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..::'The Game' Triple H::..

Roleplay Title: The Game comes to Velocity
Roleplay #: 1
People Mentioned: whoever I damn well please!
People Used: Triple }{
Current Record: 0-0-0
Achievements: Being The Game
Quick Disclaimer: Roleplay by A.J. Duffy,This is mine so dont FUCKING steal it.Now read this for your "Enjoyment" lol...
Titles Currently possesed by Triple H: None

["The Game" by Drowning Pool]

..::/Start Game\::..

The feed starts off at an ILW Velocity House show in Tampa Bay, Fl. where its a hell of a show.Superstars like Rey Mysterio,A.J. Stiles,Jeff Hardy,Eddie Guerero and many more are in attendance.A black limo with tinted windows is shown pulling into the back parking lot and the cameras all hover around it.But no one gets out....The feed then cuts back to the ring where to jobbers are fighting it out trying to get a job here at the ILW the match ends after jobber one pins jobber number 2,they both leave the ring area.The fans sit and wait for another match to get under way but the lights go out,numerous different color lights begin to flash as you here "The Game" by Drowning Pool hit over the pa system the fans start to erupt out of their seats as Triple H makes his way to the ring..

Triple H's Entrance

Triple H talking
'The Game' Triple }{:Well that was a hell of a debute eh?I mean damn.I know how to make a quick name for myself around here.But let me explain my actions to you...Wait I don't have to do that...I'm not a baseball player who used steriods because I suck!Now A.J. Stiles you seem to be angered that I'm going to be facing you this week on Velocity...Why is that?Do you feel threatened because I've had so much sucess in my career?Does it make you shiver that I'm known as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time?Because if the words don't scare you...My actions against you this week will leave a little reminder for you when I come to take your precious Extreme Heavyweight title away from you..

::Triple H drops the mic and heads towards the back where he's met by The Charasmatic Enigma Jeff HArdy::