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Well itís been two months to the ACCW brand extension and I have yet to see any really positive effects of splitting a once strong roster into two severely weakened groups. Tell me again why the ACCW would have to go about splitting a roster? To benefit a single person or group of people trying to use the extension as some kind of political leverage for their own gains?

Why hasnít the split worked out you may ask? For one there is the lack of competition as we are starting to see the effects of several wrestlers who do not want to be in the ACCW, slowly watching the pain dry as they scratch their asses. I say dump all the dead weight that has been accumulating here in the ACCW. I know a large roster looks nice, but a roster where everyone pulls their weight is a hell of a lot better than looking nice and large. The only thing that should be big and nice to look at is a nice luscious tit.

Then we have Marcus Bryant continuing to further damage the ACCW by completely cutting off both rosters from one another and bringing in more championship belts. Hey Marcus, I got news for you. This Extension isnít going to be lasting much longer and another three belts is something we donít need, I know there are some guys who want to be recognized, but you donít need bullshit belts to make them look more like men. Try showing off some talent by helping put other people over and getting people interested in your talents.

I mean in the ACCW we have around eight titles floating around is there much prestige to them. You have two World Champions, oh thatís so great, weíre suppose to believe one is suppose to be better than the other. So youíre telling me we have three Intercontinental Championships instead of the two, including that cheap knockoff the Commonwealth title. Then you have lesser belts barely getting defended, the Hardcore, Super J, Television and god knows what else is floating out there.

End this Brand Extension, merge a few titles, stop sucking some dick and maybe, just maybe the ACCW will be back to the way it was before, a federation ready to grow and be the best it can be. So far we took something with great potential and continued to water it down. What good is the ACCW with the faces on one card and the heels on the other?

For those of you too slow to understand what was just said here, let me just dumb things down a little for you. Extension bad, lots of belts bad. I hope you all understood that, thatís it for this week. No I won't ask for your comments, just because I don't want to be dumb down further, simply because I'm Smarker than you!