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..:::/Your Olympic Hero\:::..
People Used:
Kurt Angle, and whoever I feel like putting in here!
OOC Comment:
A Roleplay done by me.
Hit List:
Whoever I feel like getting
Kurt entertains the people
Roleplay, as are all the other superstars in this or any other e-fed. This Roleplay layout design is copyrighted to A.J. Duffy, it must not be used with permission, which will not be granted. Anyone caught using this design, will be dealt with severely by the law.

General Information:

Next Match: k.Angle vs. ????
Next PPV Match: K.Angle vs. ??????
Championship Chasing: None As of yet
Roleplay Number: 0
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 00/00/00
Alliances: None as of yet

E-Mail Address:
AIM Name: Duffman4life61

Character Information:

Name: Kurt Angle
Height: 6 ft 2
Weight: 220lbs lbs
Hometown: Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
Quote:"Oh It's True" "I'll make you tap"
Affiliation: Heel

[Angle's Theme]

{Scene 1}

The feed starts off in the back of an ILW house show where a limo shows up and none other then your Olypic Hero gets out...He fixes his suit and starts to enter the arena.He walks past some security gaurds and some no name superstars as they stand in awe.Kurt then asks where entrance to the ring is and he goes there.After a few brief moments of silence."I Don't Suck" hits over the pa system and footage of Kurt shows on the trown


Kurt Angle:Oh it's true it's true you're Olympic has finally arrived in the ILW.*fans jeer*Now I've been looking around in the back and I have yet to see any competition for yours truley...I mean they have Triple H but I've beaten his ass too many times to count...They have Jericho I've beaten him....I've beaten almost everybody on this roster...And that is true...But I'm not here to brag about who I've beaten and what I've accomplished compared to all of you losers...I'm here to talk about making a name for myself here just like I did in my days with the WWE...You see I had the best rookie year ever in WWE history and I'm going to do it here...Oh it's true it's true...But this leaves me to wonder who can be the first invite to the Kurt Angle Invitational..I think it shall be...none other then...A man I've never wrestled before,That is the so called Phenominal A.J. Stiles...Anytime any where A.J. you've been invited to the Kurt Angle Invitational..