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Andrea: The following match has been scheduled as a tag contest. Introducing first, with a combined weight of 470 pounds and representing 3GX, Rukus and J.D. Money.

(3GX flashes across the titantron as Rukus and J.D. Money appear on stage. They make their way down to the ring holding their arms up taunting the crowd. They both climb into the ring and taunt at the crowd again as they wait for their opponents.)

Andrea: And their opponents with a combined weight of 475 pounds. Here is Dark Knight and Genocide!

(“Killing In The Name Of”, by Rage Against the Machine overcomes the arena as both DK and Genocide appear as the crowd somewhat cheers for both. Making their way down to the ring DK leads as Genocide follows, they climb into the ring as both Rukus and J.D. Money climb out. With DK and Genocide waiting, Rukus and J.D. Money climb back into the ring to begin the match.)

JJ: We all know this is not going to be a pretty match since both teams dislike each other.

Josh: But what is there to like.

JJ: Good point and here we go!

(With both DK and Rukus on the apron, Genocide and J.D. Money wait anxiously in the ring for the belt to ring. Ding…Ding….Ding, as the bell rings both Genocide and J.D. Money charge at each other and lock up. Genocide wraps J.D. up into a headlock and tightens his grip. J.D. grinds his way out of the headlock by shoving Genocide into the ropes, Genocide shoulder blocks J.D. straight down to the mat. Genocide picks J.D. up and gives him a body slam. Genocide follows the body slam with several stomps to the body of J.D. Money)

JJ: Genocide looks more focused than ever.

(Genocide tags in DK and climbs through the ropes onto the apron. DK picks up J.D. and gives him an irish whip to the turnbuckle. DK delivers a running clothesline to J.D. as J.D. falls down face first on the mat. DK climbs to the second rope and springs off and slams his elbow into the back of J.D. Money. J.D. goes down in pain. DK picks J.D. up and lifts him up into the air as he performs a stalling suplex. As J.D. is stalled in the air, the crowd here and there gives cheers for DK and Genocide. J.D. comes crashing down the mat.)

JJ: Boy there a really working on J.D. Money

Josh: They’re playing smart, pick one man and work on him.

(DK goes for a cover, 1...2...before the ref can go any further Rukus breaks up the pin as he kicks DK in the head. As the ref signals for Rukus to get out of the ring, DK grabs J.D. by the leg and drags him over to their corner. DK tags Genocide in as DK twists J.D. Money’s arm over his head. Genocide climbs the top rope and gives an elbow drop to the twisted arm of J.D. Money. Genocide picks J.D. up and sets him up for a power bomb. J.D. tries to wiggle out of the power bomb but Genocide delivers a smash to his back . Genocide then power bombs J.D. to the canvas.)

(Genocide again picks up J.D. and sets him up for a pile driver. This time J.D. reverses the grapple and delivers a back body drop to Genocide. J.D. begins to stomp on Genocide. J.D. picks up Genocide and gives him a fireman’s carry. As Genocide goes down J.D. walks over and tags in Rukus. Rukus climbs into the ring and begins to deliver punches to Genocide. Picking Genocide up, Rukus DDT’s Genocide. Rukus then climbs the top rope and delivers a missile toe drop kick as Genocide stands up.)

JJ: It looks as though Rukus and J.D. are taking the control of this match away from Genocide and DK.

(Rukus picks Genocide up and throws him into the ropes. Rukus power slams Genocide to the canvas. Rukus then runs into the ropes and comes back with an elbow drop to the back of Genocide. Rukus then puts the Boston crab on Genocide. Genocide shows an expression of pain as he tries to reach for the ropes. The crowd begins to throw low cheers for Genocide as he reaches for the ropes. Finally after Genocide reaches the ropes, the hold is broken as Rukus tags J.D. Money back in. J.D. drags Genocide over to the corner with Rukus and begins to stomp on him. J.D. begins to choke Genocide. With the ref counting over 5, J.D. releases his grasp around Genocide’s neck and backs away. )

JJ: Genocide seems to be losing his focus in this match.

Josh: Probably because he’s getting the trash beaten out of him.

(As J.D. returns to the corner, Genocide delivers a kick to his mid-section. J.D. goes down to his knees gasping for air. Genocide stands up and delivers another kick to the mid-section of J.D. Money. Genocide quickly runs over to his corner and tags in DK. As DK climbs into the ring, J.D. comes running with a clothesline that misses its target. DK counters the clothesline with a hard punch sending J.D. down to the mat. Rukus also climbs into the ring and is put down on the mat by a clothesline from DK. J.D. runs again at DK and is flipped over the top ropes and out of the ring.)

JJ: DK is kicking some ass in there.

(DK grabs Rukus and delivers the Death Drop to him and goes for the cover. No count occurs because Rukus is not the legal man and J.D. Money is. Realizing this, DK climbs out of the ring and throws J.D. Money into the ring. DK pile drives J.D. to the mat and throws Rukus out of the ring. Genocide is resting on the ropes on the apron as DK sets J.D. Money up for the Death Drop. J.D. counters the set up and sends DK crashing into the ropes. As DK hit’s the ropes, his back slams into Genocide who flies off the apron and slams onto the railing.)

Josh: That had to hurt.

(As DK looks on to see Genocide lying on the outside of the ring, J.D. comes up from behind and grabs DK and delivers a small package. 1.…2.…Kickout! DK gets up very mad and very quickly DDT’s J.D. Money. He picks J.D. Money up and Death Drop’s him on the spot. Pinning him the ref counts, 1.…2.…3!…Ding…Ding….Ding!)

JJ: DK and Genocide have just beat Rukus and J.D. Money

Josh: You mean DK has just beat Rukus and J.D. Money

Andrea: Here are your winners, DK and Genocide!

(As the ref holds DK’s hand up in victory, Genocide comes out of nowhere and cracks a chair over the back of DK. Genocide delivers two more chair shots to the back of DK who lies on the mat in pain. Genocide says a couple of words and leaves the ring with the crowd booing. Genocide stands on stage and taunts the crowd who is overfilled with boos. Genocide leaves the area as DK’s angry face is seen on the titantron watching Genocide leave.)

JJ: Did you just see that. Genocide just deliberately hit DK in the back with a chair.

Josh: But you must remember, Genocide warned DK that he would be coming after him for his belt, that is the ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Belt.

JJ: Well you may have a point there, but lets not keep the fans waiting any longer and go to the next match.


...medical attention is needed in the back...