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JJ: Well that moment is finally here, the ACCW Global Championship Match.

Josh: Yes it is and I can’t wait to see who is going to win this match. The competitors in this match are both great wrestlers so this should be a great match.

Andrea: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the ACCW Global Championship Belt. Coming to the ring the first weighing in at 276 pounds and hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PM Steel!

(3GX flashes across the titantron as “Slow Me Down” by Default screeches over the PA system. PM Steel finally makes his appearance with his tag team belt around his waist to the booing crowd as he taunts on the stage. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs in and waits for the champion.)

Andrea: And his opponent weighing in at 285 pounds and coming from Liverpool, England, he is the current ACCW Global Champion, here is Mr. Ed!

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana blares over the PA system as Mr. Ed with the title around his waist makes his way onto the stage. The crowd cheers crazily for Mr. Ed as he makes his way down to the ring. Climbing into the ring PM Steel stands there and looks at him. Mr. Ed gives the belt to the ref who holds it up signifying the type of match it is.)

JJ: This should be a great match up folks.

Josh: Indeed it should.

(…Ding….Ding….Ding! As the ring sounds off both men walk to the center of the ring and stare at each other. The crowd cheers hysterically as the stare off continues. Finally PM Steel goes for the first punch and clearly misses. Mr. Ed counters the punch with a punch of his own. With the punch connecting Steel in the face Mr. Ed continues. After several punches, Ed throws Steel into the ropes and dropkicks Steel. Steel rolls out of the ring and gives mean looks at the crowd and Ed.)

JJ: It looks like Steel wasn’t ready for that one.

Josh: Nah he’s fine.

(With Ed signaling for Steel to get back in the ring, the ref begins counting. Not until after six counts does Steel climb back into the ring. Both men lock up. Steel gives a chop to Ed and then clotheslines him. Steel picks up Ed and sends him into the ropes. Steel delivers a drop toe hold to Ed and then works on him. Steel grabs the leg of Ed and raises it up in the air and slams it back on the mat. Steel picks up Ed and delivers a DDT. Steel runs into the ropes and leg drops Ed. Picking up Ed, Steel taunts the crowd and gives Ed a brain buster. The crowd begins to boo.)

(Steel picks Ed up and goes for a pile driver but Ed counters with a back body drop. The crowd cheers as Ed begins to throw stomps onto Steel. Ed picks Steel up and gives him a military press slam. After giving several elbow drops, Ed picks Steel up and delivers a shoulder breaker to Steel. Ed goes for a cover, 1...2...Kick out. Ed gets up a little aggravated and throws Steel into the ropes. Steel runs into a spine buster leaving him dazed on the mat. Ed picks up Steel and gives him a samoan drop. The crowd cheers as Ed takes control of the match.)

JJ: Ed really has this match in control now.

Josh: Steel needs to get up or it’s all over.

(As Ed picks up Steel, Steel rakes the eyes of Ed who goes down to the mat. Steel breathing for air picks Ed up and throws him into the ropes. Steel wraps a sleeper hold on Ed as Ed’s arms swing in the air. After a few minutes the ref begins to worry and lifts Ed’s arm in the air.)

JJ: Could Mr. Ed be out of it?

(The ref drops Mr. Ed’s hand… 1 the ref raises it and drops it again… 2 the ref raises Mr. Ed’s arm once more and drops it… Mr. Ed jolts his arm upward and the crowd busts out cheering. Mr. Ed gives Steel a few elbows causing him to break the hold. Mr. Ed then runs into the ropes and comes running back with a leaping cross body block. Mr. Ed stays on top as the ref counts, 1...2... PM Steel kicks out)

Josh: This title means so much to each of these men.

(Ed picks Steel up and delivers a sidewalk slam. Ed goes up on the top rope as the crowd cheers. As Ed leaps off the top rope, Steel moves out of the way causing Mr. Ed to miss his elbow drop. The crowd boos as Steel picks Ed up and gives him a back breaker. Steel picks Ed up and gives him another back breaker. Steel runs into the ropes and leg drops Ed. The crowd boos even louder after Steel taunts. Finally Steel goes for a cover, 1...2...Mr. Ed kicks out)

JJ: This match could go either way the way these competitors are wrestling.

(Steel picks Ed up and throws him into the ropes, Steel delivers a knee to the face of Ed as he goes down on the mat holding his face. Steel stands over Ed and taunts. Steel picks up Ed and delivers the pro killer. Ed goes down. Steel picks Ed back up and delivers the Steel Curtain. Steel stands over Ed and taunts)

JJ: We might have ourselves a new Global Champion here tonight!

(PM Steel picks Mr. Ed up and delivers the Steel Curtain to him!!! The crowd goes into an uproar with boos)

JJ: That’s it, we are going to have a new champion for sure!

Josh: Come on Mr. Ed, fight back!

(Just then the Osaka Dragons leap over the guardrail behind the commentators table and Masahiro “Oni” Tabaka grabs PM Steel’s Tag Team Title and he runs over and jumps onto the ring apron and cracks the ref in the back of the head with the title laying him out!!!)

JJ: The Osaka Dragons!!! The ref is down oh my God the ref is down!

(The Dragons storm into the ring, Maasaki Ogawa grabs PM Steel holding his arms behind him as Masahiro dives forward with the Tag Title and cracks PM Steel directly in the face with it! Just then G-Pac comes running down to the ring with his title in his hand. G-Pac slides under the bottom rope and charges at Maasaki with the title but Maasaki ducks and hit’s a super kick into the belt which slams into the face of G-Pac!)

Josh: The Osaka Dragons have busted open the New Age Outsiders!!! Blood is pouring from both of the Tag Team Champions!!!

(Masahiro grabs G-Pac and rolls him out of the ring and Maasaki places Mr. Ed’s arm over PM Steel and slides out of the ring as the ref is starting to come too. The Dragons walk up the ramp getting booed very badly. The ref sees the cover and slowly goes for the count, 1...2...3 DING DING DING “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana picks up over the PA system as the ref hands Mr. Ed his Global Championship Title)

Josh: P.M. Steel has just been screwed by the Osaka Dragons!

(Mr. Ed leaves up the ramp to the crowd cheering but it is broken by “My Way” by Limp Bizkit roaring over the PA system. Robert Graham comes walking out after Mr. Ed has entered the backstage area. PM Steel is starting to come too and looks up at the top of the ramp as blood is pouring down his face. Graham starts laughing into the microphone)

Graham: Well, are you still confused!?!

Josh: That son of a bitch planned this!

JJ: What does this mean? Do the Dragons now work for Graham like the Xtremist’s?

Graham: I made a little deal with the Dragons that if they took care of my dirty work I would give them a shot at the Titles so…… two weeks from now, Retribution! The New Age Outsider’s will be defending their titles against The Osaka Dragons!

(The crowd boos Graham as he gives off a chuckle)

JJ: Folks we have to go, we hope you enjoyed.

Josh: Tune in next week on the 25th for another get Hostile Grounds!

(The camera fades as it is showing The New Age Outsiders in the ring holding onto their Tag Titles with blood dripping down their faces)