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..:::'HBK' ..:::Shawn Michaels:::..

People Used:
Shawn Michaels, a lot more!
OOC Comment:
Short Roleplay done by me.
Hit List:
You Lucky, I have no one yet.
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels is a trademark of the WWE, and is used in this Roleplay, as are all the other superstars in this or any other e-fed. This Roleplay layout design is copyrighted to A.J. Duffy, it must not be used with permission, which will not be granted. Anyone caught using this design, will be dealt with severely by the law.

General Information:

Next Match: HBK vs. ???????
Next PPV Match: HBK vs. ??????
Championship Chasing: ??????
Roleplay Number: ???????
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 00/00/00
Alliances: ??????

E-Mail Address:
AIM Name: iamdisturbed0666

Character Information:

Name: Shawn Michaels
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: San Antonio Tx
Affiliation: Face


[-: Shawn Michaels is seen in the back of his locker room, with a pen pad and paper.. Shawn Michaels notices the camera and then begins to mumble something. :-]

[-: 'Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels :-] Boy, Oh Boy! You should see what Vince McMahon is making me do. Paper work for my comments of Break Down! Shawn Michaels don't mind it. But it is a hassle. I will be going places today. Meeting people, Man. Its been two hours. I just now finished.

[-: Shawn Michaels puts the paper down and the camera then shows what it says.. 'SUCK IT' on each line. :-]

[-: A guy in a white suit comes up and ask Shawn Michaels something's and 'HBK' Shawn Michaels agrees. They put down something that says Heart Break Kid, and Shawn Michaels goes to the back and comes back like ten minutes later with some new clothes on. Shawn Michaels puts the Heart On Top of him. While the guy in the white suit takes pictures of him. :-]

[-: 'Picture Guy' Charlie Roberts :-] Your going to be very happy with these photo's Shawn! These are some great pictures. Shawn Lean over to the left.

[-: 'Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels :-] I am always happy with your photo work, Charles. But The Heart Break Kid has to go. This stuff with the CWF as such a big star as I am. I can't keep doing photographs for them.

"Finished Product"

:-2 Hours later-:

[-: Shawn Michaels is seen in a locker room, there is no one in the building just the people setting up the ring for the next event. Shawn Michaels looks around and passes a hallway and turns his head and then you see a sign that say's Triple H on the door. Which means Shawn Michaels is in the Break Down arena. Shawn Michaels opens the door and looks in and see's nothing in there except Hunter's stuff. Shawn then speaks :-]

[-: 'Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels :-] Damn it! Where are you Hunter! You, know I hate it when people aren't in there locker room. What's the point of having it. If you are not going to be in it? Well Screw this then.

[-: Shawn Michaels closes the door and you see him headed for the exit door in the arena. The Clock strikes 2 p.m. on Shawn Michaels watch when the scene fades back in. You see him getting off a air plane and meeting one of his good friends Kevin Nash. This must mean Shawn Michaels is back, on the Resistance side. Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash talk to each other for a good while. Then Shawn Says he has to go talk to the crowd again. Kevin Nash stands back and Shawn Michaels is seen going into his locker room. :-]

[-: 'Head Commentator' Jim Ross :-] We got word and footage of Shawn Michaels being on the Break Down brand. But he has come back and word is he is fixing to be out here!

[-: 'Color Commentator' Jerry Lawler :-] You know what I don't understand is. Shawn Michaels must have huge star power with Vince McMahon! The Camera's where on him all day. From this morning, until he woke up on air plane meeting Kevin Nash.

[-: 'Head Commentator' Jim Ross :-] It just proves that the Resistance brand is a better brand to go with doesn't it King?

[-: 'Color Commentator' Jerry Lawler :-] Anything with a McMahon in it good! You Should know that J.R.!

[-: Suddenly threw the quiet arena, Shawn Michaels Music plays to the crowd which makes a equal amount of great pops some nWo lyrics are in his music. The Crowd is going wild for Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels then walks out from the back and the crowd pops for the Heart Break Kid louder than anything before! He pose for the crowd and the crowd is absolutely loving the attention Shawn Michaels is giving the crowd on hand. Shawn Michaels then makes his way down the ramp as The Camera's go back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler :-]

[-: 'Head Commentator' Jim Ross :-] Shawn Michaels does have a lot of star power here in the CWF doesn't he? It seems like Vince McMahon is spoiling the Heart Break Kid!

[-: 'Color Commentator' Jerry Lawler :-] Yet, Shawn Michaels had to do paper work, because why he mentioned Break Down? Vince McMahon, knows not to trust the wrestlers. Stephanie McMahon on the other hand doesn't know anything about the business!

[-: 'Head Commentator' Jim Ross :-] Stephanie McMahon was raised in this business! Jerry! You should know that! Where have you been!?

[-: Shawn Michaels makes his way down the ramp way, he gets in the middle of the ramp way and poses for the crowd on hand as Fire Works go off, Shawn Michaels then goes to the fans section and claps hands with them, he jumps over the guard rail and looks at the crowd and smiles. They Talk to him for a minute or two and then he jumps back over the guard rail and heads up to the CWF Wrestling Ring, The Crowd is going nuts! Shawn Michaels  jumps in the ring and poses for the live crowd. He then goes Lillian Garcia and ask for the microphone she goes and gets it and hands it to Shawn Michaels :-]

[-: 'Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels :-] Why do people always have to jump to conclusions? I do not want to be on Break Down! I just wanted to see the competition and see my Buddy Triple H! Vince McMahon, you can give me all the paper work you want. But the bottom line is, that I am going to be at Break Downs event. The nWo is going to be there! Shawn Michaels will finally see what Triple H is up to! Vince McMahon, you been trying to control the Heart Break Kid, for a long, long time. But that is one thing, you will never ever be able to do! Vinnie Mac knows I make all the fans feel like there on cloud nine, and that I bring in ratings! With out me, there is no show. With Out me, There is no reason to watch wrestling. MY big debut match, will be coming up. It will be worth the wait. Who should I set my site on though? The Rock? The People's Champion, The Brahma Bull. You know, Why would I want to face The Rock? He is a good guy, we talked yesterday! But, who do I want to face. Well Vince McMahon works that out, I do the match. Shawn Michaels don't lay down for anyone, Remember that! You see maybe Kurt Angle would be a worthy opponent for the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels! But well, Triple H. I will be there on Break Down! We then can talk eye to eye. Also, we can talk business.

[-: Shawn Michaels drops the microphone to a stunned crowd and then walks to back of the locker room, you see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall waiting for him. The Camera's zoom all around the arena and stuff. Then the camera fades and thats the end of the scene :-]