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JJ: It’s time Josh.

Josh: I can’t wait, and neither can these fans they are going nuts.

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 220 pounds and he is from Tokyo, Japan, Jann Li!

(The crowd begins to boo as “It’s Murda” by Ja Rule & DMX blares over the PA system. Jann Li comes walking down to the ring taunting. Jann walks up to this fan who is trash talking him and Jann Li slaps the man right in the face! The man tries to jump over the rail at Jann Li but security stops him as Jann Li slides into the ring)

Andrea: And one of his opponents, he is weighting in at 175 pounds, and is from New York City, New York, G-Pac!

(3GX flashes across the titantron and more boos come from the crowd. “Turn It On” by Cheerleader roars over the PA system as G-Pac comes walking out onto the entranceway with his New Age Outsiders shirt on. G-Pac jogs down to the ring and slides in under the ropes and runs over to the corner jumping up to the middle rope taunting)

Andrea: Their next opponent, hailing from Peterbrough, Ontario, Canada, Jam Master Jay!

(“It’s Like That” by Run DMC picks up over the PA system as Jam Master Jay comes walking out and down towards the ring area. Jam Master steps into the ring eyeballing his opponents as he walks over to a open corner)

Andrea: And the next opponent, weighting in at 320 pounds and he is from New Orleans, Louisiana, Archangel!

(The entranceway fills with smoke or fog as “Lonely Road of Faith” by Kid Rock slowly picks up over the PA system. Archangel slowly emerges from the fog and walks down towards the ring with a determined look in his eye. Archangel slides into the ring and gives off a taunt as the crowd boos him)

Andrea: And the final opponent in this match up, weighting in at 225 pounds and he is from Bogalusa, Louisiana, Hardcore Hansel!

(The crowd gives off some mixed reactions as “My Life” by 12 Stones blasts over the PA system. Hansel comes walking out with Hardcore Hansel flashing across the titantron in elegant purple lettering. Hansel walks down to the ring looking at each man from the outside. Hansel jumps up to the ring apron and slowly steps into the ring)

JJ: This isn’t going to be pretty Josh.

Josh: Oh I know, things are going to get just down right brutal!

(DING DING DING, Archangel rushes over towards Hansel and gives him a knee to the chest knocking Hansel back and over the top rope to the floor below. JMJ charges over giving G-Pac a kick to the gut as Jann Li runs over and jumps onto the back of Archangel locking in a sleeper! Archangel flips Jann Li forward and to the outside where Hansel is laying!)

Josh: Whoa, Jann Li’s back smacked hard against that ring apron on his way out of the ring.

(JMJ lifts G-Pac up with a vertical suplex and holds him there for a few seconds then brings him down with it. Archangel walks over and gives JMJ a big boot to the face knocking him back into the corner of the ring. Archangel steps up onto the middle rope and begins the ten punches. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 G-Pac runs over leaping up onto he top rope beside Archangel and jumps over wrapping his legs around Archangel’s head and flips him backwards off of the second rope sending him to the mat hard. G-Pac quickly goes for the cover, 1...2... JMJ dives on G-Pac breaking the count)

JJ: That was close, Archangel was almost out of here!

(On the outside of the ring Hansel is picking up Jann Li. Hansel lifts him up into a fall away slam position but runs over towards the steel ring post and drives Jann Li’s back directly into it! Hansel drops Jann Li to the floor and taunts as the crowd boos his actions. Hansel picks Jann Li up and gives him a strong irish whip into the guardrail! Hansel backs up a few feet and breaks off into a sprint towards Jann Li and goes for a flipping tumbleweed but at the last second Jann Li rolls out of the way and Hansel’s back smacks right into the guardrail!)

Josh: Ouch, Hansel will be feeling that later.

(In the ring G-Pac and JMJ are exchanging blows. JMJ then gives G-Pac a hard kick to his shins! JMJ then gives G-Pac a knee to the face knocking him back into the ropes. JMJ grabs G-Pac and whips him to the opposite side of the ring but when G-Pac makes it to the middle of the ring Archangel comes from no where and grabs G-Pac by the throat! JMJ runs towards Archangel but Archangel grabs him by the throat with his feet hand. Archangel flips his hair back and lifts both men high into the air and drives them down into the mat with a double chokeslam!)

JJ: What a double chokeslam folks, Archangel has them now.

(Archangel falls to his knees and lays his hands on each of their chest as the ref jumps down to make the count, 1...2... JMJ gets his shoulder up ...3 DING DING DING)

Andrea: G-Pac has been eliminated! Four men remain.

JJ: That was very close for JMJ.

Josh: Yeah, too close.

(Archangel goes to pick JMJ up but JMJ gives Archangel a low blow taking him down to the mat! Meanwhile on the outside of the ring Jann Li is stomping a mudhole in Hardcore Hansel who is pinned up against the guardrail! Jann Li picks Hansel up into a military press and drops him throat first onto the guardrail getting cheers from the crowd. Jann Li then picks Hansel up and rolls him into the ring, Jann Li then follows him in)

Josh: Here we go, all the men that are left are in the ring now.

(JMJ runs over stomping down on Jann Li, JMJ picks Jann Li up and whips him into the corner. JMJ follows up with a running double knee smash! JMJ then sets Jann Li up onto the top rope and climbs up with him. As the two men jockey for position Archangel is up and walks over grabbing JMJ as he stands on the middle rope. JMJ has Jann Li hooked in a vertical suplex position as Archangel has JMJ hooked in a german suplex position!)

JJ: This is going to hurt any way you look at it!

(Archangel falls backwards off of the second rope bringing JMJ with him, but JMJ still has a hold of Jann Li with the vertical suplex! All three men crash into the mat, the impact shaking the entire arena!!!)

Josh: WOW!!! They are all laid out now!

(Archangel throws his arm back onto someone’s chest and the ref makes the count, 1...2...3 DING DING DING)

Andrea: Jann Li has been eliminated! Only three men remain!

(Hansel is up and he walks over picking Archangel up to his feet. Hansel gives Archangel a scoop slam and jerks him back up to his feet. Hansel then lifts Archangel up into a firemans carry position and brings him down with a somoan drop! Hansel then quickly goes for the cover, 1...2... Archangel sits straight up breaking the count and Hansel can’t believe it!)

Josh: Archangel just sat straight up as if Hansel wasn’t even there!

JJ: This man is unreal!

(Hansel jumps up to his feet but JMJ kicks him in the back. As Hansel turns around JMJ lifts Hansel up into a sidewalk slam position and slams him down to the mat, Hansel’s head whips off of the mat. JMJ holds onto his legs and turns Hansel over)

JJ: Jam Master Jay has Hansel locked in a boston crab!!! Hansel has no where to go he is in the middle of the ring.

Josh: Archangel is up, what’s he going to do?

(Archangel walks over to JMJ and lifts his leg to kick him but stops and jumps down to the mat where he is face to face with Hansel. Archangel begins screaming in his face as he is flipping him off with both fingers!!! Hansel can’t help it and taps, DING DING DING)

Andrea: Hardcore Hansel has been eliminated! Two men left!

JJ: We are down to the final two wrestlers.

Josh: One of these men are going to Retribution to face the Global Champion for his title, who is it going to be!?!

(JMJ tosses Hansel over the top rope and out of the ring. Archangel comes running up and clubs JMJ in the back of the neck sending him over the top rope to the floor below. Archangel steps over the ropes and out to the floor. Archangel picks JMJ up and whips him into the steel steps! JMJ smashes into the steps dislodging them. Archangel grabs the top half of the steps and raises it up over his head and the ref leans over the ropes warning Archangel not to do it or he will be disqualified!)

Josh: Don’t do it, he wouldn’t!

(Archangel stares at the ref then tosses the steps aside. Archangel then picks JMJ up and rolls him into the ring and follows him in. Archangel picks JMJ up and places his head between his legs calling for The Deep Sleep! But JMJ reverses it with a back body drop! As Archangel is slowly getting up to his feet JMJ runs over and hit’s the Sicor Kick oh Archangel!!!)

JJ: That’s it!!! The Sicor Kick folks, it’s over!!!

(JMJ goes for the cover, 1...2... Archangel gets his shoulder up at the last second! JMJ picks Archangel up and goes for a vertical suplex but in mid air Archangel reverses it and comes down on top of JMJ with a pin attempt, 1...2... JMJ kicks out. The crowd begins cheering in favor of both men. Archangel and JMJ both stand to their feet. Archangel kicks JMJ in the midsection and places him between his legs and flips him up, BUT JMJ slides back behind Archangel and pulls him down with a backslide pin, 1...2... Archangel kicks out)

Josh: This is going to be a heartbreaker folks.

(Archangel grabs JMJ and lifts him up walking over to the corner and setting him up in a tree of woe! Archangel then backs up into the opposite corner and charges forward catching JMJ right in the gut with a extremely powerful boot! JMJ’s feet come untangled and he falls to the mat. Archangel picks JMJ up placing him between his legs once more. Archangel gives the cut throat signal and flips JMJ up and slams him down into the mat with such force that Archangel falls to his knees!!! Archangel then gives JMJ a darkness pin cover, 1...2...3 DING DING DING, “Lonely Road of Faith” by Kid Rock picks up over the PA system as Archangel rises to his feet and the ref raises his arm with the victory!)

JJ: He has done it!!!

Josh: Archangel is once again the number one contender for the highest ranked belt!

JJ: It’s as if Archangel is destined to become the ACCW’s number one champion!

Josh: Archangel is going to Retribution and we will see if he finally will get him some!