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All Star Pro Wrestling News


Here are the results from ASPW's event on July 31 in Elizabeth City, NC

CEO David Duncan called out ASPW World Champion, Sevar, The Bounty Hunter and announced to him and the fans that the Three Way Ladder match had been changed. He was making the match a three way, falls counts anywhere in the armory, NO DQ. David Duncan was about to name Sevar's opponents when Lord Everett Devore came out announcing that he was one and that he had a surprise for Sevar. At that Michael DeVine, who Sevar injured several months back, walked out and announced that Sevar was in for some 'Hardball' and then Devore and Devine departed.

Damien Wylde vs 'True Talent' Bobby Shields: The pyschotic Damien Wylde met up against ASPW debuting newcomer Bobby Shields. It was a good high flying match up. Bobby Shields was able to get a victory over Damien Wylde.

Dr. Stud vs Jack Dunn (ASPW Cruiserweight Championship Match)

This match pitted perennial opponents Dr. Stud and Jack Dunn against each other but there was a surprise as Damien Wylde, crazed over his defeat to Bobby Shields and carrying a Kendo stick, attacked both Dr. Stud and Jack Dunn. Damien Wylde grabbed the cruiserweight belt and David Duncan announced Wylde as the new cruiserweight champion.

Cannonball Jones vs Mr. Xcitement

One half of the tag team champions faced off against the masked wrestler called Mr. Xcitement. Cannonball Jones was able to defeat the masked man.

L.A. Tank vs Tank Thomas

It was the battle of the Tanks as L.A. Tank faced off against another debuting newcomer called Tank Thomas. These two high impact power wrestlers shook the roof and the building but it was the experience of L.A Tank that gained him the victory over the younger Tank Thomas.

ASPW United States Title Match: Diego Delarosa vs Mercury Flash

Former U.S. Champion, Mercury Flash, was never defeated for the U.S title and so this match was decreed by David Duncan. Diego Delarosa, accompanied by David Duncan, Jr. was able to retain the title with David, Jr's help.

3 Way Match (Falls Count Anywhere, NO DQ) World Title Match: Sevar, The Bounty Hunter vs Lord Devore vs Michael DeVine.

Devore and DeVine decided to forget the fact that it was a three way match and teamed up on the champion. The plan seemed to be working until it went out on the floor where Sevar took the advantage. After bouncing Devore off the wall and then bouncing Devine and Devore's heads together both men went down. Sevar asked the fans which one he should pin. He covered and pinned Lord Devore to gain the victory over both men.

ASPW will come back to the National Guard Armory on August 28th in Elizabeth City, NC. That's all the news for now. Until next time. See you at the show!

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