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..:://'Version 1'Matt HArdy\\::..

Roleplay Title: I'm back
Roleplay #: 1
People Mentioned: Jeff Hardy and whoever I damn well please!
People Used: Jeff Hardy
Current Record: 0-0-0
Achievements: Being Me Version One!
Quick Disclaimer: Roleplay by A.J. Duffy,This is mine so dont FUCKING steal it.Now read this for your "Enjoyment" lol...
Titles Currently possesed by Matt Hardy: None as of yet

[[-"Matt's Theme"-]]:

It's a warm summer night at a house show in Tampa Fl. Fans are having a good time watching stars like the ILW Champ Batista,Christian,Chris Jericho,Eddie Guerrero,and many other superstars.But as they are sitting in their seats waiting for the next match to go on a familular theme music hits and the fans erupt out of their seats to see none other then the Charasmatic Enigma
Hardy On his Way out
Hardy On his Way out
He Emerges from the curtains hopping out like he always does as the fans are screaming for Jeff...
He jogs to the left side of the ramp and salutes the fans over on the left then he jogs to the right side to salute the fans on the right after thats all said and done he gets back to the center of the ramp and does his taunt after he taunts he walks down the ramp smacking fans hands on the way down to the ring..He slides into the ring where the ring announcer hands him the mic and he begins to speak
The King why is Jeff Hardy here J.R.?
J.R.:I Don't know King but he's got a mic so lets listen and figure it out....
'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff HArdy:Well well well ILW guess whos back...Yea that's right yours truley...Jeff Hardy...Now I've been away for awhile and I know I havent been to much around here but this time around it's all different I have my goals layed out in front of me and they will be completed...Like my first goal is to beat the person that calls himself The Phenominal One...Mr. A.J. Styles!
*The fans erupt*
J.R.:Oh my God what a match that will be ladies and gentleman!
'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:No No I'm not done yet I'm thinking something in my field of expertese...I'm thinking maybe a TLC match!What do you have to say Mr. Styles?You say you're the best athlete in pro wrestling today but you have nothing on me the one of the Most extreme wrestlers in wrestling history!I know it these fans know it hell J.R. and The King even know it...And soon time will progress and before you know it I the Charasmatic Inigma will be at the top of the mountain!Oh you my not think of it right now...But I'm sure you will soon enough cuz I am the future of wrestling not some lowlife "Animal" like Batista..I mean look at him...He's a big retard with muscles.Oh scary hes got tattoos oooh scary he screams like a primate ooooh even scarier...After I get my shot at him He'll be screaming like the little b*tch he is!And A.J. If you have the fortitude to accept my TLC challenge I'll be waiting to hear from you...
Hardy drops the mic as the fans sit in awe after what Hardy has said...
J.R.:Wow King strong words for a returning Jeff Hardy
The King:Yea J.R. but I mean did you hear what he said about the champ?He said he was going to make him scream like a little....
J.R.:Yes King we know but the questions are what is A.J. Styles going to say to Jeff and what Batista will have to say to respond...Stay tuned folks!