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[Fireworks shoot up into the air as the smoke clouds billow over top the stage and the ACCW Vision screen lights up with the words LOADED in bold characters and quickly the camera cuts to the ring and then to the announcer’s table where Koren Olston and the ever charismatic Sir Hirst sit excited on the action to occur tonight.]

Koren Olston – Folks welcome to Wednesday Night Loaded and tonight will be nothing like you have ever seen before.

Sir Hirst – You can say that again Koren because tonight a few matters will be taken care of as Marcus Bryant is in the building the rumours have been buzzing about what Marcus Bryant’s big announcement is.

Koren Olston – No doubt it will have to do with the World Heavyweight Championship as Mr. Ed has been walking around claiming to be the official ACCW Heavyweight champion.

Sir Hirst – It’s too bad for him that the master tape of ACCW Evil Ways has mysteriously disappeared and now everyone in the industry and even the fans are divided on what really happened two weeks ago!

Koren Olston – I can’t wait to see what will be announced as we get ready to kick off tonight with the first match of the evening. It’s going to be the crowning of the first ever ACCW Commonwealth Champion! Alternativ and Zealot have made it through two rounds to get to the finals and tonight we are going to see who will be the first ever Commonwealth champion. Stay tuned folks as we return from a quick word from our sponsors.

[The camera slowly fades as it takes us away to a XXX-Treme Adults channel commercial.]
[The ACCW returns as both Alternativ and Zealot are already in the ring waiting for a referee to come out to officiate the title match, the crowd falls into a huddle of silence as the lights dim low and “Headstrong” by Trapt blares throughout the arena and Marcus Bryant makes his way onto the stage amidst confusion from the fans.]

Marcus Bryant – Now I know you fans are wondering what the hell is going on here. We have both Alternativ and Zealot in the ring, we have the Commonwealth title right here (Bryant pulls the Championship belt from under his suit jacket as it glistens pristinely under the lights.) for these two fine upstanding talent to fight for it...

[The fans cheer loudly as they can’t wait for the match to take place and both Alternativ and Zealot look up at Marcus Bryant who is smiling rather mischievously up on the stage as he continues to speak.]

Marcus Bryant – Buuuuuuuuuuut... there is only one thing... the match is not going to happen tonight... not because I’m holding off on crowning our first ever Commonwealth champion until a more appropriate time, but because by what these two men did this week, I have deemed them unworthy to be the first ever Commonwealth Champion. What did they do wrong you ask? What could they have done all week that would cause me to cancel this match? Why, NOTHING! That’s right these two did absolutely nothing this past week, they just probably sat at home with their fingers up their asses having a good time the only way they know how. Yet they were notified just like everyone else in the ACCW about tonight’s card and yet they stayed home. That my friends’ is unforgivable so...

[From out of the backstage a line of twenty large ACCW security guards march out and down the ramp way as they surround the ring. Alternativ and Zealot turn and look around on the outside as the Security waits patiently for Marcus Bryant to finish speaking.]

Marcus Bryant – And since you two have no reason to be here on Loaded tonight, along with any other talent who was not booked on this show, you gentlemen will have to leave the arena, unless you can produce a pair of ACCW tickets... I didn’t think so. Now Gentlemen if you please.

[The security guards slide into the ring and mammoth group of twenty grab both Alternativ and Zealot forcefully as they usher them out of the ring. Bryant stands smiling with a wide grin as he watches Alternativ and Zealot be shown the way out.]

Marcus Bryant – Oh Gentlemen, have a nice night. As for the Commonwealth Championship, I have something in mind for next week, and you fans can just wait until later when I drop the bombshell here on Loaded tonight!
Andrea Benson – Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is set for one fall and will be a special ACCW Moniker match...

[The sounds of Ming Tea’s “Daddy Wasn’t there” starts up as Johnny Masterson Jr. comes out to a very warm reception to the crowd and makes his way towards the ring.]

Andrea Benson – Coming first to the ring from Leeds, England and weighing 230 pounds... JOHNNY MASTERSON JR!

[Johnny Masterson Jr.’ theme is cut short as Jam Master Jay wastes little time in charging the ring and getting in Masterson Jr.’ face.]

Andrea Benson – His opponent from Peterborough, Ontario Canada and weighing 25

pounds... JAM MASTER JAY...

[Jay locks horns with Masterson Jr. as both men start off the bout struggling to obtain the upper hand, the Jam Master quickly ducks around Masterson Jr. with a hammerlock and pushes upwards applying more pressure to the hold. Johnny reaches behind for the back of Jay’s head and grabs a fist full of hair as he jumps off his feet and held horizontally looking into the arena roof. Johnny uses his weight and forces himself down whipping Jam Master Jay over his shoulder with a snap mare and quickly wraps his arms around the bigger man with a reverse chinlock. Jay scrambles forward and places his foot over the bottom rope.]

Koren Olston – Well it seems neither men want to waste a second trying to lay claim to the moniker JMJ.

Sir Hirst – You mean JMJay!

Koren Olston – Well either way there can only be one JMJ on Loaded and after this match is said and done, only one JMJ will remain on Loaded.

[Jay stands back up and faces Masterson Jr. again as the lock up once more and this time Johnny uses his quickness and catches Jay in a side headlock but is pushed towards the ropes and comes bouncing off and is caught by Jay with a stiff lariat reminiscent of Kenta Kobashi.]

Sir Hirst – The Jam Master with a heavy beat for Johnny Jr. there and he goes for a cover.

Koren Olston – Only a one count, but Jam Master Jay is trying to take the advantage early.

Sir Hirst – Brilliant move, wear down your opponent early and he won’t have enough to get through the rest of the match.

[Jay drags Johnny Masterson Jr. up to his feet and lifts him into the air as he walks around the ring holding Masterson Jr. up in a Gorilla press before dropping him stomach first onto the mat. Jam Master Jay stands with his arms crossed looking “hype” as he poses for the booing fans. Johnny kicks up to his feet and with another burst of quickness drop kicks Jam Master Jay in the back and into the ropes.]

Koren Olston – Jay is sent crashing to the outside as Johnny got him square in the jaw with the side kick.

Sir Hirst – Ouch, that was a pretty nasty fall, but Jam Master Jay is a heavyweight and has the bulk to feel less pain then someone like Johnny Masterson Jr.

[Jay stands up to his feet a little dazed from falling over the ropes and to the outside as he staggers around on the floor for a moment before looking up to see Johnny Masterson coming forward towards him and catching him with a flying cross body that takes him off his feet.]

Koren Olston – What a move, JMJ really using his speed and agility here in this match.

Sir Hirst – But JMJay was taken off his feet with that high risk move.

Koren Olston – Yes, but JMJ hit that move with cunning precision.

Sir Hirst – You mean the falling over part? I’m sure you’re quite the expert on falling onto your back.

[Masterson Jr. gets back up to his feet first and lugs Jay up to his feet and rolls him into the ring as he climbs in behind and stands on the apron a moment and waits for Jay to get up. Jay slowly pushes himself up and barely gets to his feet and turns around to see Johnny jump onto the top rope with a spring board drop kick that sends Jay staggering backwards.]

Koren Olston – Jam Master Jay is staggering as he is reeling from this surprise offence from Johnny Masterson Jr.

Sir Hirst – However Jay has been putting on quite the match as well as he’s been able to keep up step by step with the high flyer.

[Masterson Jr. seeing Jay is still on his feet and runs forward with a spin heel kick but Jay ducks it and Masterson Jr. lands on his back with a thud against the far ropes. Jay sluggishly makes his way towards Johnny Masterson Jr. and drags him up to his feet hooking his head under his arms and pulling him up into a vertical position as he turns around and stalls for a moment with Masterson Jr. dangling precariously upside down.]

Koren Olston – What is the Jam Master planning here?

Sir Hirst – I don’t know but he’s just letting all the blood rush to Johnny’s head and it looks ready to explode from the abundance of blood in there.

Koren Olston – And his face looks like a riped radish!

Sir Hirst – only you would pick something that no one would ever eat, then again you would go where no man would ever go.

Koren Olston – What are you talking about? I wish you would have a straight comment for once.

Sir Hirst – You don’t know how much I wish that for you too.

[Jay let’s go and brings Masterson Jr. falling straight down head first into the mat with a stalling brain buster into a tombstone and Johnny’s legs spasm before going limp as Jay makes the cover and referee Alex Sommers slides into position to count, ONE... TWO... THRRRR... Masterson Jr. gets his shoulder up at the last one/hundredth of a millisecond and the crowd erupts into cheers as Jam Masterson Jay can’t believe it.]

Koren Olston – I can’t believe Masterson kicked out of that.

Sir Hirst – I thought his neck was halfway down to his crotch by now and he kicked out!?

Koren Olston – I guess being the only JMJ is something that Johnny Masterson Jr. just doesn’t want to let go.

[Jay drags Johnny up to his feet and places him in position for a powerbomb as he lifts the high flyer up and flips him over and prepares to send him crashing to the mat with a powerbomb but is instead caught off with a hurricanrana into a pin and Sommers quickly starts to count, ONE... TWO... Jam Master Jay with his massive legs kick out and send Masterson Jr. rolling towards the ropes, where the young wrestling tries to pull himself up by the ropes.]

Sir Hirst – Both men are dead on their feet and this has been one hell of a match.

Koren Olston – For a rather silly premise these two have really given the fans a show.

Sir Hirst – Too bad they lost about 1

years off their lives to do it.

[Both men are completely spent as the match has gone on longer than either has anticipated and all they are able to do is stand breathing heavily as they stagger and sway around in their stances. Jay makes the next move and runs towards Johnny who quickly ducks out of the way and falls to the mat laying on his stomach as Jay hits nothing but air and the ropes and bounces off falling to the canvas himself.]

Koren Olston – Masterson Jr. quick to get out of the way and inadvertently caused Jay to slingshot himself off the ropes.

Sir Hirst – Not a good place to be late in the match.

[Jay places Masterson Jr. over his shoulders and starts to climb up the ropes with Johnny in a fireman’s carry. The Jam Master standing tall on the middle rope makes one more step up and finds himself perched at the very top as the crowd watch in stun anticipation as Jay prepares for the super death valley driver.]

Koren Olston – Masterson has already but dropped hard on his head with that stalling tombstone brainbuster, or whatever Jay pulled out of his hat and it looks like Jay is ready to break his neck with a super fireman carry slam.

Sir Hirst – Hey when someone causes you to break your ankle by stealing your name you go out and break their necks.

Koren Olston – So you suggest those with the name Hirst to knock at your door and break you neck.

Sir Hirst – I’d like to see that, I’d tear them a new arse. I know you feel we only need one...

[Jay begins to fall to his side but Johnny starts to struggle and some how manages to slide off Jay’s shoulder and spins around grabbing Jay in a front face lock and spins both men until they are facing in the ring and falls forward driving Jay’s jaw hard into his shoulder with a spinning front face lock bulldog.]

Koren Olston – Amazing count with a swinging diamond cutter!

Sir Hirst – How the hell did he do that? I think he needs to get tested because he could not have enough strength or energy to pull that off.

[Johnny Masterson Jr. slowly drags himself over and places his arm weakly across Jay’s chest as Alex Sommers falls to his stomach and begins to slap the canvas and make the count with the fans eagerly looking, ONE...]

Koren Olston – Listen the fans are on their feet.

[A silence falls over the arena as only the sound of Alex Sommer’s hand slapping the mat again can be heard and the TWO is signified...THRRR...]

Sir Hirst – NO! NO! NO! Look Jam Master is...

[THREE!!! The crowd erupts as the roof is nearly blown off with the thousand of ACCW fans jumping up and down screaming as Alex Sommers holds up three fingers and then grabs hold of Johnny’s hand and raises it in the air as he still lies beside Jam Master Jay motionless on the canvas.]

Koren Olston – JMJ WINS! JMJ WINS!

Sir Hirst – I can’t believe this just happened...

[Suddenly “Headstrong echoes throughout the arena again and out walks Marcus Bryant one more time as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring as both JMJ and Jay get to their feet.]

Marcus Bryant – Now I know I was a little harsh earlier tonight, but I’ve come out here to commend the real JMJ on winning here tonight. As for you Jam Master...

[Marcus stares Jay down as he circles around the Jam Master smiling. Marcus stops and stands in front of Jay looking at him with a wry smile as he continues to speak.]

Marcus Bryant – Seeing that you lost tonight and there can be only one JMJ on Loaded I have a little something for you...

[Out of the crowd runs out a masked man that levels Jay from behind with a championship belt and begins to stomp away on the Jam Master who is holding his head in pain reeling from the surprise attack.]

Marcus Bryant – I don’t feel you are something that Loaded needs so tonight consider yourself FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED!

[Marcus starts to take some cheap shots as well as he and the masked man beat down on the Jam Master, but JMJ interrupts and pulls Marcus off of Jay. The masked man stops and stars as Marcus looks absolutely irate and holds the mic up to his mouth.]

Marcus Bryant – So it seems that JMJ doesn’t like to see a man being beaten down, always got to be the hero don’t you, eh Johnny. You know what I’m starting to see what your Daddy so in you. You can win these pathetic meaningless matches, but when it comes to the big times you’re just not ready. You just don’t know where your boundaries are and as of right now I’m going to give you a little warning...

[The masked man grips the title belt in his hand and wallops JMJ in the back of the head with it as he hands the title to Marcus to hold and picks JMJ up to his feet and lifts him into the air dropping him down hard with a Ki-Krusher and now both JMJ and Jay are left motionless once again in the ring.]

Marcus Bryant – Never touch the boss! As for you Jay, don’t worry just because there can be only one JMJ on Loaded doesn’t mean you can’t go elsewhere with your little JMJay moniker. Consider that a farewell gift from Loaded.

[Marcus and the masked man walk away as Bryant lets out a menacing laughter and makes his way to the back.]

Koren Olston – I can’t believe what I just saw! Who was that masked man, and did you get a clear look at that championship title?

Sir Hirst – I think I got a good enough look because it looked a hell of a lot like a certain Championship over on Showdown...

Koren Olston – Could Marcus Bryant have stolen another Showdown wrestler!
[Meanwhile in the backstage Mr. Ed and PM Steel are backstage where they have been called into a special waiting room as both men stare intensely at one another. Mr. Ed looks over at the ACCW Heavyweight Championship draped over PM Steel’s shoulder as the camera cuts out and back to ringside.]

Andrea Benson – Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is set for one fall...

[“Threat” by Against all Authority plays over the sound system and Maasaki Ogawa walks out to the ring as the fans boo contently at the Japanese wrestler as chants of Mas-A-Sucks echo throughout the arena.]

Andrea Benson – Introducing first to the ring from Kyoto, Japan and weighing 246 pounds... MAASAKI OGAWA!

[Ogawa jumps onto the apron and steps through unzipping his jacket as he turns around enough for the camera to catch a glimpse of the word “Innovator” on his trunks. Then “Threat” dies off as “Insomniac’s Dream” by Adema begins to play.]

Andrea Benson – And now coming to the ring weighing 300 pounds and hailing from Glasgow, Scotland... KRIM’NAL!

[Krim’nal walks intense as he marches to the ring dressed in pure black tights and steps over the top rope and walks around the ring looking over his opponent.]

Koren Olston – I don’t know who the fans want to hate more, Masahiro’s lackey or that bastard Krim’nal.

Sir Hirst – The fans are never happy so they can boo the best wrestlers in the business today all they want, because it won’t make a lick of difference to there two in the ring.

Koren Olston – Neither man with their respective groups with them tonight as Marcus Bryant has banned any wrestler not booked tonight for special security reasons.

[Krim’nal and Maasaki Ogawa circle around one another as the bell sounds. Ogawa and Krim’nal lock up as Krim marches Ogawa into the turnbuckles and referee Nick Harris gets between both men and tells Krim’nal to back off. Krim takes a step back holding his hands up, and Ogawa takes an advantage with a cheap fist into Krim’s jaw sending the big man staggering backwards.]

Sir Hirst – Great start to the match by Ogawa as he is already proving that he can stay with the big boys here in the ACCW.

Koren Olston – Krim’nal is no small man and he’s like a mountain standing over Ogawa. So Ogawa is going to need to find a strategy that will be effective to beating Krim’nal if this match stretches longer than ten minutes.

Sir Hirst – Krim’nal looks a little winded, maybe he hasn’t gotten over that casket match with Spectre.

[Ogawa tries a lariat but Krim’nal stands tall as the move has little effect and Krim’nal brings his head down hard against Maasaki’s forehead with a huge headbutt that sends Ogawa crashing to the canvas. Krim’nal drops a heavy elbow over his throat and makes a cover as Nick Harris begins to count, ONE... and a kick out by Ogawa and Krim’nal gets back up to his feet dragging Ogawa up with him.]

Koren Olston – Krim’nal is really taking charge in this match.

Sir Hirst – When you have the experience and raw power that he does, you’re almost unbeatable.

[Krim’nal whips Ogawa into the ropes and catches him with a sleep hold dropping to his stomach with a modified reverse DDT that nearly cracks the back of Ogawa skull open and Krim’nal back to his feet begins to stomp away on the “Innovator”.]

Koren Olston – The Innovator is really getting his ass handed to him right here.

Sir Hirst – Why do they call him the Innovator?

Koren Olston – I think it was a self proclaimed title.

Sir Hirst – Oh I got it, he’s the only man that can Innovate new ways of getting his ass kicked!

[Krim’nal drags Ogawa back up to his feet and paces him over one shoulder as he turns around facing towards the center of the ring and takes a run as he drives Maasaki into the canvas with a solid powerslam. Krim’nal makes a quick cover, ONE... TWO... Ogawa barely able to kick out.]

Koren Olston – This match was close to being over.

Sir Hirst – I thought he had him, but Ogawa has youth and the stamina to help him continue.

[Masahiro and Mr. Bogus appear at the top of the stage much to the displeasure of the crowd and Masahiro waving a Japanese flag in vigor walks first leading the way as he and Mr. Bogus slowly make their way to ringside.]

Koren Olston – What!? What is the Uprising doing coming out here?

Sir Hirst – Can’t you see, they’re here for support.

Koren Olston – But everyone that isn’t scheduled to be here tonight was suppose to be banned.

Sir Hirst – Unless they have a ticket, but look. Mr. Bogus and Masahiro have tickets stringed around their necks. Genius!

[Krim’nal meanwhile inside of the ring continues to beat down on Ogawa until Mr. Bogus steps on the apron and draws the referee’s attention forcing Krim’nal to turn his back on Maasaki Ogawa and drops Bogus off the ring apron with a solid right, but behind him Ogawa creeps up and drops him with a quick hang man’s neckbreaker and goes for a cover, ONE... TWO... Krim’nal kicks out with force and Ogawa can’t believe it.]

Koren Olston – Ogawa has just been dominated tonight and things look bleak.

Sir Hirst – Well it looks like he’s got Krim’nal on the ropes finally...

[Ogawa gets back up and brings Krim’nal to his feet. Ogawa sets Krim up for a body slam but can’t pick up all of Krim’nal’s weight and get’s his body slam attempt reversed into a tombstone and Krim’nal goes for another cover, ONE... TWO... THRRRR...]

Koren Olston – Here it is, the thrrr... what the hell is Masahiro doing!?

[Masahiro drops his flag and dives into the ring and Krim’nal gets up before Nick Harris can complete the three count. Masahiro and Krim’nal stare each other down as Masahiro starts to back track towards the ropes and out of the ring. Krim’nal grabs hold of the Mas-A-Man and has him pressed against the ropes as Nick Harris is trying to break them apart but is hit in the temple by an inadvertent elbow and drops to the mat.]

Sir Hirst – Krim’nal just knocked out Nick Harris and now there’s no referee!

Koren Olston – Krim’nal had this match won, but the number games is starting to become a factor here.

Sir Hirst – Krim might be facing an uphill struggle now.

[Krim’nal whips Masahiro into the corner and levels him with a stiff clothesline as he picks Masahiro up and begins climbing the turnbuckles ready to deliver a top rope powerbomb on Masahiro.]

Koren Olston – I bet Masahiro is just wishing he didn’t become involved in this match right about now.

Sir Hirst – Thanks for the insight Mr. Obvious.

Koren Olston – No that’s Mr. Bogus out there.

[Mr. Bogus slides into the ring and grabs the Japanese Flag and charges at Krim’nal snapping the flag pole across Krim’nal’s back and sends the big man slumping to the mat and Masahiro jumps off the top with a Senton Splash.]

Sir Hirst – It looks like the Uprising is making a statement here.

Koren Olston – And a big one at that, as all three member have become a major factor in this match.

Sir Hirst – I know, a smartly laid out plan is unfolding in front of us as they take their first bites of the pie.

[Mr. Bogus drags Ogawa over top Krim’nal as Masahiro revives the ref and Nick Harris groggily comes to and drags himself towards Ogawa and Krim’nal as he makes the count. Outside Bogus has Krim’nal’s foot held down out of view from the referee’s sight as Harris makes the count, ONE... TWO...]

Koren Olston – THREE! What a cheap victory.

Sir Hirst – Any victory is a good victory!

Koren Olston – Folks we have to take another break, but next Marcus Bryant drops his bombshell!
[The ring is decorated in a red carpet and a table set up in the middle of the ring with PM Steel and Mr. Ed seated at two chairs. Marcus Bryant walks out to Trapt’s “Headstrong”. He steps through the ropes and into the ring smiling at the two men in the ring. He brings the mic up to his mouth and commences to speak.]

Marcus Bryant – Now before I tell the whole world the big news that I have had planned all week, I think I’ll need a little security. Just in case any wrestlers want to voice their displeasure with me tonight.

[Once again the 2

Loaded security guards flood the ring and stand outside waiting as Marcus Bryant starts up once again.]

Marcus Bryant – Ah much better. Now the big announcement, ah PM Steel the ACCW Heavyweight Champion... you left Evil Ways with the Championship in tow but there have been questions that have arisen since Evil Ways. WHO IS THE ACCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!? Is it PM Steel... or... is it Mr. Ed? Now at Evil Ways if anyone was there they would have saw me outside that Palace of Pain presenting it to the victor... Mr. Ed.

[The fans let out a shrill shock in unison as Marcus holds his finger up to silence them and continues with his bombshell.]

Marcus Bryant – That’s right I said, Mr. Ed won that match. However, surprisingly the Evil Ways tapes have been lost or *ahem* stolen and written results were posted on our official website stating PM Steel the champion. There is no doubt in my mind who perpertarted this act and it is non other than your boss PM Steel... Robert Graham. I bet the two of you were conniving the whole time behind the backs of the ACCW to change the results and steal the tapes so your “win” would be official. It’s too bad I have to do this to you Steel, cause I like you I really do, but as of this moment PM Steel will be stripped of the ACCW Heavyweight Championship. If you will PM Steel I would like you to leave the Arena, because since you are no longer World Champion, you don’t have the right to be on Loaded. Oh say hello to Graham when you get back.

[PM Steel looks furious and ready to attack Bryant, but his judgement kicks in and slips through the ropes as half of the security guards lead him out of the ring area and Marcus smiles even bigger as he watches Steel walk out of the arena and Loaded.]

Marcus Bryant – Now I don’t want you fans to think that, was my big announcement. No, it was just a little matter of business I had to deal with, and I still have one bit of work to complete, but now onto my big news. As you fans know that there has been some displeasure from much of the wrestlers in the ACCW when it concerns the mentioning of the name Robert Graham. Since he has come into the ACCW there has been a lot more problems than I would like, wrong decisions and really iffy calls. However tonight that all changes...

[The fans sit back as they wait the inevitable as Marcus Bryant stands in the middle of the ring smug.]

Marcus Bryant – After tonight, the ACCW will be divided once again, but not with another brand extension. No, nothing like that. You see I can’t fire Robert Graham because of his contract. So I sat back thinking, what am I going to do next? So it hit me, an idea of a lifetime. With the backing of wrestlers that I admire and add something special to the ACCW I went out and got the to agree to my plan. You see as we all know Loaded has been on Wednesday Nights for several months now and we have allowed some Showdown talent to cross over onto our show, bringing the quality of our products down, Tonight that stops! It all ends here, in this ring.

[The camera spins around catching the confused expressions of the thousands of the ACCW fans.]

Marcus Bryant – You see I went out and decided that Loaded will no longer be in association with Showdown or Robert Graham in any way. No longer will his poor decisions affect us. We won’t stand for another Robert Graham debacle, so after tonight Loaded becomes its own company of sorts. Loaded will no longer be on Wednesday, we are moving to Saturdays and we will be going head to head with Showdown and every week we are going to show them up. Week in, Week out you will see Loaded rule the television ratings. What’s that? You want to know about the champions who cross over. Well As far as I’m concerned those on Showdown carrying an ACCW Title have tainted it with their mediocrity and can stay on Loaded with their two bit titles. So the TV title, the Tag titles are officially Showdown’s they can keep them and the wrestlers wearing them.

Koren Olston – What a bombshell! Loaded has just gone independent and will no longer have anything to do with Showdown.

Marcus Bryant – So as of tonight we will have our own ACCW Heavyweight Champion and this belt, it won’t be polluted any longer. We will bring the value back to this Championship belt. Mr. Ed if you would stand up.

[Marcus Bryant picks up the ACCW Heavyweight Championship and grips it in his hands as Mr. Ed stands up preparing to accept the Championship belt to the fans of all of the Loaded fans.]

Marcus Bryant – Well Ed I know I was wrong in what I did to your friend JMJ, but I hope this makes it up for it...

[Marcus turns around and holds the belt up to the cheering fans as the light glints off his shiny gold. Ed holds out his hands and... Marcus drops him to the canvas with a vicious shot to the skull with the ACCW Heavyweight title. Marcus spits on Ed and drapes the World title over his shoulder laughing as he takes the mic again.]

Marcus Bryant – Are you really that gullible or stupid? Did you really think I would just hand the ACCW Heavyweight Title to you. You haven’t earned it, you were beaten by PM Steel twice in front of the ACCW cameras and according to the “official ACCW results” PM Steel beat you a third time! So you’ve done nothing but made a name for yourself, PM Steel’s little bitch. I’m ashamed of what you have become. Ed I had high hope for you, you were going to be the beacon of light for Loaded, but you let me down, not once or twice, but three goddamn times! You and your little group of nobodies Points of Authority, you all mean nothing to me. Just like every other wrestler on this roster, you’re all nothing more than pawns on my chess board and I’ll move you around the way I want. However Ed I am feeling rather generous tonight and since I have no favourites here on Loaded I’ll give you the chance to earn the ACCW Heavyweight Championship on the next Loaded. The first under the Bryant Era. Next week Ed, you will be one of four men in the mainevent. You see it will be a Stairway to Hell 4 Way match. It will be you, Krim’nal, Maasaki Ogawa just because he showed how hungry he was to prove himself tonight. It will be you three men and one mystery man that will compete and only one of you will walk out of hell the ACCW Heavyweight Champion! You’ll just have to wait to see what a Stairway to Hell match is...

[With that Marcus stands over top the unconscious Mr. Ed and drops the mic to his feet as the camera fades with Marcus Bryant holding the ACCW Heavyweight title high in the air and laughing maniacally as Loaded goes off the air.]