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As the show comes back from a Spike TV commercial, the scene fades from black to show the inside of a rather lush locker room and lounge. Ambient sound emanates from a large, flat-screen television set in the corner; as the camera circles around, the images on the screen become apparent to those viewing.

On the screen, an NLW ring is shown. Inside, Kevin Nash is seen connecting with his boot to A-Train's large, bald head. The bull falls to the ground, and Nash is shown doing what he's done so many times; much to the fans' delight, he pulls the straps of his outfit down, then throws up his sign. As the crowd continues to roar, Nash picks A-Train up and Jacknife Powerbombs him right onto his neck.

The footage pauses, and a low chuckle is heard from across the room. It rewinds back to show the powerbomb again, then pauses and rewinds again. The camera swings around to show none other than Big Sexy himself sitting on a chair and pulling his gear on, a wide grin dominating his visage.

Nash chuckles again and watches his finisher one more time, then walks to the television and takes the tape out of the built-in VCR. He sets it aside and grabs another tape from a stack on a stand, then slips it in and goes back to his seat. A more serious expression now covers his face as he presses play.

The camera swings back to the television. On the screen, a match fast-forwards to show Shawn Michaels hitting Vampiro with the Sweet Chin Music, then picking up the win and the Tag Team titles. The scene rewinds and replays, and Nash makes a sort of "aha!" noise to himself.

A sudden knock on the door ends the little video review session, and the big man walks over to the locker room door. As he opens it with his certain flair, Nask looks his hidden visitor up and down appreciatively. He motions for her to enter, and Teri Runnels strolls into the room, a smile on her face.

"To what do I owe this visit?" Nash asks. "I mean, I don't normally 'entertain' guests until after my know, when I'm already sweaty and ready for a shower."

Teri flashes him a sultry smile. "That, I didn't know. I'll have to remember it for later tonight." Taking a seat on the couch, she crosses her legs at the ankles. "Actually, I was wondering if I could have a little interview time with you."

"No problem, no problem at all," Nash replies in a non-chalant manner. "Here, or somewhere else?"

"Yeah, here would be fine," Teri replies. Nash takes a seat on a nearby chair after pulling it over to be directly opposite the couch, and Teri motions the camerman over to get closer for the interview.

"I was wondering why that guy was in here," Nash says. "Thought he was some kind of perv or something." Teri shakes her head and laughs, then her face turns serious and she begins with the interview process.

"So," she begins. "First of all, everyone is wondering why you would quit the NLW, then come back in only a week. To be perfectly honest, if makes you look kinda fickle."

Nash nods slowly, then thinks for a second, careful to pick his words carefully. When he speaks, however, it's not in the measured voice he usually talks in; he speaks with more emotion than normal. "Teri, I've been doing some really serious thinking. You see, Rhyno made some good points in his interview regarding me a while back. He mentioned that my time is over, and that a new set of wrestlers is coming up, specifically him." Nash pauses, then takes a deep breath and continues. "As I was going into that match with A-Train, everyone was telling me, 'Kev, watch out. A-Train's a monster. He's an up-and-commer, and the younger guys are going to put you out soon.' So I fought him...and I beat him without breaking a sweat."

Teri nods, and Nash continues. "I was like 'What the hell?'" Everyone was saying he was so ready to take my spotlight, and he was nothing. I really was discouraged; these 'young stars rising' were nothing more than babies who weren't ready to get their feet wet, in my eyes." He looks Teri straight in the eyes. "Of course, all that changed when Rhyno beat the hell out of The Rock this last Raw. that was a wonderful match, and the man-beast really showed me that wrestling still has a future; specifically in the NLW."

"So I call Shane later that night, before the main event was even up, and I tell him I want back in. I ask him if he has a spot for me still. 'Of course, Kev,' he says. 'Always.' So he had Steph make the announcement later that night, and there we go. I'm ready to help this fed take wrestling, in the most literal sense, to another level."

Teri nods almost imperceptibly, impressed by his story. "So what do you think about your first return match, Kevin? More specifically, what do you think about being paired with Raven, a man you really have no history with?"

"Well Teri, I don't really know too much what to think. I know he's a capable wrestler...otherwise I'd never have gotten his back two weeks ago. I know he's a nutcase; that much is obvious from the way the guy talks. However, when it comes down to it, I'd team up with anyone to get my hands on those Tag Titles." He smiles in rememberance of all the Tag Title reigns he's had, then continues with his oration. "Raven and I, we'll go in there, and we'll rip those titles right from the waists of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. 'The New Age Outlaws.' When they were in their diapers, Hall and I made the term 'Outlaw' something to be proud of."

Nash seems to be recollecting those memories, but gets right back on track. "If those two had earned those titles, I'd give them some credit. But of course, they didn't. So I'll take one, and Raven can take the other. We'll figure out how to coexist, I guess."

"Only a few more questions, now," Teri says. Nash motions that it's okay, that she can ask as many as she wishes. She smiles, then proceeds. "What is your relationship with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shawn Michaels, two of your past best friends?"

The big man grimaces at the mention of these two, but nevertheless replies to her. "I don't know what to say. Lately, I've been real into fair fights. You want a piece of someone, take them on one on one, or challenge them in an even fight. I'm getting sick of people running up on others and hitting them from behind, and pansies like Trips and Shawn beating people up together. So, when it all comes down to it, I don't really hate the guys, but they need to clean up their act."

"Okay, good enough for me," Teri drawls. "Lastly, what are your views on your position in the World Title Tournament? Do you think you deserve another shot to move up?"

Nash smiles; he'd been waiting for this one. "I'll tell you what: I'm not the kind of guy to whine about something, especially when I'm the one that caused it. I'm the one that quit right before my first tourney match, and if that means I'm out, then there we go. But if Shane decides to give me another chance in it, then even better." Nash smiles slyly. "But I'll tell you matter what happens, I'll get my hands on it eventually."

"I'm sure you will, Kevin. I don't think anyone could keep you from it," Teri replies. "Well, thanks for your time."

"Any time, Teri. Any time." As they smile at eachother, the scene fades to black.