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*The ACCW Global Championship was retired before Ryan Dynamic defeated Hardcore Harry in a match to determine a new heavyweight champion after Archangel vacated the Global Heavyweight Championship to strike against the direction of the company. Currently the ACCW Global Heavyweight Championship has been replaced by the new ACCW Heavyweight Championship with Atlantic Canadian Championship Wrestling becoming a regional based promotion. (November - December 2003)

**Archangel defeated Mr. Ed to become the final Global Heavyweight Champion after Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling dropped from a Global Promotion and became a National Promotion and renamed the Atlantic Canadian Championship Wrestling promotion. (September 2003)

***Mr. Ed defeated Archangel at the ACCW Pay Per View in June 2003 to unite the Loaded Global Championship and the Showdown World Championship as one Undisputed championship as Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling ended their Brand Extension.

****The Global Heavyweight Championship was introduced to the ACCW's Loaded Brand in March 2003 when the ACCW split it's roster into two distinct shows in a Brand Extension, Mr. Ed was crowned the first Global Champion.

RECAP: The ACCW Global Heavyweight Championship is a combination of the Loaded Global Championship and the Showdown World Championship, and was the second time the ACCW created an Undisputed World Championship.

Loaded Global Championship (March 2003) = Loaded Global Championship + Showdown World Championship (June 2003) = ACCW Global Heavyweight Championship (June 2003 - December 2003)


*The ACCW Showdown World Heavyweight Championship was united with the ACCW Loaded Global Championship after Archangel defeated Mr. Ed in a controversial blacked out Pay Per View in June 2003.

**Archangel defeated JD Money for the World Heavyweight Championship at Up In Flames and would be the last ACCW Showdown World Heavyweight Champion before being united with the ACCW Loaded Global Heavyweight Championship.

***JD Money wins the vacated ACCW Showdown World Heavyweight Championship in a 8-Man death match that included PM Steel, G-Pac, Hardcore Harry, Hardcore Hansel, Dark Knight, Archangel and Rukus.

****PM Steel was the reigning World Champion going into the ACCW's Brand Extension and would be drafted by the Showdown Brand and cause the ACCW World Championship to become a Showdown exclusive title, forcing the ACCW Loaded Brand to introduce the ACCW Loaded Global Championship.

*****February 2003 the ACCW took control of the WXW and it's assets. PM Steel defeated Hardcore Hansel to unite the WXW World Championship with the ACCW World Championship.

******December 2003, Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling introduces the World Heavyweight Championship as it's premiere title at the ACCW Survival Pay Per View where PM Steel defeated Mr. Ed in the finals of the World Championship tournamnet to become the first ever ACCW World Heavyweight Championship.

RECAP: The ACCW World Heavyweight Championship was the first true World Championship in ACCW history. It would be united with the WXW World Championship as the ACCW's first time creating an Undisputed World Championship. The World Championship would then become a Showdown only title during the Brand Extension before finally being united with the ACCW Loaded Global Championship.

ACCW World Championship (December 2002) = ACCW World Championship + WXW World Championship (February 2003) = ACCW Undisputed World Championship (February 2003 - March 2003) = ACCW Showdown World Championship (March 2003 - June 2003)


*Hardcore Hansel loses the WXW World Championship to PM Steel in a Unification match to determine an undisputed champion after the WXW was taken over by the ACCW. (February 2003)

**Archangel defeats Hardcore Hansel to become the only other man to wear the WXW World Championship before losing it back to Hardcore Hansel.

***Hardcore Hansel defeats Dark Knight in a steel cage match at the WXW Immortality Pay Per View on August 19th, 2002.

RECAP: The WXW World Championship is debuted August 2002 and unified with the ACCW World Heavyweight Championship February 2003.

WXW World Heavyweight Championship (August 2002 - February 2003)