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ALternative Links Page

Welcome to Atlantic Canadian Championship Wrestling, also known as UWP Atlantic Canada. This is our second year in operation, if you are new to our site or haven't visited in a while you can see that we have done some renovations to the site. You can find everything you need to know about the ACCW by clicking on the Corporate Link above, and following the Company Link.

The ACCW has undergone a change from being a typical National Promotion to a Regional one and have become affiliated with Ultimate Wrestling Promotions (UWP) which can be compared to what the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) does and stands for, you can find out more by following the Corporate Link.

Just click below to check out the UWP and our other affiliates in such as UWP Ontario, UWP New York, etc.

March 31st, 2004


Gosh, sometimes it feels like this page never gets updated. Anyways The Revolution Pay Per View is up, W-L-T have been updated and another edition of ACCW Rewind should be up some time tonight. Most of the updates happen on the boards, but we'll try and get better at keeping the actual site pages updated.