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JJ: Okay folks, it is time for the no holds barred match between Genocide and J.D. Money!

Josh: These two men are going to go out there and kill each other I can feel it.

JJ: We only hope, lets get this match underway!

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 240 pounds and is from Denver , Colorado , Genocide!

(The crowd gives off some mixed responses as “PS” by Project 86 blares over the PA system. Genocide slowly walks out onto the entrance ramp stopping to take a look around the arena, as Genocide begins to walk down the entrance ramp J.D. Money comes running from behind and decking Genocide with a steel chair knocking him down to the steel ramp)

(DING, DING, DING, JD continues with three more hits with the chair. JD sets the chair down on the ramp and picks Genocide up placing him between his legs calling for a powerbomb. Genocide powers out and reverses it with a back body drop onto the steel chair on the ramp causing the crowd to cheer)

Josh: Ouch! That had to of knocked the wind out of J.D. Money!

JJ: Maybe.(Genocide picks JD up to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulder. Genocide then taunts and drives JD’s back onto the steel chair laying on the ramp denting it as the crowd loves the violence! Genocide takes time to taunt right in JD’s face, JD reaches up raking the eyes of Genocide. Genocide takes a few steps back and JD jumps up to his feet. JD charges forward giving Genocide a big boot to the face but it doesn’t knock him down)

JJ: Genocide is one tough man to bring down I will tell you that much.

(JD grabs the steel chair and charges forward crushing it over the head of Genocide taking him down to the bottom of the steel ramp. JD places the top rim of the chair across Genocide’s throat and begins choking him, Genocide kicks JD off of him)

Josh: As you all can see J.D. will do anything to win this match up.

JJ: And we mean ANYTHING!

(Genocide stands up to his feet and runs forward catching JD with a extremely powerful clothesline knocking him back into the ring apron. JD falls to the floor holding his back in pain. Genocide picks JD up and lifts him up into a military press and walks over to the corner turnpost with JD elevated in the air. Genocide launches JD at the post chest first and JD hits hard with a thud and falls to the flood trying to breath)

Josh: What was that! Genocide could have seriously injured J.D. Money right there!

(Genocide has a smile on his face as he slowly begins to pick JD up from the floor who is still out of it. Genocide rolls JD Money into the ring and walks over to the commentators table grabbing a chair that no one is sitting on and slides into the ring with it. JD Money is trying to stand to his feet as Genocide folds the steel chair up and is waiting for JD to stand)

JJ: This is going to be brutal Josh.

Josh: It’s also going to be revenge.

(JD slowly raises and begins to turn around with Genocide jets forward towards him but just as Genocide gets close enough JD jumps to the mat and brings Genocide down with a drop toe hold sending him down face first into the chair he is holding! Genocide instantly grabs his face and blood begins to pour from it)

JJ: Genocide has just been busted open from his own chair folks!

Josh: I’m sure by the end of this match we will see tons more.

(JD picks Genocide up and whips him into the ropes as Genocide returns JD grabs his swings him around and slams him down with a sidewalk slam. JD then goes for the cover, 1…2… Genocide kicks out and the crowd seems to be cheering. JD picks Genocide up to his feet and lifts him up into a firemans carry position and walks him over to the ropes tossing Genocide into the air where he comes down on his throat! Genocide springs off of the ropes and falls onto the mat gasping for air)

Josh: Nice move on J.D. Money’s part.

(The crowd boos as JD Money shows off while giving a 3GX taunt. JD then walks over grabbing that same steel chair that busted Genocide open. JD walks over to the corner with the steel chair and wedges it in between the top and middle ropes)

Josh: It looks as if J.D. has something planned for Genocide.

(JD picks Genocide up and goes to whip him into the corner but Genocide reverses it sending JD towards to corner but JD stops right in front of the chair and turns to see Genocide running at him full speed. JD dives out of the way and Genocide runs chest first into the steel chair set up in the corner. JD runs up and catches Genocide from behind and brings him down with a neck breaker!)

JJ: Genocide has lost a lot of blood and he has gotten the wind knocked out of him twice, things are looking good for J.D. Money right now.

(JD goes for another pin attempt, 1…2… Genocide gets his left shoulder up breaking the count. JD can’t believe it, he jumps up stomping around and yelling. As JD walks back over to Genocide, Genocide gives JD a hard kick to the face knocking JD back to the mat. Genocide stands to his feet and the crowd begins to cheer in his favor)

JJ: It looks as if Genocide is the crowd favorite in this match up tonight.

(JD Money jumps up to his feet and both men just stand there looking at each other until Genocide tries to pull a fast one on JD but JD sidesteps and Genocide goes head first into that same steel chair that is set up in the corner! JD then grabs that chair and just begins beating down on Genocide getting a bad response from the crowd! JD Money just wont let Genocide get up to his feet and Genocide is now bleeding from the back of his head!)

Josh: This looks like this could very well be the end for Genocide.

JJ: This could even be his last match considering how bad these chair shots are!

(Just then the crowd gives out a huge cheer as Dark Knight, the ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion comes running down to the ring with this title around his waist. DK slides into the ring pulls the title from around his waist and cracks JD Money in the back of the head with the title! JD Money goes down as 3GX flashes across the titantron)

Josh: What is this?

(Rukus from the 3GX comes running down to the ring and slides in, Rukus and Dark Knight begin exchanging blows as Genocide and JD Money are still down and out!)

JJ: Rukus and Dark Knight are involved in a three way dance later tonight for Dark Knight’s title!

(DK ducks under one of Rukus’s punches and follows it up by shoving Rukus over the top rope and to the floor below. DK grabs Genocide and quickly drags him over to JD Money laying his arm over him)

JJ: This crowd is loving every minute of the 3GX getting screwed!

(1…2…3 DING DING DING “PS” by Project 86 picks up over the PA system as Dark Knight rolls out of the ring and is making his way up the ramp. Genocide slowly gets up, as the ref raises his hand in the air he looks up the ramp at Dark Knight who gives him a thumbs up. Genocide has a somewhat confused look on his face as he watches DK disappear to the backstage area)

 Josh: Genocide is your winner here tonight folks.

 JJ: Yeah but with the help of Dark Knight.

Josh: We might be seeing something between these two, we have to find out later on but lets get to our next match.

Who is Handi-Capped?