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..:::/The Charasmatic Inigma\:::..
People Used:
Jeff Hardy, and whoever I feel like putting in here!
OOC Comment:
A Roleplay done by me.
Hit List:
Whoever I feel like getting
Jeff talks about his match on Velocity with Kipp Sopp
This Roleplay, as are all the other superstars in this or any other e-fed. This Roleplay layout design is copyrighted to A.J. Duffy, it must not be used with permission, which will not be granted. Anyone caught using this design, will be dealt with severely by the law.

General Information:

Next Match: J.Hardy vs. Kipp Sopp
Next PPV Match: J.Hardy vs. ??????
Championship Chasing: Intercontinental(next)
Roleplay Number: 6
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 01/01/00
Alliances: None as of yet

E-Mail Address:
AIM Name: Duffman4life61

Character Information:

Name: "The Charasmatic Inigma" Jeff Hardy
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 222lbs lbs
Hometown: Cameron,North Carolina
Quote:Live For The Moment
Affiliation: Face

[Hardy's Theme]

{Scene 1}

The lights go out and Jeff Hardy's theme starts to play over the pa system different color lights beging to flash as the Charasmatic Enigma emerges from the lockeroom area.He walks to the ring then slides underneath the bottom rope.He gets on the ropes and does his taunting then he picks up a mic and begins to talk

Hardy making his way to the ring
'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Cat got my tongue?what are we back in kindergarden Kipp?You think I'm sared of a little I quit match?Fuck no...This weekend on Velocity I'm going to beat your ass into a bloody pulp!See you're right I have faced the likes of the Undertaker and Abyss so don't think for one second I'm not scared to jump into the ring with some one like you.I will take you to your limits I will make you bleed I will make you suffer I'm going to show the whole Velocity roster who the man is!You think going over to Thunder and making an apperence there makes you the man?No!it's what you do in the ring and I haven't seen you do much at all.Oh yea you beat the Nature Boy Ric Flair who didn't even show up and he's older then dirt.See Kipp your all talk you always have been...Even when you were in the "greatest tag team" you didn't do much of anything...Yea you won the tag titles...But look at what my brother and I did...We made history!We had TLC matches normal ladder matches table matches everything you can think of and we survived them all I did some of the most amazing things of my career in high risk matches.So this weekend be prepared for the sick and twisted.....

Jeff drops the mic and heads for the lockeroom and the scene cuts to a commercial break..

Stacker 2(the world's strongest fat burner)
Halo 2 for X-Box
Schedualed Arenas for ILW Velocity
The feed comes back from commercial with Jeff in the back talking to Lita

Lita:Wow Jeff you got yourself into a big one with Kipp didnt you?

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Yea I guess so but I'll still be able to walk out after the match...He won't..

Lita:Did he piss you off when he brought up that problem you had in the WWE?

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Yea..Because that was in my past now I'm focused on becoming the best superstar on the ILW Velocity roster,and I'm going to do anything to do it to..And that means if I have to leave Kipp Sopp or anyone laying in a pool of their own blood...I'm going to do it no questions asked

Jeff walks away from Lita and the feed cuts away