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(Opening starts as the camera peers into the sold out arena as the crowd is starting to bring the building down with there screaming towards the ACCW and there long faith that it would be back up and running. Fire works rip into the dark air as they explode with a sparkle that lightens up the whole arena, as the ACCW theme music blasts it way through the anxious awaiting ACCW fans)

JJ: Welcome back folks. This is the grand reopening of the Atlantic Championship Canadian wrestling. And do we have a dozy here for ya tonight. We are live at Hostile Grounds where the Tag titles will be on the line, as well as the Triple threat match. And how about our main event for the Intercontanatal Championship.

Josh: Yeah it's good to be back. I mean a welfare check can only take you for so long.

JJ: Your impossible, looks like we are getting this started right away, with our first match…

Andrea: This debut match is scheduled for one fall. From Hell's kitchen New York, and weighing in at 285pounds… Hyden Grin

(Crowed gives him a mixed up feeling to the new comer as his theme music Hurt by Johnny Cash rocks the silent crowed as he stols his way to the ring and slides in and steps on the second turn buckle and acknowledges his fans)

Andrea: And his opponent from London Canada weighing in at 197 pounds O.K.T

(One of a Kind by Breaking Point rings off the arena as O.K.T rushes down the ramp, giving the ACCW fans a couple slaps with his hands. He slides in and walks past Hyden Grin as he climbs the same turn buckle and buffs himself to the crowd, as they welcome him with no acceptation)

JJ: Well here we go. The ACCW is officially back in business. As these two young bucks will be giving it all to pull off that one victory that can change your future.

Josh: What are you like Five years old or something? Listen they know what they got to do and they are about to get this done right now.

(Ref singles for the bell…Ding Ding Ding….Hyden charges O.K.T with a clothesline attempt, but is reversed with a Drop toehold. As he jumps around and locks in a side headlock. Hyden tries to get up but is unsuccessful as O.K.T still appalls presser. Hyden slowly rises as he gives a couple elbow gut shots that break the hold. Hyden then runs and bounces off the rope while O.K.T is still bending over. Hygen comes and with one jolt of motion lays down a perfect spinning neck breaker, leaving O.K.T lying in the middle of the ring.)

JJ: What a move by Hyden, you can tell he's really wanting to prove himself here.

Josh: Well just see what he does next

(Hyden picks up the motionless body of O.K.T as he whips him into a near by turn buckle and charges with a clothesline, but is reversed as O.K.T lifts up his boot and gives Hygen a taste of leather that sends him stumbling back. O.K.T climbs the rope and leaps off with a cross body hitting Hygen into a pin…1…2…

JJ: Is this it?

Josh: No…it can't be

(Kick out… O.K.T gets to his feet as he lays a couple boot shots to the temple of Hygen as he lifts him to his feet and lays down a sidewinder that sends Hyden to the matt once again. O.K.T stumbles to a near by turn buckle as he climbs to the top rope and taunts the fans, as he leaps off for a splash. Hyden moves out of the way as O.K.T crashes into the hard matt below. Hygen collects his thoughts as he rises to his feet and waits till O.K.T to get up on his own. Hyden then slaps his hand on the neck of O.K.T as he signals for a Coakslam. But is reversed as O.K.T hits the swinging fisherman's suplex neckbreaker, and covers for the pin.)

JJ: That's got to be it!

Josh: No…

Ref: 1…2…. 3

(One of a Kind by Breaking Point rings along the arena as the ACCW fans are up in standing appalled as they start yelling out ACCW. O.K.T raises to his feet and rolls out of the ring as he confronts some fans with that amazing performance)

JJ: What a match that was to kick things off again in the ACCW.

Josh: Well O.K.T may have got away with the win, but the battle is far from over between these to.

Lets get Hardcore