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JJ: It’s time for tonight’s main event folks!

Josh: And this match is going to be for the ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship.

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 210 pounds and is from Fowlers Corner , Ontario , Canada , Rukus!

(The crowd begins to boo as 3GX flashes across the titantron and “Move Bitch” by Ludicris blares over the PA system. Rukus comes walking down in 3GX colors as he looks at a few fans in disgust. Rukus slides into the ring taunting and getting nothing but boos)

Andrea: And the next challenger, coming from parts unknown, Jam Master Jay!

(Jam Master Jay comes sprinting down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope and he is staring down Rukus who looks ready and prepared to fight)

Andrea:  And their opponent, the current ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, from San Juan , Puerto Rico , Dark Knight!

(“Killing in the Name of” by Rage Against the Machine picks up over the PA system as Dark Knight walks out onto the entranceway with the Canadian Title around his waist. Dark Knight walks down to the ring getting some mixed reactions from the crowd. DK slides into the ring and hands his title over to the ref who holds it up high to let everyone know this is for the title) 

JJ: Lets get this match going folks.

(DING DING DING, Dark Knight strolls over to Rukus and looks him dead in the eye, as Jam Mast Jay comes running up behind DK, DK ducks and JMJ delivers a stiff dropkick to the face of Rukus! JMJ grabs DK lifting him up and whipping him into the ropes, as DK comes running back JMJ grabs him spinning him around and bringing him down with a tilt-a-whirl slam!)

JJ: JMJ has the early lead.

(As Rukus is getting up in the corner JMJ charges over to him and gives him a stinger splash! JMJ then gives Rukus a clothesline sending him over the top turnbuckle and to the outside. DK comes up from behind JMJ and pulls him down in a school boy pin, 1…2… JMJ gets kicks out getting some mixed reactions from the crowd. DK and JMJ both jump up to their feet and continue to lock up. JMJ starts to overpower DK forcing him towards the mat but DK musters up enough strengths to power his way up and begin to force JMJ down to the mat!)

Josh: Both of these men are very strong and they want to prove it right here.

(Ask JMJ starts get come back up DK swipes JMJ’s feet out from under him and drives him to the mat. Dark Knight then follows up with some mounted punches. JMJ grabs DK in the throat and pushes him back and holds him down for the a pin, 1…2… Dark Knight slams both of his feet into each side of JMJ’s head breaking the pin attempt)

JJ: Rukus is starting to get up on the outside of the ring folks.

(Dark Knight stands up and points to the outside where Rukus is still getting up and the crowd gets behind him. DK takes off towards the side of the ring but JMJ quickly takes DK down with a drop toe hold causing DK’s throat to smash right into the middle rope. JMJ then stands up and runs over to the ropes and leaps over with a summersault and comes crashing down on Rukus but JMJ lands on his feet and Rukus on the ground! The crowd is starting to get more behind JMJ as they cheer him on)

Josh: Jam Master Jay is really showing the ACCW something Joel and if he keeps it up he could be the next Global Champion.

JJ: Uh, we will see about that.

(JMJ picks Rukus up and gives him a hard Irishwhip into the guard rail making a loud thud. DK rolls out of the ring but gets a stiff right hook from JMJ! JMJ follows up with a European uppercut rocking DK)

JJ: Ouch!

(JMJ picks Rukus up and rolls him into the ring and covers him, 1…2… Dark Knight jerks the ref out of the ring before he can make the three count and he jumps up in DK’s face warning him. DK slides into the ring and grabs JMJ picking him up. DK whips JMJ into the ropes and when he comes running back DK flips him over with a powerslam. Dark Knight then goes for the cover, 1…2… Rukus breaks the count! Rukus picks DK up and places his head between his legs calling for a piledriver but before he can pull it off DK flips Rukus over with a back body drop)

JJ: Man, this just doesn’t look like Rukus can pull anything off.

Josh: Well, he did break a pin attempt….

JJ: Oh yeah!

(Dark Knight grabs Rukus’s legs and hooks him in a sharpshooter!!! Rukus begins screaming in pain as he tries to reach the ropes but DK has him positioned perfectly in the center of the ring!)

Josh: Oh no Joel, this could be the end of the match right here! Will Rukus tap!?!

(Rukus presses his forehead into the mat and raises his arm holding it there as if he doesn’t want to tap! All of a sudden JMJ comes flying from the top rope with a flying headbutt and brings it right down onto Dark Knight breaking the submission hold. All three men are laid out as the ref begins to count)

JJ: Imagine if this ended in a draw Josh, that would be a complete let down and I for one want to see and winner!

(As the ref gets to the sixth count Jam Master Jay is up to his feet, stumbling, but up. JMJ walks over and begins to pick Rukus up to his feet when Rukus reaches up and rakes the eyes of JMJ. JMJ walks backwards and Dark Knight pulls him down with a school boy pin!)



Josh: Could he!?!

(JMJ gets his shoulder up breaking the count as Rukus dives over landing on the back of DK. Rukus picks DK up to his feet and grabs him from behind and delivers a very high back drop to DK with him landing hard on his neck! DK then quickly rolls out of the ring holding his neck)

Josh: Uh oh, Dark Knight could be hurt.

(As Rukus turns around and catches the superkick from Jam Master Jay!!!)

JJ: Oh my God Rukus just got knocked out of his boots!

Josh: That has to be the end folks, we are going to have a new champion!

(Jam Master Jay goes for the cover, 1…2… Dark Knight jerks the ref out of the ring once more but this time gives him a hard club to the back of the neck laying him out with the ref not seeing a single thing!!!)

JJ: What the……..

(JMJ still has Rukus covered! Dark Knight walks over to the commentators table and grabs his Canadian Championship. JMJ jumps up off of Rukus to see that the ref is knocked out and that DK has the Title in his hand! JMJ looks shocked!)

Josh: What is Dark Knight going to do? He wouldn’t get disqualified would he?

JJ: The ref is out and I think it is obvious what he is going to do!

Josh: Dark Knight has just slid into the ring and has locked his eyes with JMJ’s!

(Dark Knight jumps forward with the title trying to lay JMJ out but JMJ ducks and spins around catching the Title with the superkick with slams right into the face of Dark Knight!!!)

Josh: WOW!!!

(JMJ now covers Dark Knight, but no ref! The crowd makes the count by screaming it out loud)


(JMJ jumps off of Dark Knight and rolls out of the ring grabbing the ref. JMJ lifts the ref up and shoves him under the bottom rope into the ring. JMJ slides into the ring and is in the process of picking the ref up to his feet when DK comes out of no where with the Title, he cracks JMJ over the head with it and tosses it out of the ring as JMJ falls back limp and out cold. Dark Knight then goes for the cover, and the ref slowly makes the count, 1…..2…..3! DING DING DING “Killing in the Name of” by Rage Against the Machine picks up over the PA system as Dark Knight rolls out of the ring and picks up his title as the crowd is booing him out of the building)

JJ: Whoa, these fans really didn’t like Dark Knight’s actions there.

Josh: Either that or the fact that this is two weeks in a row that Jam Master Jay has really stepped up but has been robbed, maybe he will have some better luck next week.

JJ: We hope Josh, we hope.

Josh: Well folks we hope you enjoyed, we are out of here!

JJ: Catch us next week for another action packed Thursday on ACCW Hostile Grounds!

Josh: Good Night!