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(The camera fades in backstage as the camera is jumping around. The cameraman is running to keep up with some EMT’s! The EMT’s turn around a corner in the hallway and on the floor lies Ted Benet!!!)

Josh: What the hell is this about!?!

JJ: It seems that someone has attacked Ted Benet!

(The EMT’s slowly turn Ted Benet over and his face is covered in blood! Just then a far off voice is heard in down the hallway)

Voice: What the hell!!!

(Robert Graham comes running up to see Ted Benet laying there nearly dead. The EMT’s hook up and oxygen tank to Ted Benet as they wrap a brace around his neck. Boos can be heard coming from the arena. Ted Benet is carefully placed onto a stretcher. Graham grabs one of the EMT’s)

Graham: Who did this!?!

(The EMT shrugs his shoulders)

Graham: You don’t know, well Jesus Christ!!!

(Just then Hardcore Harry and Ric Blade come walking up. Graham grabs each of them by their shirts)

Graham: Alright, which one of you two did this!?!

(Harry and Ric shrug their shoulders also)

Graham: I wants some answers, now! I will find out who did this and when I do that person is DEAD!

Harry: Listen boss, we wouldn’t disturb our plan with that loser. Ric may have lost his match to him but we know better than that.

EMT: This couldn’t have been just one person, who ever did this nearly beat this man to death.

Graham: Just... get out of my sight now!

(Harry and Ric turn and disappear down the hallway. Graham looks down at Ted Benet who is strapped to the stretcher and has an oxygen mask on over his face)

Graham: You lucked out this time Ted. But I will be waiting for you to recover and come back and when you do, YOUR career will be over!

(Graham points down the hallway as he looks up)

Graham: Now get this disgrace out of my sight as well.

(The EMT’s push Ted down the hallway)


JJ: What in the....

Josh: Who in the....

JJ: It’s obvious that Ted Benet was attacked and is severely injured.

Josh: But who was it?

JJ: I don’t think Robert Graham would have ruined his own plan whatever that might have been.

Josh: And you would think that Harry and Ric would be smart enough not to screw with Graham’s plans.

JJ: Well Graham said he was going to find out who done this.

Josh: And I would sure hate to be that person.

...who will be the #1 contender...