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..::De Generation X::..
This is an important announcement payed for by the De Generation X.

If you don't like what is said here thats just too damn BAD!The layout was made by Omar.Everything else was made by A.J. Duffy who is me.

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Being DX

[[-D-X's Theme-]]:

..::Scene 1::..
..::Are You ready?D-X's theme plays in the arena.The fans go nuts as the arena turns neon green.D-X walks out.Triple H and HBK walk to the ring they both look like they have business on their minds as they make their way to the ring HBK and Triple H get into the ring look around then do the crotch chop which makes pyro go off in an X behind them then the do their individual poses together slap hands.Triple H then grabs the mic::..

Triple H talking
['The Game' Triple H]-Are you ready?I said are you ready?Then for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching on cable tv...lllLLLLets get ready to suck iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!Now we're making our debute here.

..::Passes the mic to Shawn::..

Shawn Michaels talking
['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Well first of all I'd love to see the way we left Victim after Monday night.Roll the footage!

..::The footage shows::..

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Second of all let me say this..That my friend...Is gonna leave a mark!I have a question for you Victim.How did my foot taste?See what you did was mess with the two best stars in the XFF.What you did was piss off one of the most dangerious groups in wrestling off.That's a no no.I just hope this other no namer Snake Eyes isn't as stupid as you were.Hopefully you smartened up.Hopefully we don't have to go through that again.Well we will but with a different person.Snake Eyes you did one of the most stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.Telling your partner you want to take on D-X by yourself.Is that supposed to make you a bigger man?Because to me you look like a stupid man thats going to get one of the worst beatings of his life.

..::HBK drops the mic as Break it down hits.D-X heads for the back as the feed cuts to commercial::..

Commercial Break
Tickets for Tool live in concert
XFF Live
Austin Powers in Goldmember
..::Scene 2::..
D-X sits in the lockeroom watching what Shawns cousin said
['The Game' Triple H]-What the hell is your cousin on?

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-I don't know.Hell I didn't know how much my aunt and uncle screwed up with him

['The Game' Triple H]-Ahh who knows.

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Well I'm going to do what his parents never did..That's set his ass straight.So if your watchin dear old cousin of mine.Me and you...Monday night.What do you say?

['The Game' Triple H]-Damn dude.You're gonna kill him!

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Maybe it will do this world good.

['The Game' Triple H]-You know what's been buggin me?

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-What's that?

['The Game' Triple H]-Who attacked Shadow on Monday.I know I shouldn't care but everyone has no clue who it was.Ever since I trash talked Punk..You know it's happened.

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Ahh no need to worry my good friend.All we have to worry about is the tag titles then whatever title comes our way.

['The Game' Triple H]-Ahh yeah your right.But why should we worry about the tag gold when we face one man.

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Ahh yeah.Good point.

['The Game' Triple H]-HAHA we are going to tear this whole fed apart.No one is going to stop us.I mean that Victim guy said he'd single handley take out D-X,but he didn't.We took his ass out!

..::There's a knock on the door::..

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-I bet that's the Coach.Hey Coach I'll be out in a minute.

..::HBK goes out for his interview with the Coach::..

['Interviewer' The Coach]-Hey Shawn how does it feel to be back in wrestling and back in D-X?

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Well first of all Coach it's great to be back in wrestling and it's great to know I still have a friend in the business.

['Interviewer' The Coach]-What do you think of the leader of the EWO Snake Eyes?

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-I think he's a stupid and he's a deadman.I mean being stupid enough to sit home and watch Eruption.Then tell his partner he wants to face us alone.He has more guts then brains...But that will cost him and the EWO some gold..Hell do you think their stable name could've been more original?I mean I was nWo at one point.As far as I'm concerned theres only one world order and that's the new one.See they make think they're all "bad ass" but when they want to mess with D-X one of the most dangerious stables in the history of wrestling...It's a career shortener.Hell ask Bret Hart I think he learned.Look at Jim Niedhardt.We chased them all out of the WWF.Oh I'm sorry WWE.But now we're here to get rid of the competition.That's the EWO.Now if you exuse me I want to go get some coffee.

..::HBK walks away to get his coffee.The feed goes to the D-X lockeroom where Triple H is on his cell phone::..

['The Game' Triple H]-I don't know I have to talk to Shawn then I'll get back to you.Ok?Ok.

..::HBK walks in::..

['The Game' Triple H]-He's here so I'll talk to you later.

..::Triple H hangs up the cell phone::..

['HBK' Shawn Michaels]-Who was that?

['The Game' Triple H]-Someone who's offering a spot somewhere.I'll tell you later.In fact why don't we get that camera crew out and I'll tell you.

..::D-X kicks out the camera crew and the feed is lost::..

OOC Note:Yeah I know it's short.But my opponent totally sucks ass so I'm not going to go all out.I just want another win.

De Generation X Says Suck it