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..:://'The Charasmatic Enigma'Jeff HArdy\\::..

Roleplay Title: IC title pt 3
Roleplay #: 4
People Mentioned: Jeff Hardy and whoever I damn well please!
People Used: Jeff Hardy,Matt Hardy,and someothers..
Current Record: 0-1-0
Achievements: Being Me The F'n Master of EXTREME!
Quick Disclaimer: Roleplay by A.J. Duffy,This is mine so dont FUCKING steal it.Now read this for your "Enjoyment" lol...
Titles Currently possesed by Jeff Hardy: None as of yet

[[-"Jeff's Theme"-]]:

Jeff and MAtt HArdy are seen walking into the arena and security stops them to question why Matt is there...

Guard:Are you with the ILW?

Matt HArdy:Soon for me...

Jeff Hardy:You dare question me about that?

Guard:Yes sir I ask everyone.It's my job.

Jeff Hardy:Well look at the Thunder card I'm in one of the the biggest matches on it!

Guard:Ok sir I'm sorry move along..

Jeff and Matt walk away with the security guard shaking his head they make it to the door that says Jeff Hardy and they enter

MAtt Hardy:What's been up with you lately...You've been really cocky and arrogent.

Jeff Hardy:What's been up?A reality check Matt..I mean this match can determine what I do in this place...I can go up and be one of the greatest or fall off and never get a shot to be number one.

Matt Hardy:You sound like this is one of your last matches and your getting old.I mean yes it is a title match but dont get yourself all like you are.

Jeff Hardy:Matt you need to worry about Matt right now.I'm going to be eXtreme like back in the day have that mindset to do whatever it takes to win,risk my body to take out others I will do.MAtt I'm going to walk out the CHampion and even you will be shocked about my actions...

Jeff Storms out of the lockeroom and walks around for a bit...After about an hour or so Jeff is seen making his way towards the ring once again...His music strikes in the arena and the fans give a mixed reaction,Cheers and Jeers echo through out the arena as Jeff makes his way to the ring he slides in and just grabs the mic and talks to the fans once again...

Hardy talking
'The CHarasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:What no love for me?I see how it is.A man starts to care about his future and you all turn your back on him.He cares about making something out himself to entertain all you a**holes and you jeer me?I'm ashamed to say I'm in this place!fans booBoo all you want hate me all you want because Thunder that titles mine bitches it's all mine!HAHAHAHA Now I'm sure you're all wondering the same thing my brother asked me what's up with the attitude Jeff?You wanna know?I'm going to shock the world with what I do this week I'm going to do so many unbelieveable things to those three men...You'll be chanting holy shit the entire match.Now as I was saying the last time I met with you folks I was saying that I was the Master Of Extreme,it seems with the looks on all your faces you don't think so...Do you remember what I used to do in the TLC matches against the crazy little bitch Christain and his little goldie locks buddy Edge and look at what I've done in others...That is nothing to what I'm going to do to Kip,Kane and Christain.