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..::Jeff HArdy::..
Jeff Hardy

If you don't like what is said here thats just too damn BAD!

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"Velocity Numero Uno"

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..::Scene 2::..

The feed goes to Jeff Hardy's lockeroom where he is watching the ppv match that he lost to the Hurricane in.He looks like he is getting furious.He looks into the camera then walks out the door as he slams it behind him.He starts walking toward the entrance way.In the arena the lights go out and Alien Waltz hits on the pa system and the arena goes absolutley insane.He walks through the curtain and does his taunting at the entrance way he walks down the rampway slapping some fans hands.
Hardy going to the ring
After making his way to the ring and doing his taunting Hardy picks up the mic and begins to talk.

'The Extreme 1' Jeff Hardy:Well Hurricane you beat me just like you said congrats.That was a once in a life time thing.So enjoy your little victory while it lasts.But now onto bigger and better things this week on Velocity yours truley takes on the ILW Intercontinental Champion Edge.In a non title match of corse...(fans start to boo)I know I know...You all are dissapointed that I can't win the title but that doesnt mean that I can't beat his ass!Edge remember all of our classic matches in the WWE where my brother and I always beat the sh*t out of you and your little buddy Christian.Yea I know they were tag team matches...But this time Edge has nobody to tag...No body to save you from the humiliation you will face.Then after it's all said and done I'm going to get my shot at you for that title...I will take you from pillar to post..I will take everything you have to throw at me...and turn it back onto you..See I may have lost my return match against the Hurricane but I'm going to make it up to the Velocity fans by shutting you up!and thats all I have to say.......

Alien Waltz hits and Hardy drops the mic and jumps out of the ring and heads back to the lockeroom as the feed slowly fades....

The Extreme 1 Jeff Nero Hardy