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(The cameras fade into the Toronto Sky Dome as pyro begins to blast out of the entrance way and silver sparks rain onto the ring from the rafters. As the lights come on the camera pan across the sold out crowd as they cheer to the top of their lungs. Cameras then go down to ringside with JJ and Josh)

Josh: Welcome folks to anyone action packed night of ACCW Hostile Grounds.

JJ: And what a show do we have for you all tonight. We are going to have an amazing five man battle royal for the number one contender at Retribution!

Josh: We also have Mr. Ed defending his Global Title against the former first World Champion, P.M. Steel.

JJ: Lets get our first match up underway….

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 220 pounds, he is from Victoria, Texas, Ric Blade!

(The crowd lets out a huge boo as Xtemist’s flashes across the titantron and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem picks up over the PA system. Ric Blade comes walking down to the ring looking from side to side at the fans booing him. Ric slides into the ring and jumps up onto the top rope holds his middle fingers in the air at the crowd)

Andrea: And his opponent, from Tampa, Florida and is weighting in at 265 pounds, Ted Benet!

(A cheer comes from the crowd as “Walk” by Kilgore blares over the PA system and Ted comes running down towards the ring. Ted slides in and rush over to Ric Blade going for a clothesline but Ric ducks it)

Josh: Here we go!

(DING DING DING, Ric kicks Ted in the gut but it doesn’t seem to phase him, Ted grabs Ric Blade’s head and gives him a hard head butt taking Ric down to his knees. Ted then delivers a stiff kick to the face of Ric Blade knocking him down to the mat. Ted Benet picks Ric Blade up and lifts him up onto his shoulder and brings him down with a dominator! Ric Blade tries to roll out of the ring but Ted Benet grabs Ric by his hair and pulls him back to the center)

JJ: Ted Benet is totally in control of this match up.

Josh: Ric Blade doesn’t even look like he was prepared for a match like this.

(Ted Benet picks Ric up and grabs him from behind and goes for a german suplex but flips Ric all the way over and Ric lands on his stomach!!!)

Josh: Now that was all power!

(Ted Benet goes for the cover, 1...2... Ric kicks out getting more boos from the crowd. Ted Benet picks Ric Blade up and places his head between his legs calling for the Career Ender!)

JJ: This could be it Josh.

(Ted lifts Ric up and hooks his arms in the piledriver position then brings Ric down directly on his head with a sickening thud! Ric falls limp and the crowd is going wild for Ted Benet! Ted Benet taunts for a minute then makes the cover, 1...2...3 DING DING DING, “Walk” by Kilgore picks up over the PA system as the ref raises Ted Benet’s hand with the victory)

Josh: What a very short match.

JJ: Well that happens when neither man puts much effort into it!

Josh: Good point, anyways lets get to our next match up folks.


...tag team action awaiting...