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JJ: It’s time for a little tag team action.

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, The Agency, Jann Li and Krim’nal!

(Mixed reactions pour out of the crowd as “In Da Club” by 50 Cent blasts over the PA system. Krim’nal and Jann Li come walking down the entrance ramp with their heads held high, they roll into the ring and each of them go up to a top rope taunting)

Andrea: And their opponent’s, The Osaka Dragons, Masahiro “Oni” Tabaka and Maasaki Ogawa

(The crowd begins to cheer as “It’s Murda” by Ja Rule & DMX picks up over the PA system as they both come running down towards the ring. The Osaka Dragons slide under the bottom rope and Masahiro “Oni” Tabaka charges over to Jann Li taking him out with a clothesline as Maasaki Ogawa takes Krim’nal out with a powerful running dropkick to the face! Krimn’al goes flying out of the ring)

(DING DING DING, Masahiro is forced to the outside of the ring making Maasaki and Jann Li start this match off. Maasaki picks Jann Li up to his feet and lifts him up and slams him down with a scoop slam. Maasaki goes to follow it up with a knee to the throat)

Josh: A dirty choke from Maasaki and this crowd is loving it.

(Maasaki picks Jann Li up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, and as he comes flying back Jann Li jumps up wrapping his legs Maasaki’s head and brings him down with a hurricanrana! Jann Li picks Maasaki up and grabs him from behind and brings him down to the mat with a reverse DDT. Jann Li then walks over tagging Krim’nal in)

Josh: Krim’nal is still trying to recover from that dropkick earlier from Masahiro.

(Krim picks Maasaki up to his feet and lifts him up in a sidewalk slam position and whips him down to the mat holding on to his legs. Krim flips Maasaki over pulling up and back on his legs with a lion tamer! Maasaki struggles to crawl over to the ropes but he does and it breaks the submission)

JJ: You can’t stay in that move very long or something will give away.

(Krim’nal goes to pick Maasaki up but when he does Maasaki gives Krim a kick to the shin then another to the ribs knocking the wind out of Krim. Maasaki runs over to his corner tagging in Masahiro and the crowd lets out a cheer. Masahiro runs over to Krim and decks him with a strong punch to the jaw. Krim jumps back up and Masahiro lays him out with another jab to the jaw knocking him back into his corner. Jann Li makes a blind tag and jumps into the ring)

Josh: Jann Li runs over and jumps up with a running knee but Masahiro deflected him!

(Masahiro picks Jann Li up and gives him a fall away slam. Masahiro then runs over jabbing Krim knocking him off of the ring apron and Masahiro runs back to make the cover over Jann Li, 1…2… Jann Li kick out getting some more mixed responses. Jann Li gets up and jabs Masahiro as he is standing. Jann Li then grabs him in a belly to belly position and flips him over)

JJ: Looks like The Agency has taken control of this match again.

(Jann Li picks Masahiro up and whips him into the Agency corner where Krim is standing. Jann Li charges toward Masahiro and causes him to try and get into the ring but the ref runs over stopping him. Meanwhile Jann Li walks back over to his corner where Krim is now choking Masahiro. Jann Li begins stomping a mudhole in Masahiro while he is continuing to be choked!)

JJ: The Agency seems like they will do anything to win this match up.

(Masahiro gives Krim’nal a elbow to the face knocking him back off of the ring apron once again. Masahiro then knees Jann Li in the gut and shoves him to the ground. Masahiro falls to the mat holding his throat. Masahiro looks up to his corner and Maasaki is leaning over the top with his arm extending for the tag. Masahiro starts crawling over towards the corner but Jann Li is up and stomps right on is back!)

JJ: Now that has to hurt!

(Jann Li picks Masahiro up and calls for the Murdagram!!! Jann Li sets him up for it but Masahiro gives him a few elbows breaking it up. Masahiro takes off running at his corner and dives tagging in Maasaki! Maasaki comes in on fire decking Jann Li and Krim’nal as he jumps in the ring. The crowd is going nuts for the Osaka Dragons!)

Josh: Can you believe this crowd is actually cheering for these two.

JJ: I don’t see how anyone can like these two, they are mean to anyone they set their eyes on.

(Masahiro gets up and walks over picking Jann Li up to his feet and he hits the Masahiro Driver on him!)

JJ: AAAHHHHH Jann Li is out cold due to the Masahiro Driver!

(Masahiro runs over to the side sliding out of the ring and pulling Krim’nal out with him as Maasaki goes for the cover, 1…2…3 DING DING DING “In Da Club” by 50 Cent picks up over the PA system as the ref holds Maasaki hand up high into the air and is soon met by Masahiro who gets his arm raised as well!)

JJ: What a tag match.

(Both of the Osaka Dragons bow spit on Jann Li who is still out and the crowd no seems to be booing them and they like it) 

Josh: The Tag Team Champions need to watch their backs, the Osaka Dragons might be going after them titles soon.


No Holds Barred!!!