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Andrea: Coming to the ring at this time the Special Referee, Special Time Keeper and Special Enforcer, Hardcore Harry, Ric Blade and Robert Graham!!!

(“My Way” by Limp Bizkit picks up over the PA system as Robert Graham comes walking out with Ric Blade and Harry behind him. Harry is wearing a referee shirt. All three men walk down to the ring with only Harry sliding in. Ric walks over and sits next to the bell as Graham walks over and takes a seat next to Josh and Joel at the commentators table)

Andrea: Coming to the ring, at a combined weight of 442 pounds, The New Age Outsiders, P.M. Steel and G-Pac!

(Boos fill the arena as 3GX flashes across the titantron and “Slow Me Down” by Default blares over the PA system. The New Age Outsiders come walking to the ring with the Tag Titles around their waists, they each slide into the ring looking at Harry to make sure he doesn’t try anything)

Andrea: And their opponent…….

(Ted Benet jumps the guard rail and slides into the ring before his name can even be announced and he runs over decking PM Steel with a dropkick. DING DING DING)

Josh: And we’re off.

(G-Pac is going to step out on the ring apron so P.M. Steel can start this handi-cap match but Harry shakes his head and walks over telling him to get back in that there will be no tags!)

JJ: Man, Robert Graham you really have it in for Ted Benet don’t you?

Graham: HA, Ted Benet chose this match, when he came down and cost The Xtremist’s the Tag Team Titles he booked this match by himself!

Josh: Anyways, lets get to the match.

(PM Steel and G-Pac take off out of the corner towards Ted Benet, Ted ducks under the double clothesline attempt and runs back into the ropes and comes running back with a diving clothesline taking both of the New Age Outsiders! Instantly Harry walks over to Ted warning him and Ted just gives Harry a angry look and ignores him)

Graham: Yeah, you get cocky you piece of shit!

JJ: Well, that’s nice.

Josh: Now Graham was having Ric Blade the special time keeper really necessary, I mean does Ted really have a chance?

Graham: Why of course he does, just as much of a chance of hell freezing over.

(Ted picks G-Pac up and begins giving him punches to the head. Ted whips G-Pac into the ropes but before he can get back Steel has lifted Ted Benet up and has drove him down to the mat with a powerful DDT)

Josh: And there’s where that handi-cap stipulation comes in handy.

(PM Steel lifts Ted up into a sidewalk slam position as G-Pac jumps up to the top rope. G-Pac leaps off and comes crashing down on Ted Benet with a crossbody block driving him down to the mat. G-Pac goes for the cover, 1.2. Ted kicks out from the very fast count and Harry just looks around like nothing is wrong)

JJ: Looked fair to me.

(G-Pac picks Ted Benet up but Ted kicks him in the gut and runs him over to the ropes just tossing him over and out to the floor below. Steel comes running up behind Ted Benet and hooks him in a sleeper hold,  Ted swings his elbow back and it connects with Steel’s head causing him to let go of the hold!)

Josh: Ted Benet seems to be holding out well so far.

Graham: SO FAR!

(Ted Benet grabs PM Steel and gives delivers the Career Ender!!!)

Josh: Already, Ted Benet just hit the Career Ender on P.M. Steel, it’s over and it just got started!

(Ted Benet covers PM Steel and Harry slowly gets down and goes for the count, 1……2…… Harry pauses looking Ted Benet in the eyes then slams his hand down onto the mat…. 3!!! The crowd busts out cheering but the bell doesn’t sound for the match to end!)

Josh: No way, Ric Blade better ring that bell and give Ted the win!

(Ted rolls out of the ring and charges over towards Ric Blade and just when he gets close Ric dives forward with the ring bell in his hands, he smashes the bell right into the face of Ted Benet! Ric taunts getting some extremely strong boos. Ric then picks the now bloody Ten Benet and rolls him into the ring to PM Steel but he is still laid out)

Josh: Now you see, that is just uncalled for.

Graham: Excuse me Josh? This is nothing but revenge, do you understand that?

Josh: Whatever!

(Hardcore Harry picks Ted Benet up to his feet and puts his head between his legs. Harry then flips Ted Benet up, extends him a few extra feet and brings him down with Southern Discomfort!!!)

Josh: What in the world! COME ON!

Graham: Your right, I will see you all later.

(Graham takes off his headset and walks over sliding into the ring with a mic in his hand)

Graham: Well look at you now Ted Benet! How big and bad are you now? Tear this piece of trash apart guys!

(Harry picks the limp Ted Benet up to his feet and holds his arms behind him as Ric begins pounding away at his chest! G-Pac slides into the ring and delivers a low blow to Ric Blade sending him down to the mat. Harry tosses Benet to the mat and charges at G-Pac but G-Pac takes him out with a spear!)

JJ: Here we go, Harry and Ric Blade are out!

(Robert goes to get out of the ring but G-Pac grabs him by the back of the neck and the crowd begins to go into an uproar cheering for G-Pac to lay Graham out! G-Pac brings Graham to the middle of the ring and gives the cut throat signal)

JJ: No he’s not! This if G-Pac does this to Graham it could be the end of the New Age Outsiders!

Josh: That S.O.B. deserves it though, I say DO IT!!!

(Ric is up and jabs G-Pac in the back causing him to let go of Graham. Graham falls to the mat still in shock. Ric spins G-Pac around kicking him in the gut and hits The Knife Blade Stunner on him! G-Pac lands on the mat and rolls out of the ring)

Josh: Oh no, G-Pac is out cold!

(Ric taunts as PM Steel is standing up behind him! PM Steel jabs Ric in the back of the head then sets him up and delivers the Steel Curtain on Ric Blade!!! PM Steel looks down at all the men who are laid out then over to Graham who is sitting in the corner of the ring)

JJ: This is his chance Josh, he can either cover Ted Benet and get a win for the 3GX or attack our boss Robert Graham!

(Ted Benet slides over and covers Ted Benet as he looks over at Graham. The crowd is booing as Graham crawls over on his hands and knees and makes the count, 1….2….3. Robert slides out of the ring and rings the bell DING DING DING “Slow Me Down” by Default picks up over the PA system as PM Steel helps G-Pac up to his feet and they grab their Tag Titles and walk up the entrance ramp with the victory)

Josh: What a bunch of screw jobs!

JJ: So many things just happened, but the only things I really know is that Ted Benet got screwed.

Josh: Well we knew that was going to happen Joel.

(Graham grabs a mic as Harry and Ric are getting up behind him)

Graham: How do you like that! The New Age Outsiders decided to play hero and try to stand up for Ted f’n Benet! Well that’s nice, I have a little surprise for the N.A.O. and Ted Benet next week. You all want to play together we will see how good you all do together!

(Graham drops the mic and spits down into the face of Ted Benet who doesn’t even twitch. Robert Graham and The Xtremist’s walk up the entrance ramp with the crowd booing them out of the building)

Time for a Canadian Main Event!