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..::My Re-Debute::..

Roleplay Title: My Debute
Roleplay #: 1
People Mentioned: Me and whoever I damn well please!
People Used: Punk and some friends
Current Record: 0-0-0
Achievements: Being Me The F'n King of EXTREME!
Quick Disclaimer: Roleplay by A.J. Duffy,This is mine so dont FUCKING steal it.Now read this for your "Enjoyment" lol...
Titles Currently possesed by Punk: NONE AS OF YET

[[-"My Plague" By: Slipknot-]]:

..::The fans are cheering after the match they have just seen between to jobbers.The lights suddenly dim down,you The Guitar beat with drums for "My Plague" by Slipknot.The arena turns red the entrance way fills with smoke A man wearing a robe slowly walks throw the smoke he walks down the ramp slowly he gets to the ring and he rolls his eyes he turns left and goes two steps up the stairs.The fans stare at him in awe as they try to figure out who it is.Smoke slowly starts to surround the stairshe raises his arms slowly to his waist he rolls his eyes.He raises his arms fast then a loud bang sounds and the lights come back on he lifts the robe above his feet and continues up to the ring apron where he slowly ::..

[-Man-]Yeah keep looking.Try and think of who I am.Dig deep in your pathetic little minds.*fans boo at the remark*Go ahead hate me what do I care?I don't even belong here.But the reason I am out here is to make my return.Did I say that slow enough for you pieces of trailor park trash.Now I'm out here to call out the man who's callin the shots.Yes you Rick Rolston get out here!

..::Angry American by Toby Keith hits the pa system the fans give a huge pop for Rick as he walks down the aisle.He Climbs in the ring and grabs a mic out of his back pocket::..

[-*Owner* Rick Rolston-]Ok first of all who in the blue hell do you think you are?Calling me out in my ring in my arena in front of my fans who cheer for all those wrestlers in the back who put on the best show in the whole world.

[-A.J. Duffy-]Let's See I'm the F*CKIN KING OF EXTREME!*The fans give a huge pop*And I do what I want,and I want a Contract right now.I want back into the UCWF!

[-*Owner* Rick Rolston-]Oh it's you again,I havent heard from you in months you never came when you were here you never showed so what makes you think I'm going to give you a contract?

[-A.J. Duffy-]I want to wrestle UCWF just isnt the same with out me.You know it the people know it so what do you say?

[-*Owner* Rick Rolston-]Ok I'll do it on one condition.If you show up do your job and do it your best and you do what I want you to do.

[-A.J. Duffy-]As long as I'm not your corporate bitch it's all good.

..::Rick and A.J. Formaly known as Punk shake hands.Rick raises his arm.As the lyrics to "My Plague" hit the pa once again and they walk away as the feed cuts::..

More continues with the legend formally known as PUNK.....