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..:::/The Charasmatic Inigma\:::..
People Used:
Jeff Hardy, and whoever I feel like putting in here!
OOC Comment:
A Roleplay done by me.
Hit List:
Whoever I feel like getting
Jeff talks about his match on Velocity with Kipp Sopp
This Roleplay, as are all the other superstars in this or any other e-fed. This Roleplay layout design is copyrighted to A.J. Duffy, it must not be used with permission, which will not be granted. Anyone caught using this design, will be dealt with severely by the law.

General Information:

Next Match: J.Hardy vs. Kipp Sopp
Next PPV Match: J.Hardy vs. ??????
Championship Chasing: Intercontinental(next)
Roleplay Number: 8
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 01/01/00
Alliances: None as of yet

E-Mail Address:
AIM Name: Duffman4life61

Character Information:

Name: "The Charasmatic Inigma" Jeff Hardy
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 222lbs lbs
Hometown: Cameron,North Carolina
Quote:Live For The Moment
Affiliation: Face

[Hardy's Theme]

{Scene 1}

Jeff's walking around the back and he comes acrossed an ILW worker and he tells him that Lillian Garcia wants to interview him so he goes to the interview spot in the arena and the interview begins...

Hardy getting interviewed
Lillian Garcia:So Jeff you seem to be really confident going into this match.What makes you so confident?

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Wow you seem to get right to the point Lillain..WEll I'm so confident that I'm going to beat Kipp this week because I'm me.I mean yea I haven't done much here in the ILW but then again I haven't been here that long but I feel this energy over me that's going to boost me all the way up to the top!

Lillian Garcia:Alright.How do you feel about the comments he made about you being a snot nose punk compared to him?

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:What Kipp fails to realize is I've been in this game for awhile.Yes I haven't been proffessional as long as he has but I've been wrestling since I was 16!I've been known as the next Shawn Micheals!I mean what else can drive a person that much?

Lillian Garcia:Ok...Now Kipp Sopp has made many comments on how he thinks your stupid what is your response to that?

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Well Lillian..I know he hasn't been known much for his intellegence.I mean I don't really know him so I can't judge him in his intellegence..But from what I've heard from his mouth he doesn't seem all that bright..I mean look at what he did in the WWE he just walked around and flashed his ass at everyone and frankly that shows no class so I'm sure that on that alone his intellegence isnt all there.

Lillian Garcia:Alright Jeff thank you for your time and good luck on Velocity.

Jeff walks away from Lillian and heads to his lockeroom where Lita and Rey sit and wait for Jeff

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Hey what are you guys doing here?

Lita:Well we're here to say good luck on Velocity and don't get to banged up

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Well thanks for the good luck thing...But the whole getting hurt thing isn't going to happen!I'm going to beat him enough to make him say I quit then leave the rest for Batista to destroy,because I feel he needs redemption and he's going to get it.I mean it may not be much but it's better then nothing

Rey Mysterio:Kipp seems like a pretty tough dude but I don't think you have this in the bag my friend

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy:Thanks for your optimism Rey...But I have to go take care of something now..

Jeff walks out of the lockeroom and heads out to the parking garage where a black stretch limo pulls in and Jeff gets into it.It speeds away and the feed goes to commercial

MVP Baseball 2005
Gieco Car Insurence
The Next Places the ILW Visits
A Prequil to Velocity
About two hours later the limo brings Jeff back to the arena he gets out the limo and heads back into the arena where he heads out towards the ring area...The fans sit and wait as they seem him making his way on the tron...Then the lights go out and Alien Waltz hits over the pa system and out walks Hardy!He sprints down to the ring and slides in.He climbs up onto the ropes and does his taunting and then he climbs down and grabs a mic

'The Charasmatic' Enigma' Jeff Hardy:You seem to have a lot of words in you Kipp but can you back them up?I've seen you wrestle and we've wrestled in tag matches back in the WWE days..And I think I've seen you have the hardcore title...I've held that title as well...But I didn't win it on luck..I won it becuase I am fucking Extreme and once you step into the ring with me this saturday your going to see just how fucking extreme I really am!See you think your going to hand my ass to me...But how about I hand your ass to you on a silver platter after I take you all through out the arena...I'll make sure that you won't be walking out....I'll make sure your carried out!

Scene cuts