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The King of Extreme..PUNK!

If you don't like what is said here thats just too damn BAD!

Titles Currently Possesed by PunK: None

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"PuNk Makes his DCW Debute"

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-Don't Count them [Don't Count them]


Being the King of EXTREME!

[[-Finger 11 'Slow Chemical'-]]:

..::The lights go out in the arena.'Slow Chemical' by Finger 11 hits the pa system the stage area turns blue and smoke starts to fill the entrance way.Then a man pops up on the tron::..

PunK talking
['The King of Extreme' PunK]-The day of darkening has arrived here in DCW.Thats right..The end of all is near.The day I make my in ring

IHM Member The King of Extreme PunK