley used to be a PWA Tag Team Champion along with Edge. The trio of Edge, Christian, and Ashley were known simply as ECA. Candice and Ashley had went back and forth kicking each other's asses and killing each other's spirits. Ashley had only managed three wins over the brunette diva. After suffering a lose, and an injury with it, Ashley was forced to leave PWA. A diva that retired Trish Stratus in the first PWA Pink Slip match! Ever since Christian lost Ashley's tag team title, she's been vying to get back in the ring and obtain some gold. Will Ashley get that gold at Candice's expense?

S C E N E [O N E]

The scene opened upon the backstage area. The camera panned around. It was a pretty ususal day for the PWA staff. A few superstars chatting between themselves, mainly "hometown heroes"(aka rookies!), for the darkmatches before Choose Or Lose. Apparently, the fans had decided to vote for Cheerleaders outfits in Ashley's match against Candice Michelle. Ashley wasn't too happy about this, but it was her returning match, and she ALWAYS wanted to make the people happy. The camera finds Ashley within her locker room. She had just gotten finished with an instant message apparently with Candice Michelle. She smirked, seeing that it was indeed Candice..smiling, Ashley copied the instant message. She closed her instant messanger and logged onto www.myspace.com. Ashley typed in her MySpace name, Ashley Mizassaro. Some fan had stolen the name Ashley Massaro, pretending to be her. Many people did that alot. Ashley simply considered it simply being a huge fan. She had been a huge fan of many rock groups. She had never pretended to be any of them, granted, but she thought it was cute. Clicking on the blog link, Ashley began a blog of the day.

Blog: Attention ALL WWE fanz!
Date posted: May 16, 2006
For all of you fans continuing to watch WWE and waiting for me to return? I wouldn't count on it. I've decided to uproot my career. That's right, I'm back in PWA! Yayyyy :o) I decided that after me and Dave got back from Disneyland meeting with all those lil' cuties! He said he was more than ready to go back to rehab for his knee. My rehab was ending for my leg. Vince was all like "Grr! Come back to PWA, and you'll get a Woman's title shot" The woman's Champ is Candice! It couldn't be that difficult. My leg is stronger than ever now. OMG! Tobey is super CUTE! I know I posted a ton of pics of him, but I'll post a few more before the day is over. Since I'm back in PWA, I SO plan on thanking Matt for Tobey. And now that Chris is back, that means Trish is back. The two best divas are wrestling again! Yayyyyy! ^_^ Everyone, order Choose Or Lose. You'll see me and Trisherz! And we'll be wrestling in Cheerleading outfits. Ughhh. You guys KNOW I love you if I'm going to wear something prissy like that! I've got to go now, so I'll cya!
-Dirttttty diva AKA Ashley
Song at the moment: Behind the Crimson Door - HIM

Ashley hit the post it button, and logged off of her computer. She smiled, picking Tobey up. She had recieved Tobey, a mix between a Beagle and a Pomeranian from Matt Hardy for her 26th Birthday. She smiled, patting the small puppy on the head.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: So..Tobz, ready to see me finally come home with some well-deserved gold? Candice has no idea who she is messing with. A true Dirty Diva. And Candice? A priss. Come on baby, let's go find what I should wear.

Ashley carried Tobey under her arm, heading towards the Seamstress' room. Entering the room with Tobey in her arm, Ashley smiled, seeing Lita sit in the dimly lit room.

emo emerald .|. LITA:Heya Ash.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:Heya Ash? You're joking, right? I saw what you did with Edge and CM Punk. You turned your back on those people, Amy. How dare you think you can even speak to me. You know how I feel about Edge. I dumped him for Matt, and he dumped me for Jeff. Then you go align with both of them, and turn your back on the people who used to look up to you. They thought you were a goddess. Just like they once thought of Candice.

emo emerald .|. LITA:Whoa..Ashley, since when is it your perorgative how I treat those pathetic excuses for people? PWA management was getting me nowhere. I decided to take actions into my own hands. Talking about it solved nothing, and when I realized it, I had to do what needed to be done. And wether you agree with it or not means nothing. Especially since I don't see you doing like I do..you're not tearing down barriors. That's why you're still competing in the woman's division, and I've beaten the Heavyweight Champion.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:Did I hear you right? You making fun of me because I'm facing my own gender? Well, I guess you are too. I'm a former Tag Team Champion, so don't you DARE tell me I've never beaten male wrestlers. Before Trish was my friend, I FIRED her by winning a pink-slip match, and I got rid of Muhammad Hassan. What have you done that was so impressive lately? Nothing. Last I remember you were getting your ass kicked by Christopher Daniels.

Ashley and Lita get nose-to-nose, glaring each other down. They were seperated however, by the seamstress. Ashley dusted her hair off of her shoulder.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:Is my outfit for Choose Or Lose ready?

The seamstress hands Ashley a plastic, translucent bag with her cheerleaders outfit within it. Ashley accepts it with a gauntlet-covered hand and a smile, walking off of the scene.

S C E N E [T W O]

This scene opened backstage. Ashley was spotted, her once straightened blonde hair now blonde and black and wavy. On her hands were her black gauntlets. Covering her torso was a black bra with a light pink mesh bra covering it. Her skirt was black, and on her legs were light fishnet stockings and combat boots. She carried pink and black pom poms in her hands and had a smile on her face as she walked through the hallway, brushing off her confrontation with Lita. She stopped in her tracks when she came in contact with another woman. This one was wearing a short skirt and knitted sweater. Knitted on the sweater was a bunny rabbit. She hopped around, her hands somewhat curved, hopping around and wiggling her nose.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:Umm, hello. You're in the way. I have to get to the ring.

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL:You're Ashley, right? YOU WERE A PLAYBOY CYBERGIRL! I love Playboy..they use BUNNIES for the logo! Hippity-Hoppity, Hippity-Hop!

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:Well, it's always nice to meet a fan, I guess. It seems your more of a fan of my naked-ness..or Hugh, but I guess since you know that..

Ashley shrugs, a look of discomfort on the diva's face. Who WAS This chick?

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL:My name's Alyssa..I love bunny rabbits! You would never have guessed that though, I don't tend to tell people. HEY! She hangs out with a playboy buh-buh..BUNNY! AHH!

The camera panned around to whom Alyssa was speaking of, Maria Kanellis. Alyssa ran towards Maria, giving her a hug.

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL:I worship your friend..she's a Playboy BUNNY!!! Bunnies are totally awesome.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO:[cough] She's a whore.. [cough] WELL..that lasted long, Alyssa.

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL: But..but Ashley! Playboy BUNNY! Bunny!

Maria giggles uncomfortably as she hugs the woman back.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS:Ha ha. That's totally cool. I like my friend too, but she's like ... real bossy. HEY! Why do you think they call 'em Playboy bunny's? Do you think they have tails?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: ..Maria, what are you doing here? Did Candice send you to spy? Why would you do that, when you know me and Alyssa here are your friends?

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: MY friend? Well, Candice says my only real friend is her, and like ... I wanna think I'm everyone's friend but people are mean to me, they say I'm stupid & stuff, and just because I like, forget stuff, and I don't use big words ... does it mean I'm stupid?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: ...Not at all.

Ashley smiled another sarcastic smirk.

A smile crosses Maria's lips.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: REALLY? I never thought I would ever hear someone say that to me. I am Brilliant ... I am YOUR bestest friend. Ha ha, Gee that sounds sooooo cool.

Maria begins jumping up and down, clapping wildly at the gesture of Ashley being her best friend.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Heeeeeey. I did, didn't I? Stupid Christy Hemme stole my contract, and now she is gone, and I am still here. I like ... never thought of it that way before, ya know? and Candice ... she's my friend, and she's teachin' me stuff, so I don't know what you mean by not good enough.

Maria pauses.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: She's like, woman's champion, that's gotta stand for something, huh?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: That's just it, Maria. She's not. She's prissy and is using you to get to the top, where I'm trying to protect you from her..she's EVIL. And trust me, Ri Ri, she's not going to be Woman's Champ for much longer. I plan on steal..ahem, WINNING the title from her at Choose Or Lose.

Ashley put on another cheesy smile, waving her pink and black pom poms unenthuistically. Maria ponders.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: I really like your pom poms, ha ha. hey ... umm what's a Ri Ri?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Thanks. And you're a Ri Ri. It's short for Maria. Just take out the muh and ah. It's less..prissy sounding. Not that you are. I'd never call my best friend a priss.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Muh ah ... he he, that's funny.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: A real laugh-riot..anyways, why don't you go tell Candice that you had a talk with your best friend, and she better give her title a big hug and kiss, because it's gonna be gone soon enough.

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL: Bye bye bunny!

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: ummm. okiedokie. Heh, she's always doing something with that title. she would kill me over that thing. BUT, I guess I better go tell her huh? she hates when I'm late for training.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: She's so prissy. Tell you what..she's gonna be REALLY mad when I beat her, so if you don't want to be yelled at, you, me, and Tobey..he's my puppy, I got him for my birthday, can go..do something. Sorry, my only friend on the wrestling scene is Trisherz.

Maria smiled, merrily skipping off of the scene towards the gym.

S C E N E [T H R E E]

This scene opened in the back with Ashley. She was accompanied on her journey down the hallway by Tobey, and her pom poms in her opposite hand. She stopped after hitting something, clad in black, that was almost like hitting a brick wall. She looked up, rolling her blue-green eyes and sighing, her hands atttaching themselves to her hips, her black fingernails digging into her sides.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Oh, how LOVELY it is to see you..

Ashley glared. The camera pans around, spotting a smirking Edge. He was dressed in a black "One Eyed Monster" shirt, leather pants, and his hair somewhat curled.

rated r superstar .|. EDGE:Aww, Ash-wee. Unhappy to see your tag team partner? I guess if I were you, I would be too. Considering, especially, how I've moved up in this world. I have a number one contendership match for the world Heavyweight Championship, and you've merely got a Woman's Championship match..a title that NO one pays attention to. But I must say, I do enjoy your..puppy.

Edge raised a hand to Tobey. Tobey stuck out his wet tongue, and licked the tall, Canadian man's hand. Ashley quickly pulled Tobey away.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Sorry, but I think my dog is allergic to manwhores who let their brothers drop the ball and lose our tag team championships. I was stupid for even TAKING your offer to become tag team champion. Everyone knows I CARRIED your sorry ass. And you're moving down in the world too, considering you only got ten percent of the votes. I bet you, Lita, and Punkerz didn't have a threesome that night. But, I'm disgusting myself at the thought.

rated r superstar .|. EDGE: You're just jealous that I didn't give you the chance..

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Right. Look at the envy on my face. A woman's championship title match is just SOOO terrible when I can go and lay with you, a man who's been with just about every woman I can count. Including Candice, no doubt.

rated r superstar .|. EDGE: Just like on you, I wouldn't waste the time. Her voice is like damn nails going down a chalkboard.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Finally we agree on SOMETHING.

rated r superstar .|. EDGE: We do not. ..heh. So, how've you been?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: I'll never understand you, Adam.. [sigh] You make fun of me one minute, and love me the next. I've outgrown you.

rated r superstar .|. EDGE: Don't even THINK like that! You talk about disgusting yourself? You're disgusting me now, and I was just an innocent by-stander in all this. I can't blame you though for having an infatuation with the Rated R Superstar. But if I wanted you, you'd be on your knees..and my pants would be around my ankles.

Ashley's jaw drops. She raises her free arm, about to smack the taste out of Adam's mouth, when Alyssa happily bounces onto the scene. Ashley sighs, dropping her hand.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: What do you want, Alyssa?

Edge smirks, using Alyssa's interruption as a sly escape..lucky dog. While Edge was barely escaping an ass-kicking delievered by Ashley, she was left with the pester Alyssa. ..Why had she complained about being alone?

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL: WELL..[wriggles nose] You like, KNOW how I want to be pro, right? ..And it's been told that you're going to the ring, right? ..WELL..

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Do you want to go to the ring with me, Alyssa?

Alyssa giggles and nods, hopping up and down.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Fine. But, I gotta get some training done first. Guys tend to like the whole sweaty thing..which I don't get. Sweat is nasty, but, I get paid to basically seduce men in my Choose or Lose match by kicking a Playboy Prissy's ass in this suit, which is like, stuck to me! It's like, I want it off, but I can't get it off.

i so wanna be pro/bunny obsessed .|. ALYSSA MULVAHILL: ..Maybe it's stuck with Bunny Snot.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Umm, Alyssa? I think you mean Gorilla Snot, and no. I don't usually wear automotive repair gel that's named after bodily functions. Now come on.

This duo begins to walk off. They are stopped by another duo, Maria and Carlito. Maria sadly greeted Ashley with a hug and look of despair on her face, where Carlito had his usual cocky smirk, tossing an apple up and down. Ashley released the embrace on Maria.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Ria, what's wrong?

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Candi is being TOTALLY mean and like, not letting me go to the ring with her!

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Just what the world needs..more of her running her mouth. It would be REALLY funny if she bit her lip and all of the colligen just began to spew out of her lip like a fountain. Hah!

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: ..I bit my lip once. It REALLY hurt. It made me sadder than I am now.

Maria looked towards the ground. Ashley and Alyssa had appeared to have forgotten about Carlito, that is, until he clears his throat in a dilerbritably/rude-esque type of way. Heh.

produce prince .|. CARLITO THE COOL: 'Scuse me, ladies, but chu all seem to be forgetting about the PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Cah-lee-to!

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Oh no, we didn't forget about you. We just chose to pretend you weren't there. For once you had your mouth shut. Candice should take lessons from you. Just like when you had that match with Hogan and he stole your title. Yeah. Don't think I didn't keep up with PWA when I was out. She was just like you, Carlito. Did a lot of talk, but when she finally met someone who was her equal, if not, better, you couldn't put up. Won't it be fun to watch a deja vu of your carrer? Let's face it, Christian's going to steal your title tonight, and I'm going to steal Candice's. Someone no other diva could appear to do.

produce prince .|. CARLITO THE COOL: Candice had her mouth closed? Oh. Dats too bad. Cah-lee-to might need to find someone udda den Mickie James to handle him after Choose or Lose. You know Cah-lee-to is more den Mickie can handle.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: You willingly took her as a manager? You do know she's a PSYCHO, right?

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Yeah..and, and totally mean!

produce prince .|. CARLITO THE COOL: Do you think Cah-lee-to cares about personality? Cah-lee-to the cool? Hell no!

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: That must be why you like Candice.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: SHE WAS SOO mean! She says a Ri Ri means retard. Is that true?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: It means Maria. If it means retard, I honestly didn't know that. I just thought it was a cute name. Anyways, we better be going to the ring.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Umm, Ashley?

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Yeah?

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Do you think that I could manage you at Choose Or Lose? With Alyssa? Pleeeeasseee?

Ashley sinks her teeth into her lower lip, then exhales.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Sure. Come on, buddy. To the ring.

The scene fades off.

S C E N E [F O U R]

This scene comes to life with Maria Kanellis and Alyssa Mulvahill standing in the ring. Alyssa is wearing a pair of bunny ears on her head, hopping around on the apron. A discomforted Maria holds the microphone in her hands.

eager airhead .|. MARIA KANELLIS: Oh my gawddd! Everyone! Like, listennnn..I want to introduce to you all, my bestest friend like, EVER, Ashley Massaro!

Finally..it was Ashley's time. Her moment of glory. The moment every PWA fan had aspired for..to see Miss Massaro's in-ring return. They had unfortunatly only got to see Ashley for a few moments at the latest edition of Fusion, thanks to one Shane O' Mac. The familar guitar's played over the P.A. system as "Be Yourself" by: Audioslave hit. Ashley, from behind the curtain took a deep breath and stepped behind from the backstage curtain and onto the stage. She raised an arm into the air, throwing the rock hands to the fan's instantly wild approval.

Ashley inhaled a deep breath. However, the thought couldn't help but cross her mind..Are they happy to see me..or my cheerleading outfit?, she giggled silently to herself at the thought. Walking down the ramp, Ashley smiled, one rock hand in the air, and the other hand reaching out, slapping to the fans. Tobey, however, was left in the back. Ashley had a big smile on her face, getting into the ring under the second rope. Climbing onto the turnbuckle, she raised her gauntlet-covered hands over her head, causing the fans to get even louder(if possible). Leaping off of the turnbuckle, she wraps her arms loosely around the necks of Maria and Alyssa. Extending her hand, Maria hands Ashley the microphone. The music slowly fades off.

anti-priss .|. ASHLEY MASSARO: Thank you guys so much! The ovation is REALLY awesome! The dirty diva is back in action! ..And, even though this has to be the PRISSIEST outfit I've ever worn, if you guys read my MySpace blogs, you know I love you A LOT to be wearing THIS! But, before I go on to the queen of the prissies..let me tell you how Ri Ri and I are standing in the ring and not fighting. You see, many of you don't see the concept I see when I look at Maria. I see a tortured soul. A brainwashed woman of pure good, who was turned to evil by our supposed woman's champion. There's NOTHING that should make Candice a champion. So, me and Ria put our pasts behind us. History is history, save it for the textbooks. That's a good lesson for Candice. She brought me back upon herself. I guess that's the only thing she's ever done that made you guys happy, considering I've never heard a crowd go off the way they did for any other woman when she returned. And I'll return the favor by doing what I was brought here to do. Become the woman's champion. For months, Candice said nothing except about how much better she was than Ashley this, or how she beat Ashley that. Must be a pretty big accomplishment for you to remember for a year, Candice. You were scared shitless when I was announced your partner. I could see it in your souless eyes. The look on your usual painted-up, doll, prissy face told me the whole story. She's sitting so high and mighty on her prissy-ass throne that she can't see when her superior is right infront of her. And she BLANTANTLY disrespects me. She's got this perfect, pretty little record since returning, and seems to forget that I'm in PERFECT shape. She always goes around bragging about how she is so perfect..but what does she think I was doing while I was gone? Of course I stayed fit..to the Trish Stratus diet. You know, me and Trisherz, the only two divas who ever put a loss on your record. Or was it two? Heh, that's right, it was! Wait, of course you do remember. You're still bitching about it to this day. Honestly, Candice, don't you know of the old saying? Actions speak louder than words? You may have a title, but that's because you have no competition. Honestly..Chyna. The chick that came here pounding Jeff Jarrett, looked like a guy, took steriods, and made second rate pornos. Guess you two have much more in common than I thought. One thing you said though, it's stuck in my mind..I don't know when to drop. Well, unlike everything else you said, that was the only thing that was true. Let's face it Candi, I'm not the best at playing nice. I'm going to kick your ass! But, I know your strategy better than you do yourself. You tend to end EVERY match with it..hitting your opponent with the title belt, right? I know. I've been hitten with it more than once by you. I've been hitten by a title by a champion who doesn't even deserve the name of champion. You don't deserve that belt, or even half of the recognition you get. You were only brought to Vince's attention when he and Linda went off to their local video store and rented out Hotel Erotica. And you can be damn sure he brought his bottle of Viagra with him. Looks like SOMEONE's been examining the playing tactics of Space Mountain for a bit too long, eh Candi, dearest? The reason Candice doesn't like me? I know two things about her she NEVER wants released into the world..and you know? I think in the honor of my return to the ring, I'm going to tell the world the two things Candice doesn't want the people to know. One..she disrespects me, because she knows I'm her ONLY threat. Of course, she doesn't want to admit it. I've come a long way since WWE, and I've done something she couldn't accomplish..win a diva search, and get the contract extension. We all knew she wouldn't last long there. And the other? She's SO fond of making out with Vince McMahon, it's rumored she wasn't even supposed to be put in the battle royale at Wrestlemania. I know my history, Candice. And you know I'm bound for glory. Destiny has been written on my face since day one, and it pisses you off you can't have the success I can. Jealousy is disgusting, and Candice, green is the colour of envy..and like your voice, it's poisonious. Honestly, you're pathetic. You make men say "That's why women are to be seen and not heard"..because your voice causes people to go deaf..or wish it. I know this. I've heard you talk a million times. I'm on the VERGE of deafness. Candice, you know I'm going to beat you for that title. You're in denial. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and I'm your problem. The ONLY diva capable of beating you. And I don't need Edge or Christian. That ship has set sail a long time ago, and the person who cut the rope's name was Matt Hardy. Candice, you and I know each other better than we know ourselves. I look in the mirror every morning when I wake up and expect you to be behind me..you've basically caused me to be bulemic, thanks a lot, dahling. I got a title shot because I'm destined to be the first diva in the PWA Hall of Fame, you did because you've got boobs and an ass you can shake very well in Mr.McMahon's opinion..or should I say, Daddy?

Ashley smirked, throwing the rock hands up once again as the scene fades out on the three girls.