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(Camera's peers onto a sold out arena in the Compaq center located in  Texas as the awaiting ACCW fans shout out at the top of there lungs to get the show started. As Pyro and fire works whistles through the arena dark sky they Blast with a powerful glow that rocks the ACCW theme music as the show gets under way)

JJ: Welcome back folks to another great night for the ACCW. Tonight we are going to witness another Triple threat match up as our main event. And DK will be defending it against Rukus and Jam master.

Josh: And what about the New Age Outsiders being put in a match that seems a little to suspicious to turn a blind eye too. Hopefully the New Age Outsiders have a plan to get out of the Arena tonight alive?

JJ: Yeah that match up is going to be a classic. But enough of that now as our first match is about to get under way...

Andrea: Introducing first, from Leeds England, and weighing in at 160 pounds... John Paris

(Wont back down by Fuel is blasted out the speakers as it hits the ACCW fans ears. John Paris makes his way down the ramp wearing his wrestling gear and in a cocky attitude towards himself and the fans. As he ignores their hands and slides into the ring as he waits for his opponent to enter the ring)

Andrea: And introducing his opponent from Sannnn Antonio Texas... Nova Johnson

(Crowed is charged after hearing the home town as they cheer and scream as Down with sickness by Disturb pounds the arena walls as Nova comes down charging towards the ring as he slides in and watches John slide right out. Nova goes to a near turn buckle and climbs the second rope as he acknowledges his fans as they give him a warm welcome)

JJ: Huh! I wonder who the crowed's cheering for?

Josh: Well I tell you, that they give no respect to John Paris, he's the man they should be screaming for. He has what it takes to pull it off here tonight.

JJ: I guess we will have to just want and see. Here we go...

( Ref singles for the bell...Ding...Ding...Ding.... John and Nova lock it up at the wrists as they both fight each others strength. Nova take's advantage as he locks in a side head lock as he applies presser to the neck of John. John slowly goes down to one Knee as he starts to lose it. The he starts to rise to his feet as he gets the momentum to push Nova off as he swings for a clothesline as Nova ducks and connects with a super kick that takes the head off of John as he snaps right back down to the matt not moving a whole lot.

Josh: Looks like John is being taught a lesson by Nova. As Nova has had control through out the match so far...

JJ: Yeah just hold on. I know what John is capable of. And to see him like this is little to the stuff he has been through.

(Nova walks as he picks the lifeless body up as he places him for a suplex as he positions him perfect and delivers a snap suplex as John is placed in a perfect position for a fog splash as Nova climbs the turn buckle and leaps into the air as he delays a frog splash. John moves as Nova hits matt. Both men down as Ref singles to ten)

Ref: 1....2.....3.....4.....5....6...

JJ: What's going to happen next?

Josh: Come on John, Beat this piece of crap and go and take the rest of the night off.

( Both men hit there feet at ten as they start to connect with rights shots to each other. John ducks as he kicks Nova in the gut and slaps a DDT that knocks Nova out. John reaches his feet as he picks up Nova and whips him into the near by turn buckle as he charges and connects the clothesline turning it into a bulldog. John looks at the motionless left on the matt as he singles to the fans it time for the aerial poetry... John then picks up Nova, and places him for a scoop slam but is reversed as Nova sneaks a small package as the ref is right under it)

Ref: 1....2....

(Kick out... John quickly to his feet, as he starts to use them to get back him momentum. John clotheslines Nova as he slides him into the corner and sees John reach top rope as he leaps off and connects with a Moonsault. Ref counts)

Ref: 1....2....3

Andrea: And your winner of the contest John Paris......

(Crowed gives a loud Boo as Nova lays in the middle of the ring being attended by the ref. John makes his way as Wont back down by Fuel bounces off the arena. John looks back as he smiles and disappears out of site.)

JJ: Well what a match... looks like that Hometown hero wasn't a hero after all.

Josh: Yeah I told you that John could come back and get you in the end. You don't mess with that skilled superstar.

A Little Tag Action